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Disposable Vape Pod

So Easy and Enjoyable to Use – The Disposable XPOD Mini

If you like the convenience and satisfaction of the rechargeable XPOD, then we think you’ll like the disposable XPOD mini vape even more. Your XPOD mini comes in three-packs so that you can experience the convenience, style, and taste of vaping without the tasks of refilling and maintaining. These devices sport a compact and streamlined design and all-in-one operation, making them perfect for carrying in your pocket so that you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Our disposable mini vape pod comes in three-packs of either all tobacco flavour or a variety pack, including tobacco, menthol, and mango. Even if you smoke multiple packs of traditional cigarettes every day, these petite yet powerful pods are enough to satisfy your every urge. Each XPOD contains up to 300 puffs and contains 1.8% nicotine by volume. The salt-based nicotine delivers more efficient nicotine blood absorption, and the e-liquid within these pods creates vapour that mimics the scent of premium cigarettes. The included battery will run amply long enough to ensure that you have plenty of time to use up all the e-juice inside, and these disposable vapes are designed with no buttons to press – all you have to do is draw and enjoy. When you’re ready to buy a vape online, choose the better alternative to smoking – the disposable XPOD from ePuffer.

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