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Experimenting with cigarettes is something of a rite of passage for young people. At some point most teenage schoolchildren will find themselves in a position where they will be offered the opportunity to smoke. We have all been there!

Not everyone has the single-mindedness not to bow to the peer pressure of friends and resist the dreaded weed. Sadly, for those who develop a smoking habit, the health risks and future implications are immense.

Although Electronic Cigarettes contain NO TOBACCO and are clearly a better alternative to traditional smoking, companies are still keen to implement their own terms of sale and impose regulations that mean their products don’t fall into the hands of youngsters.

At ePuffer, we are no different. In fact, we are passionate in our belief that our range of ground-breaking products should only be sold to adults over 18.

We have already started putting our words into practice. We are labeling the packaging on our products with a similar warning that comes with regular packets of tobacco cigarettes. We are also implemented a strict age verification delivery system since first quarter of 2011.

Our products are not aimed at being a recreational drug product and depending on the laws of a particular state or country, they should not be used by people under 18 or under 21.

Likewise, we are vigilant about customers who have certain existing health conditions, so we fully recognise that our ePuffer products should NOT be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma, and those with a nicotine allergy.

At ePuffer, our main goal is to save lives by offering a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. But we are also aware of our responsibilities to maintain a strong commitment to doing the right thing and we have an unstinting commitment not to sell to minors and to conduct our business in the correct manner.

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