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Explore the Newest Vaping Craze: The E-Hookah / E-Shisha

Everyone gets something different out of the act of smoking. For some, it’s simply a way to pass the time. For others, it’s an essential stress reliever. Still others enjoy smoking as a vital part of tradition and culture. Considering the wide variety of meaning, symbolism, and intention associated with smoking, it’s easy to see that this activity is one that will always be an integral part of human life. However, it has also long been known that smoking has some pretty serious problems attached to it, such as harmful chemicals and the unpleasant smell.  

The e-cigarette provided a better way to “smoke.” Since its appearance on the scene around 20005, vaping has taken on a life of its own, with many new and innovative products giving smokers a new and better alternative in the form of e-cigs, the e-cigar, the e-pipe, and the vape mod. One such device is the e-hookah.

The e-hookah offers users an alternative to the iconic traditional hookah. Because the traditional hookah uses water to filter the smoke – and water cannot effectively filter out the deadly compounds that the smoke contains – it is considered exceptionally harmful to use. Our e-hookah provides a better way to fully enjoy the engaging flavour and social experience of the hookah.


epuffer arcane ehookah eshisha
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ePuffer Arcane FeCrAL- mesh coil ehookah vape mod
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magnum snaps mirabella tobacco cartomizers tan Save
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