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Ordered 2 disposable e-cigs. Fast shipping but one was D.O.A. Not impressed.

Customer Service Reply: We appreciate your feedback, please get in touch with our customer service https://epuffer.ca/contact-us/

I used e-cigarettes to cut back on tobacco and then, in 2015, to quit tobacco cigarettes entirely. I was able to go to no-nicotine e-cigarettes. The brand I was using gradually disappeared and I was casting about desperately. Fortunately I found a positive recommendation for ePuffer on the internet. I have now used ePuffer for a few years and have found their product and service excellent.

Thank you for your superior innovative products and service, and very reasonably priced items. Long time customer, discovered you by accident and I am still with you.

Thanks for your rapid response, I received yesterday the replacement and very satisfied and happy for an impressive customer service.

Will order the 12 cigar pack and will keep doing business with epuffer such an amazing store.

Thanks for exceptional service.

Despite the fact that I've experienced a number of issues over the last few months, both product related and shipping related, they have handled them impeccably. EVERY issue was taken care of with the upmost care and concern. I'm blown away by the care taken by the support staff to ensure that my issues were addressed in a timely fashion. 10/5 stars!!

I have been a regular customer for many years now. I thank you for your service.
My question today for you is as follows; Can you implement a reduction in prices for seniors on all of your products? This would be a good thing.

The customer service for epuffer is absolutely amazing. I called them because I had incorrectly ordered the wrong strength of liquid, and asked if they could help me. They told me that they would send out the correct strength liquid at no charge. I was so impressed with their genuine interest in taking care of their customers.

Just wanted to say thank you. There were so many places almost 3 years ago I could have gone to to break the habit of smoking and choosing where I get my vape from, each and every time i have an issue or a request, you guys are 2nd to NONE! I'm reminded that I couldn't have made a better choice what an Awesome company! Thanks for the ongoing great CSR

Greetings Friends,

The impressive response time and refreshingly empathetic and "more than I could ask for" response regarding my ticket is much appreciated. I have found it a rarity to locate any negative comments and/or reviews of ePuffer. I'm now beginning to understand why I have read such rave reviews about ePuffer's top rated products and customer service.

I truly am impressed. You have definitely laid the groundwork to ensure I'm a lifelong customer.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation for your responsive and "best in class" customer service.

Kind Regards,

Dear E Puffer, many thanks for your quick response, advice and solution to my problem battery. All in all, fantastic product and fantastic customer service guarantees a loyal customer
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