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E-PIPE 609

Embody Style and Sophistication with the E-Pipe 609

The E-Pipe 609 is a type of vaping that’s growing in popularity as more and more people discover that they can enjoy the look and feel of smoking a pipe without the many harmful chemicals contained within traditional tobacco smoke. This unit offers the same features and functionalities of the others in the ePuffer line, including the sophisticated look that you want. Smoking a pipe is one of the world’s oldest and classiest pastimes, and pipes – wooden pipes, in particular – often function as a status symbol of the elite in society. Fortunately, we provide a better alternative to smoking tobacco: the e-pipe.

The new E-Pipe 609 is a superior choice for e-pipe users in several ways. First of all, the bowl of this device is crafted from real, solid wood, contributing to its aesthetic as well as the experience of using it. Also, you can be sure of its quality, power, and performance, as this product uses the same cartomizers as one of our most acclaimed products, the E-Cigar 650. The starter kit contains everything you need to start enjoying your E-Pipe 609, including the solid wooden bowl, two rechargeable batteries, three tobacco-flavoured cartomizers, a universal battery charger, an extra mouthpiece stem, and a stylish gift box, plus a user guide to help you get the most out of your new e-pipe.

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epipe 609
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