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The US vaping community isn’t the only one under fire. The Canadian Pediatric Society is also demanding a ban on flavoured vapes after the FDA described the rise in teen vaping an “epidemic.” Is it really, though? Health Canada isn’t so sure.

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Disposable pods offer versatility and convenience, and at the same time, new technology is helping prices to become competitive. If you are vaping outside your home, disposable vaporizers are a compact, convenient option.

Vaporizers such as XPOD Mini need no maintenance or charging. With the

The major advantage of the Electronic Cigarette over the traditional tobacco cigarette is the elimination of combustion process.

Research on nicotine and its exact affect on depression is in its early stages, however the signs at present are that it can aid the symptoms

If you have spent any significant amount of time vaping, then you’ve no doubt heard plenty of people refer to your “smoke” or “vape smoke.” Other terms you may hear people use include “smoking vapour” and “vapour smoke.”
Some of these folks are merely curious, but others are concerned that your second-hand vapour might be harmful to their health.


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