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EPUFFER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question What is EPUFFER?

EPUFFER® is ranked as Number One Commercial Grade Quality E-Cigarette & Portable Vaporizer brand in the world!

The Electronic-cigarettes look and feel like real tobacco cigarettes, making it comfortable and easy to use by any smoker. The non-flammable E-Cigarette is driven by modern microelectronic technology; a small rechargeable battery and a unique replaceable cartridge containing nicotine or nicotine free e-liquid formula. Electronic cigarettes. So what are they? And how do they work?

Electronic cigarettes (also known as E-cigs or E-cigarettes) look exactly like normal cigarettes. But crucially they contain NO tobacco, NO carbon, NO tar and NO carcinogens. In simple terms, E-cigarettes, such as the award-winning EPUFFER range, are alternative to conventional smoking.

They are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of a vaporized nicotine solution. This harmless nicotine mixture also gives off a pleasant flavor and a sensation similar to one experienced when inhaling proper tobacco smoke; the only difference, of course, is there is no dangerous tobacco or smoke.

The nicotine solution in the E-cigarette satisfies the cravings that smokers seek without containing any cancer-causing chemicals and other significant risks to health. Because of the harmless nature of E-cigs, the dangers of passive smoking are also eradicated.

Inhaling sparks the vaporizing procedure that also releases a “simulated” smoke that looks real but is actually a mist of harmless vapor. The electronic cigarettes rely on micro-electronic technology and contain a tiny rechargeable battery. Some E-cigs are disposable while others contain a replaceable atomized cartridge, which contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent similar to tobacco.

Parts and Components Definition

Battery – The body of the cigarette

Atomizer – The heating element that creates vapour

Cartridge – Container with nicotine pad and eliquid

Cartomizer – Cartridge with built-in atomizer

Liquamizer / Tank – Container with heating element that should be filled with eliquid

Question What is inside ePuffer electronic cigarette and is it safe for humans?

The ingredients of ePuffer e-liquid formula (the juice that is used in our electronic cigarette cartridges) are:

Natural Nicotine (extracted from green tobacco leaf, green paper and tomatos)

Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Damascenone Nature-Identical Flavor: woody, floral, herbal, green and fruity with spicy tobacco notes. Odor: persistent fruity, floral; strawberry- and rose-notes.

Maltol ( Used as a flavor enhancer in breads and cakes )

Natural Menthol Crystals

Other natural flavors extracted from Vanilla, Coffee and Cocoa bean

Most of the ingredients could be found in many fruits and vegetables and are known to be safe for humans. The FDA includes Pharmaceutical grade PG on its Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list. The World Health Organization also considers it as safe for use.

Click to view or download ePuffer's Product Safety MSDS Certificate.

Question What ePuffer models were featured on "The Doctors" Show in 2009?
Question What ePuffer models were featured on "The Doctors" Show in 2010?

After Sale Support

Question How long are my EPUFFER and accessories covered?

All products are sold with the understanding that the purchaser has independently determined the suitability of the product for their own use and come with 1 year limited warranty. ( Limited Warranty: Atomizers / Liquamizers / Clearomizers – 14 days, Personal Charging Cases and Batteries - 60 Days, USB and Wall Chargers – 1 year )

Electronic Cigarette FAQ

Question What is an E-Cig?

An E-Cigarette is a device that emulates the way a traditional cigarette works. It can release puffs of vaporized liquids which contain nicotine. This is healthier compared to the smoke of the average cigarette – especially the kinds that are much stronger. Since it’s a device, it operates on a battery and can be complicated at times if you don’t know what you are doing. However, if you like to tinker with stuff—devices, machines, and electronics, specifically—then an E-Cigarette is probably meant for you.

ECigarettes come in various designs and sizes, though you’ll commonly see them in the form of tubes and pipes. An ECig has three primary parts: the Inhaler, the Atomizer, and the Battery. These parts can be assembled and disassembled at will so you can change things around and upgrade some parts if you wish. You can even buy custom-built E-Cigs and vaporizers, or build them yourself. Try a kit now to see what the hype is all about!

Question Tobacco Cigarette Vs E-Cigarette

Aside from being a healthier choice compared to Tobacco-based cigarettes available in the market, every E-Cigarette package comes with assortment of flavors to choose from. These flavors can add enjoyment to your smoking hobby. Some of the popular flavors are Vanilla, Cinnamon, Berries, Caramel, Mocha, and many more – including tobacco, which remains a very popular liquid many love. If you think that tobacco leaves a bad taste in your mouth, an E-Cigarette can make a difference.

E-Cigarettes are also more environmentally-friendly. Since an E-Cig emits pure vapor, there will be no ashes and residue left after every session. When it comes to cost, vaping can save you lots of money and hassle, especially in the long run.

Question Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

You can buy an electronic cigarette in malls and specialized vaping outlets. In addition, there are dozens of manufacturers and sellers that can be found online. Purchasing vape pens and devices can be done with just few clicks of the mouse or a few taps of the finger these days, giving you much needed convenience especially if you operate on a busy schedule.

If you’re eager to buy one, ePuffer is one of the E-Cig providers that you can trust. Here we offer competitive prices, as well as variations on our product designs and accessories so there are many for you to choose from. ePuffer products come with a limited, one-year warranty.

Question What is the Feeling When You Vape an E-Cig?

While vaping has the same basic concept as tobacco-smoking, it’s a totally different experience if you really think about it. Imagine holding a unique device in your hand. As you inhale, the atomizer works rapidly, dispensing flavorful and delightfully scented vapors to your mouth, nose, and even down to your lungs. The vapor gives you a rich and unique feeling, and the flavors can calm your senses or work to your benefit depending on what kind of juice you get. Once you expel the vapor, you might be surprised with the smoke density. As you vape continuously, you’ll be able to tweak your puffing style to get the proper smoke density that you want. Vaping has proven excellent for those who like to play with smoke, doing tricks like rings and shapes.

Question Why are E-Cigarettes Called Smokeless Cigarettes?

Technically, you’re releasing vapor every time you vape. This is a different type of smoke compared to the kind released by traditional cigarettes. If you ask around, you’ll see that most people prefer the fruity aroma or delectable smells of E-Cig vapors. e-cigarette vapors are also called smokeless because there is no ignition, fire or incendiary factor that would cause the same kind of smoke which a traditional cigarette stick might give off.

Question What is a Disposable E-Cigarette?

A disposable ECig can be your first step in vaping. Many people have gotten their start in the vaping world by purchasing disposable e-cigarettes, simply because it’s an easier and more financially sensible way to try things out. Disposable cigarettes are cheaper options and you can get them to try before you move to conventional, rechargeable vaporizers, which usually cost more money but are far more cost effective in the long run. Some disposable cigarettes can give you a rich, flavorful smoking experience, while others can give you a ‘limited’ feel. There are also dozens of flavors that you can try.

Try disposables now if you would like to see how it would feel to vape and to know if it’s for you.

Question Are E-Cigarettes Vaporizers?

Even if ECigs and vaporizers can be interchanged due to their highly-similar functions, they have key differences. An E-Cig still resembles the traditional cigarette in appearance; you’ll notice this as you buy disposable electronic cigarettes. A vaporizer, on the other hand, totally differs in design. Today’s popular vape mods have unique styles—they have longer and more colorful tubes. Plus, they can also be outfitted with various accessories.

In a practical and scientific sense, ecigs, vape pen ( cigalikes ) work better compared to MODs because the vape liquid is just warmed to release the flavor. Latest MODs, RDA and other similar models dispense greater heat, burning the liquid. This is the reason why liquids in vape pens last longer.

Question Are E-Cigs Harmful?

In terms of health, vaping is generally safer since less toxins can build up in your body. You can also choose the nicotine level of the juice or liquid you use. However, there are some instances when ECig cartridges became toxic to vapers. This has something to do with the liquids used – so make sure that the vaporizer manufacturer is a trusted source. Make sure that you purchase from reliable sources like ePuffer, who can be one of your sources for reliable, trusted, and harmless vaporizers.

Question How Does E-Smoke Feel?

E-smoke can feel differently because it’s vapor and not ‘real’ smoke. It will also leave a different taste in mouth, depending on the flavor you are vaping. The density of the smoke can also be much thicker. People around you need not worry about second-hand smoke—it’s just flavored vapor, after all.

Question E-Cigs & Disposable E-Cigarette Prices

Disposable electronic cigarettes have lower prices compared to vaporizers. A disposable E-Cig can only set you back by approximately $10. Rechargeable vaporizers can reach as high as $70 if you want full starting kits. There are also other models that you can buy for around $30-40. Keep searching and you’ll eventually find a rig that will fit your budget. Go ahead and try ePuffer’s massive selection of products to suit any budget.

Question E-Cig Warranty

Warranty for E-Cigs depends on the manufacturers. Some can only offer money-back guarantees, while others have warranty periods for up to a year for parts and service. ePuffer offers you a 1-year limited warranty on its vaporizers and accessories. You may explore the warranty options and policies on our website if you would like to know more.

Question Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

E-Cig starter kits are great to help you begin your vaping journey. Most kits have free liquids to begin with, so you don’t have to buy separately. Other accessories can also be included, such as a pouch for your device, laces, and a USB charger for the batteries. Just keep in mind that starter kits have higher prices compared to stand-alone units – which is understandable considering what comes in the kits.

Question Nicotine Levels in E-Cigs

ECigs can have varying nicotine levels, depending on the juice that you are using. There are juices or liquids that are 100% nicotine free. There are some that are low nicotine, medium nicotine, and finally high nicotine. High nicotine is usually the same kind of levels found in stronger cigarettes, and are suited for those who need to slowly decrease their intake.

Question E-Cigs Replacement Parts

Buying replacement parts for your E-Cig unit is now easier—all thanks to the Internet. Just browse Google and you’ll see dozens of manufacturers and their available replacement parts. You need to make sure that the replacement parts are made from high-quality materials so they won’t be prone to damage. So if you want great quality, then check out ePuffer’s selection of replacement parts.

Question E-Cigarette Accessories

Whether you’re after style or another extended function, ECig accessories can ramp up your vaping experience. Popular accessories are pouches, travel kits, leather cases, lanyards for convenience, and even stylish USB chargers. If you’re just starting out, it’s advisable to choose beginner kits that have lots of useful accessories. In this way, you’ll have greater immersion in vaping.

Question Made in China E-Cigs Vs Usa-Made E-Cigs

Even in the vaping culture, there’s still a stigma when it comes to Chinese-made products. This can cause a few inconveniences for some, since a large percentage of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers come from China.

According to some professionals and quality surveyors, some lower value vaporizers which are made in China certainly can affect the quality of your experience; However many of ePuffer’s units are manufactured in an ISO 13485 Medical grade Quality control factory, which sets them apart from the lesser competitors out there.

Question How to Check E-Cigarette Quality

Like all other products, quality should be your number one concern in choosing vaporizers. The best way that you can know about the quality of a unit is through research. On the internet, you can see hundreds of e-Cig and vaporizer reviews. These reviews can give you an idea of whether something is of good quality or not. More importantly, you’ll know how to check if a unit is made of substandard materials.

Question E-Puffer E-Cigs

If you want a great vaping experience, you can rely on ePuffer eCigs. These electronic cigarettes are made from high-quality materials and they also have exquisite styles. Prices are also cut reasonably so you can juggle your choices without going beyond your allotted budget. Along with the available ePuffer starter kits, there are also tons of accessories to choose from.

Question Cheap E-Cigarettes

ePuffer’s disposables ecigs are cheap way to dip your feet into the pool, so to speak. Vaporizers are good for long-term usage, but if you’re not ready to commit, you can try cheaper disposables. The ECigs come in elegant white and black colors for as low as $7.95. You can also select from various flavors such as Appletini, Caramel Latte, Raspberry, Mint, and Strawberry Margarita. These innovative flavors can definitely give you the vaping hype.

E-Cigarettes and vaporizers will probably have greater innovation strides in the coming years. Keep vaping today and explore the wonders of ECigarrettes!

Magnum Snaps E-Cigarette

Question Why should you switch to ePuffer Snaps ecigs?

E-cigs are by far a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes because they limit the amount of vapour that you inhale. Smoke inhalation is one of the major factors that increase your chances of developing throat and lung cancers. With electronic cigarettes, you only inhale vapour, which can be flavoured or tasteless depending on your preferences.
E-cigarettes also can be used as tools to quit smoking in the long run, as it helps curb nicotine cravings. You can buy e-juice online that comes with successively less nicotine – there are cartomizers and eliquid available that are completely nicotine free.

Question What is the difference between E-cigarettes and Vape Pens?

Unlike Vape pens, electronic cigarettes are much smaller and emulate the appearance of real cigarettes. Vape pens on the other hand, are larger devices and usually look like long, tube shaped contraptions. They have a separate battery, heating device, e-juice reservoir or tank, and a mouth piece. They are typically very customizable as you can easily mix and match the components and screw them together as needed.
To refill your pens with vape juice, you must buy bottles of the liquid and use a dropper to refill it as needed. There are many flavours to choose from.
E-cigs are less customizable because they are small and compact. They have fewer components and typically can be bought in e-cig starter kits. Instead of using refillable vape tanks as with the pens, you use disposable cartomizers, which also doubles as your mouthpiece.

Question SNAPS e-cigs are perfect for beginners

As they are the size of a regular cigarette, it is lightweight and much easier to use. E-cigs are perfect for beginners, because they have the same look and feel as the real thing. This is a good option for those who feel overwhelmed with the many components of vape pens.
Many people choose e-cigs because they dislike the size and the bulk of most vape pens and would prefer something much smaller and more portable. Another thing to note is that since the cartomizers are disposable, it is also much easier to maintain an e cig. You do not have to regularly clean out a mouthpiece and vaping tank.

Question How do you use an Electronic Cigarette?

E-cigs are extremely easy to use. When buying a starter-kit, you typically receive one or two e-cig batteries, a USB charger, a set of cartomizers, a universal adapter, and a short instruction manual. Depending on the Electronic Cigarette kit that you buy, you can get other items as well.
When you receive your e-cig, you must first charge the batteries using the USB charger. After it has fully charged, you screw or snap in the cartomizer, and then puff as you would a normal cigarette. It automatically detects that you are inhaling and starts to produce vapour.

Question How does a SNAPS eCigarette work?

An e-cig is a very sophisticated piece of technology. The main part of the e-cigarette (where the tobacco typically would be in a regular cigarette), is the battery. On one end of the battery, you have a small heating device which evaporates the fluid in the cartomizer, while the other end holds a bulb which lights up to produce the illusion that it is burning.
The cartomizer houses the e liquid, which is what creates the vapour. Since water vapour is mostly colorless, manufacturers add either propylene or vegetable glycerine to produce a more realistic smoke-like effect. Flavourings are also added to complete the experience.
ePuffer SNAPS Ecigs has a built-in microprocessor that detects the flow of air, so it starts heating up the vape fluid automatically as soon as you inhale.

Question What are the benefits of using ePuffer Snaps E-cig?

Along with its ease of use, SNAPS ecigs are exceptionally safe. It can help you cut down on smoking by reducing your nicotine intake, which can help you stop smoking completely.
ePuffer e-cigs are also much safer than conventional cigarettes because they do not pose a fire hazard. It is virtually impossible for you to get burned with it, and it will not catch fire to your clothes and furniture.
Maintenance is extremely easy, as mouthpieces are disposable and will not require cleaning – you simply dispose of the cartridge after use. A SNAPS e-cig is also very lightweight and fits in your pocket. This makes it both conveniently hygienic and portable.
It also lasts much longer than a regular cigarette as one cartomizer can hold up to 300. One ecigarette cartridge is equivalent to roughly 20 cigarettes. It will take you a long time before you need to have it replaced with a new cartridge.

Question What flavours are available for SNAPS cartomizers?

When you purchase an e-cigarette, you get a wider range of flavours than regular cigarettes. Popular flavours include tobacco and menthol, but more unusual combinations are available as well. You can also buy blank ecig cartomizers which have to be manually filled with e-juice. You can choose from a whole slew of different vape flavours, ranging from herbal to fruity. You can even choose to mix flavors for a completely new vaping experience.

Question Can you buy Snaps E-Cigarette online?

You can buy a SNAPS e cigarette online from the ePuffer website. We have various starter-kits available in multiple styles. We also sell cartomizers in different grades and flavours, ranging from regular to premium varieties.
Alternatively, you can try various vaping specialty shops within your area. You can call ahead to ask if they have ePuffer Snaps available, and you can also compare it with other brands at a glance.

Disposable E-Cigarettes FAQ

Question What are electronic cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are devices that people can vape (as opposed to smoking), which may deliver nicotine, though nicotine-free options are plentiful.  Instead of burning tobacco and producing harmful smoke as analog (traditional) cigarettes do, ecigs are vaporizers; they turn the nicotine and flavours into vapour that is far safer for you. There are a variety of styles available, typically broken into three generations. 

Classic products are cigalikes, electronic cigarettes that resemble, sometimes strongly, analog cigarettes.  This type of vapour cigarette is what most people picture when they think of e-cigs.  Disposable e-cigs are included in this category, though there are also rechargeable and refillable cigalikes.  Whether disposable or reusable, first generation devices are generally considered ideal for beginners because of their simplicity. 

Vape Pen devices are larger and have little, if any, resemblance to cigarettes.  They have a longer-lasting, rechargeable battery.  Many models have manual batteries, meaning you need to turn them on and off, or actively hold a button while puffing.  Vape pens are a common type of second generation e-cigarettes.  While the initial expense is higher than with cig-a-likes, second gen vaporizers cost less in the long-run.

Box Mod vaporizers don't resemble cigarettes at all.  They have the widest variation in appearance, with some looking like vape pens, and other box-like in shape.  Third gen gadgets are often called APVs (for Advanced Personal Vaporizers) or vape mods.  The term mod refers to the origins of these devices, when people would modify some sort of hollow metal tubing–metal flashlights were popular–with the basic components, creating a vapourizer.  The initial expense is, once again, higher but with better battery life and more ability to customize components, the overall costs end up being much lower.

Question What are disposable e-cigarettes?

Disposable e-cigarettes are easy to use vapourizers that have a limited lifespan.  They are frequently cigalikes, meaning they resemble tobacco cigarettes in design; most even have an LED light in the tip that glows like the head of a cigarette when you puff. ePuffer disposable ecigs are extremely realistic in appearance, at times difficult to distinguish from traditional cigarettes.  In addition to simplicity they boast portability and convenience. 

ePuffer ECO Disposable e-cigarettes come pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the package, with no need to mess around with vape juice or charge the battery.  This makes them extremely simple to use, with almost no learning curve from tobacco cigarettes; ePuffer cigalikes tend to be slightly larger and noticeably heavier, and you may notice a slight difference in how long or hard to pull to get the vapour but there's virtually no other difference in the experience.

Question How do disposable e-cigs work?

All electronic cigarettes have the same components and function in the same basic manner.  They all have a battery; an atomizer, which contains the heating element; and the cartridge, which holds the e-juice. Ejuice has the nicotine (if you use it), flavour, and propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG).  Nowadays, the cartridge and atomizer are often combined into one unit, called a cartomizer

When you start to inhale, the battery is triggered and an electrical charge is sent to the heating element in the atomizer which heats the e-juice to above boiling point, vapourizing it.  The vapour is carried through the vapourization chamber to the mouthpiece. 

Question How long do disposable vaporizers last?

ePuffer ECO disposable e-cigarette offer up-to 300 puffs which, with average use, is approximately equal to 20 analog cigarettes. The amount you get varies, of course, with how long a puff you take. You may find that you take fewer puffs with your e-cig as there's no lighting it or putting it out. It's just there when you want a puff. 

Question Why choose disposable e-cigarettes?

First, let's talk about why you should make the switch to vaping.  Assuming you're smoking tobacco, whether via a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, you're inhaling smoke which contains more than seven thousand chemicals.  Of those, no fewer than 69 are known to potentially cause cancer.  There are also 599 ingredients that cigarette manufacturers can add to their products.  While many of the additives aren't dangerous when simply ingested (valerian root extract, for example), the process of burning them can significantly alter their safety–only one is known to be completely safe: water.  Byproducts of burning tobacco include tar, which coats the fine hairs (cilia) in the respiratory tract and lungs that help clean out pollutants; cyanide which is a toxic poison; arsenic, a heavy metal commonly used in rat poisons; and carbon monoxide, which interferes in the exchange of oxygen in the body. 

When you vape, the vape juice ingredients–there are four primary ones–aren't burned.  The liquid is superheated and the active ingredients vaporize into an aerosol with virtually no solid particles.  The ingredients are nicotine (if you use it), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and flavor.  The PG is the same type used in foods and inhalers for asthmatics and is "generally recognized as safe" by the US FDA.  Vegetable glycerin has also been used in foods for years.  The greatest variation of ingredients is in the flavour but if you find a reputable dealer you can be assured that the ingredients are food-grade.  As there's nothing burned, there are no byproducts of combustion.

At ePuffer we produce our own e-juice following standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the only body that has put forth such standards for quality.

Now onto why you should buy disposable e-cigarettes.  As indicated above, they're exceptionally easy to use and, as such, ideal for beginners.  There are a couple reasons you should use, or start with, disposable e-cigs.  The most obvious reason is to see if vaping is for you.  While we love vaping and want to see everyone enjoy it, the fact is that there are people who won't like it for whatever reason. 

Tying into that is the cost.  Disposable vapour cigarettes are relatively inexpensive, significantly so compared to second and third generation devices.  While disposable vapes aren't necessarily cost-effective as a full replacement of analog cigarettes for regular use, they're definitely worth it for occasional use.

Question Who should choose disposable electric cigarettes?

First time and novice vapers will definitely want to buy and start with disposable e-cigarettes.  They'll help you break into the vaping world with ease and low cost.  If you're a very light or social-only smoker, you may choose to stick entirely with disposable ecigs.  And if you're looking for a portable e-cig for when you're going out and don't want to carry a pen or bulky box mod, disposables are also good options. 

If you're making the switch from exclusively smoking tobacco cigarettes, a cigalike, whether disposable or reusable, may be your best choice at first.  Between the appearance of an analog cigarette and the size making it easy to mimic the motions associated with smoking, cigalikes will help your brain transition more easily; this is surprisingly important.

Finally, despite the decreased risks associated with vaping, purchase of ePuffer vapour cigarettes and related products is still restricted to those of legal smoking age.

Question What are my options for nicotine and how is it measured?

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer exceptional control in the amount of nicotine you consume.  There are more than half a dozen levels of nicotine you can buy online, ranging from nicotine-free to more than 50 mg/mL.  Despite that huge range, most e-juice is one of three strengths: 0 (nicotine-free), 12 mg, and 24 mg. ePuffer uses a slightly different notation, we use a method called True Nicotine Content (TNC) labeling which calculates how much nicotine is mixed by volume, making it easier to determine what strength of nicotine you need. With ePuffer's True Nicotine Content, 12 mg of nicotine is labeled as 1.2%, and 24 mg as 2.4%.

You can figure out the levels of nicotine in your cigarettes now with just a few minutes by reading our History of Nicotine Dose article. If there's a range, always opt for the lower level first to avoid potential nicotine toxicity.

Question What do disposable e-cigs taste like?

In e-liquid, there are tens of thousands of flavours available for purchase online. In disposable ecigs, the variety is somewhat smaller, but there are still plenty of choices. All disposable vapes are available with tobacco flavours, including menthol, and most retailers offer a selection of flavoured disposables as well. Here at ePuffer, we have a small selection of popular flavours including Premium Tobacco, Menthol and Caramel Mocha in our ECO brand disposable e-cigarettes.

Question How much will disposable vaporizers cost me?

The cost for disposable ecigs are on par with or higher than tobacco cigarettes so if you plan to be a long term, regular vaper start researching your second or third generation device even as you buy your first disposable vape. Despite that, disposable vaporizers are priced competitively to allow you to use them without breaking the bank. Our ECO disposable ecigs are set at $8.95 when you buy them online directly from ePuffer. Save even more when you buy a 12-Pack Carton, you are basically getting two disposable ecigarettes free of charge. For orders over $50, shipping in Canada is $5.00. Free shipping is available for Canadian orders over $100.

Eco Disposable Ecigs

Question Popular Disposable E-Cigarette Flavors at Your Choice
Question Eco E-Cig Premium Tobacco Flavor – E-Cigs for a Classy Pro

The Eco Tobacco flavor e-cigarette is one of the most popular choices in the Eco disposable e-cigarettes series. It has a strong tobacco taste which makes it a favorite among traditional smokers. Each stick of the tobacco electronic cigarette is loaded with organic extracts. It also has a distinct nicotine level. With the use of a special True Nicotine Content formula, you can select from a range of nicotine levels to suit your needs. Choose between these levels: 0mg, 0.6mg, and 1.2mg.

Question Eco E-Cig Menthol E-Cigarette – Cool and Convenient

Menthol is a common flavor among vape liquids and electronic cigarettes. Vapers love menthol because it brings a wave of relaxation with just few puffs. The Eco menthol e-cigarette is a great entry point if you’ve just started vaping. Every puff of menthol leaves a cooling effect with a neat dash of nicotine – just enough to satisfy your cravings.

Question Eco E-Cig Double Apple Appletini – The Party E-Cig

Are you a fan of exotic vape flavors? If not, then the Eco Double Appletini e-cig can probably change your mind. As you vape this e-cigarette, you’ll be exposed to the refreshing flavor of apple, mixed with the tangy essence of martini. Such flavorful combination makes the Double Apple a popular choice among party-goers and hardcore vape enthusiasts. This e-cigarette flavor is also popular among women.

Question Eco E-Cig Watermelon Sangria – An Exquisite Taste

Watermelon is a fruity flavor that’s commonly used in vape juices. In the Eco Series, the touch of watermelon is improved with the essence of mint sangria. The simple flavor turns into a combination that you’ll love for a long time! Although it seems like an odd combination at first, it truly grows on you.

Are you ready to explore unique flavor combinations? The Watermelon Sangria e-cigarette can be a great start. The Watermelon Sangria is also a proud winner of the Consumer Voice award. You can be sure of the level of quality that the Eco Watermelon e-cig can show you.

Question Eco E-Cig Raspberry Mojito – A Different Experience

Another masterpiece from the ePuffer product line is the Eco Raspberry Mojito. It is more than just your average flavor combination. This combination opens up a wave of raspberry essence and caps it off with a touch of chocolate mint. In a nutshell, you’ll be exposed to three majestic flavors in every puff. This makes the Eco Raspberry Mojito a very popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. Choosing this simply unique e-cigarette blend can bring you to the gates of vaping nirvana. Feel like trying it? You can buy it here at ePuffer now.

Question Eco E-Cig Strawberry Margarita E-Cig – Sinfully Sweet

Popular liquor flavors are also great blends for vape juices. One of the best examples is the Eco strawberry margarita e-cigarette. As soon as you start drawing vapor from this e-cig flavor blend, the sweetness of strawberry just hits you. From that, the strong margarita flavor acts as secondary essence. This creates a rich vaping experience like no other. With the addition of nicotine, you’ll be in love before you even start vaping your second disposable stick. The Eco Strawberry Margarita electronic cigarette is another popular choice amongst vapers, men and women alike.

Question Eco E-Cig Caramel Mocha Latte – The Coffee Blend

If you want to feel awake and satisfied at the same time, you should vape the Eco Caramel Mocha Latte e-cig. This popular blend is very rich in taste. The sweetness of caramel is very complementary to the mocha latte essence. You can enjoy the rich flavor of this e-cig with the right level of nicotine. Check out the True Nicotine Content formula to know which nicotine level works best for you.

Question Eco E-Cig Melon Daiquiri Blitz – A Heavenly Mix

The Eco Melon Daiquiri Blitz is one of those flavors that can remind you of the joys of vaping. This e-cig is packed with a simple dash of melon—not too sweet or bland. As the vapor swirls around in your mouth, the Daiquiri concoction rushes in.  It will create a synergy of flavor that’s worth remembering. The Melon Daiquiri Blitz is a good choice to make if you’re planning to vape along with your friends. The relaxing effect of the e-cig can lighten up your mood on a bad day.

Question Eco Disposable E-Cig Packs – More Choices for Everyone!

The Eco Series has a collection of multiple e-cigarettes in packs. The packs can be your long-term supply of disposable electronic cigarettes. You may also send them as gifts to your friends. If you choose a 12-pack instead of single boxes, you can save more money in the long run.

The current flavor choices for the multiple packs are premium tobacco, menthol, mocha caramel latte, and shisha varieties. For the shisha options, you can choose between a red or pink pack.

If you’re planning a vape-out party with your trusted friends, make sure that you bring few packs along. This will let your friends can enjoy the premium flavors in the Eco Disposable E-Cigs Series. Treat yourself and your closest friends to a pack of ePuffer Eco Series e-cigarettes.

Question Tech Specifications of Eco Series Disposable E-Cigarettes

The Eco Series disposable e-cigarettes are not just average ecigs that you can find in the market today. Each flavor blend is carefully concocted by Epuffer chemists and talented flavorists. The blends are made from natural, food-grade ingredients. There are no synthetic chemical compounds included in the process, and the blends are alcohol-free. The richness and integrity of the flavor is dutifully maintained.

Another common feature among the Eco Series ecigs is the charcoal LED light tip. Every time you inhale the vapor, the LED tip lightens up. This simulates the experience of traditional smoking. Other people will actually think that you’re using normal cigarettes.

The built-in battery of the Eco disposable electronic cigarettes are built for long-lasting usage. Every stick can last up to 500 puffs - better than any traditional cigarette that you can think of. The average weight for each Eco vapor cigarette is up to 12 grams. You can put the e-cigs in your pockets or even in small, handy ePuffer pouches. The e-cigs are also neatly packed in hard boxes so you can store them safely in case you have to travel far.

The Eco vapor cigarettes are equipped with the smooth draw mechanism. It ensures a high vapor density output with every puff.

Question All about Responsible Vaping

Perhaps the great advantage of vaporizers and e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes is eco-friendliness. In every vaporizer, you are only inhaling vapor and not real smoke. There will be no ash residues after you vape, something that cannot be said of traditional cigarettes. Once you are done with a disposable electronic cigarette, you can just throw it away. For vape mods, you can simply flick the off button. The vapor is also harmless to the environment. There’s no need to worry about second-hand smoke as well. Not bad for a few affordable sticks – remember, each stick lasts up to 500 puffs.

Another advantage is nicotine control. Every disposable e-cig in the Eco series lets you control your nicotine intake. This control empowers you if you are thinking about making a change to quitting nicotine, or lessening your intake. If you want to get rid of smoking, you likely understand that it is difficult to do cold turkey. More often than not, there needs to be progressive stops before you can actually forego the habit. Eco e-cigarettes can help you by offering you three levels of nicotine before you finally actually are able to quit.

With vape kits, may also need to be a little more careful when it comes to storage. A vaporizer is can be delicate if you purchase models that are not built ruggedly. The same manner is applicable to disposable e-cigarettes. Keep in mind that vaping may be a big initial investment, but over time comes out cheaper and more economical in the long run.

Do you want to try the Eco Series disposable electronic cigarettes? Have you imagined the unique flavor combinations? If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. Choose any of the flavors today and buy them on ePuffer now – so you can vape your heart out!

How do e-cigarettes work?

Question What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a thin rod-shaped canister that mainly consists of the battery, the atomizer, the microprocessor, sensor, the cartridge, the LED indicator, and the mouthpiece.
The cartridge contains the substance to be vaporized. Once the cartridge is loaded into the e-cig’s body, the cartridge’s polyester filler makes contact with the atomizer. Capillary action and gravity enable the atomizer to absorb the substance, typically called e-liquid or e-juice, which soaks the polyester into the alloy mesh reservoir where it is stored.

Question How does an e-cig work?

Inhaling through the ecig will pull the e-juice from the reservoir into the ceramic atomizer vessel, where it will be absorbed, again, by scented polyimide wick. This time, the device is already heating up the coil attached to the wick. The heat will vaporize the wick’s e-juice and the vapor flows through out of the mouthpiece and into your respiratory tract.
There are some e cigs that have a switch needs to be pressed for the vaporizing process to proceed. Take note that the atomizer cannot vaporize if there’s nothing inside the ceramic vessel. You have to perform the inhaling action through the mouthpiece to suck the e-liquid into the vessel for the wick to absorb.
This is one of the advantages of using e-cigarettes. It does not involve combustion at all. Using ecigarettes, or vaping require a different approach. Vaping will give you optimum experience when you mild, gradual puffs. This is entirely different from traditional smoking, where intensity increases the harder you suck in. This also means that it may take e cigarettes a little bit more time (maybe one to two seconds) to come up with the best puff than when you inhale a good puff from a typical cigarette, which usually takes 2 to 3 seconds.

Electronic Pipe FAQ

Question What is an E-Pipe?

An E-Pipe is the advanced version of old style pipes. It retains the actual form of the pipe, but its mechanism is totally different. Instead of emitting tobacco smoke, the ePipe releases odorless vapor. It’s a healthy and eco-friendly alternative that can truly make a difference in a person’s health.

While many ePipes retain the old form of traditional tobacco pipes, you’ll find some pipes with totally different designs. They can be chrome, metallic, or even infused with many color combinations. Regardless of the style, electronic pipes still operate in the same manner.

Question How Does E-Pipe Work?

The E-Pipe is divided into three main parts. The first part is the inhaler. This is the mouthpiece where you inhale or breathe in the vapor. Next to that is the atomizer—a simple component that heats the ingredients in the pipe, creating the vapor. Last but obviously the most important part is the battery. Without the battery, your pipe will never function – after all, it is electronic.

An E-Pipe replicates the experience of smoking a tobacco pipe. In common E-Pipe kits, you have the option to choose your preferred nicotine levels, ranging from 0 nicotine content to high nicotine content, similar to what you might find in a cigarette. The device also creates a unique scent depending on the flavor or variant of the juice/liquid used. There are some scents that mimic tobacco, thus helping in satisfying your cravings without risking your health in the same way as traditional pipes would.

Every E-Pipe also has a space for a special cartridge. You can buy cartridges from the E-Pipe manufacturer. These cartridges come in different flavors, but the most popular for E-Pipe is still tobacco. Try the tobacco flavor if you want to get started kicking your cigarette habit, or check out other flavors that might interest you.

Question How to Find the Best E-Pipe?

A few years ago when this industry was just getting its foothold in the market, it was difficult to find the devices. Fortunately, these days, finding the best E-Pipe can now be done online, which truly does make it so much easier. On the internet, you can find hundreds of websites featuring electronic pipes, along with some accessories. However, picking the ‘best among the rest’ is a challenging task to do. You have to scour customer reviews and objectively assess their feedback.

There are also popular smoking enthusiast magazines that you can find within your area. These magazines will very likely have recommendations of the best ePipes in the market. Another method is to ask your friends if they have favorite ePipe choices – provided you have friends with the same interest.

Question Vape Pipe Vs Tobacco Pipe

Traditional smokers will probably talk you out of purchasing vape pipes – some of them still don’t buy the hype. One of the common reasons is that vape pipes do not capture the real smoking feel of tobacco pipes. Some smokers even considered vapes as novelty items or toys—not real tobacco pipes. This can be true, since enjoyment begins in igniting the tobacco in the common pipe. There’s no ignition involved in E-Pipes. You just turn on the device, put the cartridge you want, and vape away. Some people believe that there’s almost no effort involved.

vape pipe is all about convenience. In this modern world, you’re probably busy with your daily tasks. Igniting a tobacco pipe can take few minutes off your chart—unlike a vape pipe. However, this advantage is minimal compared to the advantage of the way it affects your health. Vape pipes are healthier due to the formulation of the juices/liquids. Tobacco pipes are notorious for leaving traces of nicotine and various other toxins and chemicals in your body, and they are the leading causes of respiratory diseases worldwide. Switch to ePipes today and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

At the same time, when you switch over, you’re doing the environment a favor. Since vape pipes do not leave any dirt or ashes behind, there will be a higher regard for cleanliness. The vapor created by the vape pipe is also harmless and will be assimilated into the air as soon as you puff it out. This is unlike tobacco pipes that can leave ashes behind after every smoking session. It’s time to say goodbye to dirty ashtrays!

Question Is E-Pipe Safe?

Safety is almost never an issue with electronic pipes. Since there’s no ignition involved, there will be no risk of fire and accidental skin burns. As long as you follow your ePipe manual properly, there won’t be a problem. Additionally, you have to make sure that the manufacturer of your choice follows the right standards in producing ePipes. You shouldn’t settle for a low-quality E-Pipe as those are more likely to have been produced with less regard for safety.

Vape pipe enthusiasts and smokers will probably tell you to go for US-made pipes, compared to those that are made in China. There’s no harm in following their advice since there are some instances where China-made pipes were found to be loaded with harmful, heavy metals such as lead and zinc.

Question Electronic Pipe Liquid

Flavored liquids are the rock stars of every electronic pipe. This liquid is a scientific formulation that gives off the tobacco essence without leaving any strong odor or taste. Once a liquid cartridge runs out, you can easily get a replacement. Most starter E-pipe kits have numerous cartridges to begin with, so try a kit now and see what many different liquids you can try!

The common flavors that you’ll probably encounter are fruit flavors. These flavors are common to the human tongue and you can get accustomed to them easily. There are other flavors too such as common desserts and beverages that you can try.

Question Where to Buy Vape Pipe?

You can purchase vape pipes from authorized ePuffer dealers and distributors. Buying is very simple, especially if you have a credit card or other payment method which allows you to purchase online. However, you shouldn’t purchase an ePipe impulsively. You have to do your research, since there are hundreds of fake E-Pipes available out there. You should also take your budget in consideration.

Once you’ve done your research and you feel ready, you can hop on to ePuffer and see the vast selection of quality pipes that we have available at your disposal. Purchase one now to kick-start your new, healthier lifestyle.

Question E-Pipes Prices

Traditional vape pipes cost around $70-90, depending on the manufacturer. Pipe kits have higher costs, since they usually come with accessories and extra perks. Although e-pipe kits are likely a larger initial investment, the payoff is that it’s much better for your health.

Question E-Puffer E-Pipes

ePuffer is one of the leading manufacturers of classy and powerful E-Pipes. The company’s vape pipes are known for their resilience and stylistic appearance. Each kit is also worth your every penny since it comes with full package and a neat-looking wooden gift box. A manual is also included to give you basic knowledge on how to operate the electronic pipe. An ePuffer pipe can also be a perfect gift to your dad or beloved friend.

ePuffer vape pipes come with a one-year limited warranty and you can have your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product. This is how confident ePuffer is. In terms of delivery, you should expect the product at around 2-5 days, depending on various road and weather conditions.

Question E-Pipe Liquid Flavors

Are you tired of the conventional tobacco flavor? Do you want to experience a whole new festival of flavors? In that case, you should try out the flavors offered by ePuffer. The most popular flavor cartridge is apple, and this can make you feel more relaxed than ever. The apple cartridge costs $15.95. Another flavor that you should try is cherry. It has the same price as the apple cartridge, albeit sweeter and stronger.

If you want to have your own custom flavor, you can choose ePuffer’s blank cartridges. These cartridges do not contain any flavor and it’s up to you to refill them. ePuffer has various mixes to choose from—take a look at all of them on our website.

All ePuffer cartridges can last up to 900 puffs—which has a rough equivalent of 75 cigarettes. Now, that’s a real wallet saver!

The popularity of electronic pipes proves that old habits are really hard to break. Smoking is rooted in the human culture and it will stay in the picture for many years to come. Through the innovation of electronic pipes, people will now have more chances to enjoy the essence of smoking without sacrificing their healthy lifestyle. Who knows what more innovating features are going to be introduced to vaping someday?

ePipe 629

Question E-PIPE 629X Specifications

Is there anything new? Well, of course. Other than the smooth direct airflow made possible by a protective system, the 629X comes with a LED cap made of Zirconia, a crystal that was once used in space travel. This crystal cap may be in black crystal form.

Question EPIPE 629 APPEARANCE – Never Just a Pipe Dream

Let’s start with the most obvious. The woody goodness starts here.

Wood Bowl – It’s no surprise that the e-Pipe 629 X Starter Kit includes parts that perform at a commendable level. One star of the show is the Electronic Pipe 629 R2 Real Solid Wood Bowl. This cherry wood bowl has an automatic airflow sensor – and it’s powered by a Removable 18350 Lithium Battery. This stylish vape works with ePuffer X-Pro Variable MOD battery (which runs at 3.5-3.7V and 6.0-7.0W), ePuffer Phantom HD3 and 510 thread Variable MOD batteries.

Pipe Stand –The pipe kit comes with a Solid Wood Electronic Pipe 629 Stand made of fine pear wood. This uniquely styled pipe stand is a limited edition product hand-polished to perfection and made foldable for convenient storage. To purchase this wood pipe stand on its own, you can buy it right here on ePuffer.

Box – The box that contains it does not come short, either. It also possesses the mahogany wood body the pipe has. Its look makes people imagine a library of a stereotypical English gentleman where the e-Pipe 629 sits on a table made of polished wood. Look at the wooden gift box as the cherry on top. The kit is just not the same without it and you know it makes a world of difference if you give the e-pipe as a gift to a loved one. Without it, it would still be a class gift but the box just makes it a god among   e-pipes.

Despite the flashy presentation, this e-Pipe 629X 2019 model is not just about value for money. It also stands for convenience and experience. The refill system of this pipe will not require you to buy cartridges for refill nor will it cut down the pipe-smoking experience you expect. Like other vaporizers, it is made to provide a somewhat healthier alternative to traditional smoking consumables.

Mouthpiece – This fashionable e pipe has a black plastic mouthpiece. The Electronic Pipe (e-Pipe 629) Spare Stem Mouthpiece can be bought separately and directly from ePuffer.

Question E-Pipe Parts – What Makes the E-Pipe 629 Tick

Liquamizer – The elite confidence this ePuffer pipe exudes is strongly backed by the new e-Pipe 629 X Liquamizer MOD Tank. This is what the vape experience is all about. It has 3.5ml tank capacity, a 510 connection thread, and an atomizer coil that has a resistance of 1.5 ±0.1 Ωohm. The body is basically a tempered Quartz Glass Tank, making it strong against corrosion and resistant against high temperatures ranging from 1700°F to 2200°F. The glass tank is 42mm long (109mm if you include the pipe mouthpiece) and has a diameter of 19mm. The new E-Pipe Glass MOD Tank system is specifically designed and crafted to appeal to strong vape enthusiasts all over the world and is projected to be a prime choice of heavy vape users . This treasure is the jewel of the pipe and it can be replaced by ordering from ePuffer directly. Separately sold, the Liquamizer 629 (Clearomizer) Tank with Mouthpiece Stem on its own conveniently comes as a spare.

Another Clearomizer-designed Liquamizer is sold as an individual item. It is also known for the same smooth draw, high-quality vapor, and rich full flavor it creates. This is economic value beyond what is expected. It is 34.5mm long, 19mm in diameter, and possesses a tank capacity of 2.5mL. The resistance it works at is 2.1 ±0.1 Ωohm.

Atomizer – The replaceable atomizer, or heating coils, are available with the kit as three spares and is also available as an individual item in the maker’s website. Made of U.S Kanthal coil wire, this ePuffer Electronic Pipe 629 X ceramic base spare atomizer has advanced dual chamber technology that guarantees leak-free, top-of-the-line experience. The atomizer coil resistance is at 1.5 ±0.1 Ωohm. Have a taste of exclusivity as this ceramic atomizer works only with e-Pipe 629 X Liquamizers.

Question E-Pipe 629 Batteries and Power Source

Battery - The fuel of this pipe are two pieces of High Drain IMR-1100mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries. Rest assured that ePuffer wants you to prolong your elegant smoking experience as much as possible. E-Pipe 629 Spare Rechargeable Battery. The battery loaded in the pipe bowl can be charged separately by lodging it into the charger after removing it from the bowl. You can also charge it while it’s still attached to the bowl. This CE-certified 18350 model comes in grey or blue when you buy it from the manufacturer’s website.

Charger – The electronic component will never be complete without the genuine ePuffer Electronic Pipe 629/605 X Universal Battery Charger. This charger is high-grade. It has LED charging indication, and a built-in fuse to guarantee safety. This way, it protects you from dangers like short circuit. This portable lightweight charger comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Perks – All these fancy elements offer humble generosity, still. The kit actually comes with a free ePuffer e-Liquid bonus and is available with a 6% discount if you buy it right here on our website. The e-liquid, however, is only available while supplies last. Interested and economically wise people are advised to take advantage of this bonus – buy now!

Question Usage for best results

Now we proceed to the more important question that needs to be answered: What’s in it for you?
First of all, you will be an alpha among the crowd once you whip this out in the public. Truth be told, the e-pipe design bar was raised when we came up with the E-Pipe 629. It looks as if you can actually smell the wooden odor. It is every vaper’s dream to see the classic tobacco pipe turned into a avid vaper’s prized item.

Question Pipe down the nicotine talk

Now, how can one maximize the splendor of this high culture vape? This electronic pipe has to be the closest one to the real thing. Before everything else, we must make sure that you retain your grace as you show of your new artwork of a pipe. Let’s start with nicotine levels. Don’t try e-liquids that have nicotine levels beyond 24mg/ml. Extra-high strength does not mean extra-high smoothness. You’re holding pipe, not a joint or a cigar. Also, the e-Pipe 629 R2 2016 Limited Edition is known to produce strong vapors. Newbies may get knocked out if they can’t control their nicotine doses.

Question E-liquid flavors fit for a kingly electric pipe

Now, we proceed to the ideal flavors for this epipe. Suggested flavors that fit its vibe are ePuffer Premium Tobacco and ePuffer Havana Cigar, if you want that classic landowner feel while huffing and puffing. Virginia, Belgo, 5 X 5, Mirabella, and Canadian may work too. All of these flavors can be bought right here on ePuffer. E-liquids with colorful flavors aren’t really compatible with this Limited Edition epipe’s aura. It does not scream party and playfulness at all. It’s a classy, in-control, and powerful vape.

But at the end of the day, you can’t really argue taste, right?

Question More added value – not just a puff piece

An option you can do as a vaper is mix e-liquids and formulate your own preferred flavors.

In terms of added consumer value, the 629-X is top notch in terms of features as a whole, battery life, design, and e-liquid life. It’s certainly an e-pipe to behold, not just because of its appearance, but because of its value for money and its absolute elegance. The experience is unbeatable and as close to the real thing as it can possibly get – but with far more customization options available to the end user. What more could you possibly want?

For best results, don’t look anywhere else – buy the product right here at EPuffer. You’ll surely be pleased by our shipping time and presentation.

ePipe 609

Question What you need to know about E-Pipe 609

A third-generation line of epipe, the E-Pipe 609 is a choice alternative to traditional smoking. If you want to try a non-flammable option that will give you quality recreational smoking experience, you should try this one immediately. It will provide you not only a no-burn substitute but a cleaner one, too.

The unique value this e pipe offers is the function of the patented Cartomizer design. The design enables this electronic smoking device to provide consistent quality of taste over extended periods, thanks to built-in atomizers in each e-pipe cartridge.

Question The perks

If you’re someone very particular with the sensation of inhaling smoke, this is the right epipe for you. The 609 produce clean vapor similar to traditional cigarette smoke when inhaled. This epipe (electric pipe), like every other ePuffer electronic smoking merchandise, can be used almost anywhere.

Another advantage of this product is the options it gives you for your preferred nicotine amount. The choices range from 1.2mg to zero nicotine (for people who just want the huffing and puffing). If you want 0.6mg nicotine in your pipe, choose the 0.6mg nicotine e-pipe cartridge. Choosing among the options is no sweat at all.

Question The Electronic Pipe 609 specs

The ePipe 609 Starter Kit is originally available at $99.95 but is now available at $89.95 (10% discount) when you buy it right here on ePuffer. The kit comes with the E-Pipe 609 waterproof bowl (can either be wooden or marble), two removable lithium rechargeable batteries, three high-capacity premium tobacco-flavored atomized cartridges (equivalent to75 tobacco cigarettes), a universal AC/USB battery adapter, that comes, and a 110/240V USB charger for the pipe. All of these, including the instruction manual, are kept inside a beautifully crafted wooden gift box. The waterproof bowl and the removable battery design are the improvements that come with the Rev-2 model.

The E-Pipe is made to mimic the experience of traditional tobacco smoking, from feel to taste, minus all the hassle and inconvenience.

The key to the winning performance and the advantage of 609 over traditional smoking is the mechanism inside it. Running the vape process is a modern non-combusting microelectronic device, a small, rechargeable battery, and a replaceable cartridge that contain water, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco essence, and a membrane that safely controls the behavior of the contents. The membrane pad and the atomizer are systematically made to eliminate the presence of nicotine residue and impurities to avoid clogging and maintain a pure, unadulterated smell. The texture of inhaled smoke perfectly resembles tobacco smoke, but what you inhale from the electronic pipe is a vapor mist produced by a unique vaporizing process inside that seamlessly evaporates into the air within moments. When the cartridge runs out of its contents, just unbolt the empty cartridge and bolt on a new one and continue the smoking experience. This disposable nature of the atomizer cartridges is one of the strongest added value of this product.

The sensation satisfies even the articulate, old-fashioned smokers. Even the look is made to appeal to vintage lovers.  You can choose between wood or marble bowls, both elegantly designed and elegant by nature.

Question The unique factor of Electronic Pipe 609

Why do we go through all this just to deliver quality e-pipe experience? We believe that smoking need not be isolated. There are ways to enjoy the perks of smoking without causing inconvenience to people around you.

Second-hand smoke, which is the main setback of traditional smoking, won’t be a problem with Electric Pipes. There won’t even be carbon monoxide involved in e-moking since there is no combustion (no matches, lighters, or live flame needed) in the vaporizing process.

In the long run, e-pipes’ real cost is less than tobacco smoking, thanks to rechargeable batteries and the efficiency of the pipe’s particular vaporizing process happening in the mechanism inside. The amount of nicotine you can take in is greater when you use e-pipes for the same amount of puffs. This means that if you have nicotine limit every day, you can save more when you smoke e-pipes.

If you’re allergic to tobacco for some reason, that’s not a problem. ePuffer pipes contain no tobacco but give you the nicotine you need. Some people abhor the dirty scent of smoke, but you won’t have to worry if they would find out because E-Pipe vapor gives off almost no smell at all due to the absence of tar, which only appears when there is combustion. The vapor does not even drift far enough before it dissipates into the air and leaves no stain, making it very ideal for situations that need discretion.

You can have all perks and none of the detriments of traditional smoking with ePuffer pipes so you can continue your smoking habits with this without being judged by other people or offending them.

Question Items of interest - The E-Pipe

A major advantage of ePuffer products is you can buy individual parts from ePuffer Canada for reasonable prices. The 5-Pack Blank Disposable Cartridges are available at $11.95 right here. Remember that these cartridges are the value point of the 609 e pipe. You have to have a stock for these so that you’ll be ready whenever the situation is suitable for electronic smoking. No unnecessary dirt and stench will ruin your experience while you receive consistent quality puffs, thanks to the high-tech disposable atomizer system of each cartridge. Cartridges loaded with Premium Tobacco flavor are available at $15.95 apiece.

If you recall, it was stated that 609 cartridges have assorted nicotine levels you can choose from. You can choose among different TNC, or true nicotine formula: 1.2mg, 0.8mg, 0.6mg, 0.3mg, or no nicotine at all. The mixture is only available at per unit basis. You can choose anything you want, and the tobacco goodness will be there. These disposable cartomizers’ life can last long, up to 500 puffs. The costing of these cartomizers is lowered due to the disposable nature of the cartridges.

Do not think about spilling or leaks if you have blank cartridges because the contents for each cartridge contain no liquid and are always ready for refilling not once, but multiple times. These products need virtually no maintenance. The ones with ready e-liquid is sold in smooth Premium Tobacco, crisp Apple, and flavorful Cherry. Premium tobacco, as its name says, seems to be the aptest flavor for such a classic-looking tobacco. Apple and Cherry provide excitement for adventurous vapers.

The removable wooden and marble bowls can be bought separately for just $29.95 right here on the site. These bowls are crafted to sophistication. Wood and marble exude that classic, powerful aura that makes anyone using it stand out in an average crowd. You just don’t repair a dented 605 bowl for the integrity of the look will surely be compromised. The best option is to take care of your current one and buy a new bowl separately. It complements beautifully with the black plastic ePuffer E-Pipe 609 Stem Mouthpiece, which can be purchased on its own for $9.95 only.

Question Items of interest – Power source

We have released a neat gadget that comes with the whole 609 package, and it’s in the form of the battery charger set. The 18350 lithium battery and USB Home AC/Travel Adapter are specifically made for ePuffer e-cigarettes and e-pipes but the adapter can also charge your mp3 players, iPods, mobile phones, and other mobile electronic gadgets. The lightweight, portable charger has an LED light that indicates charging activity, built-in fuse that activates when the charger overworks and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety and security of your e pipes and devices. It is advised that you immediately use the 1-Year manufacturer warranty that comes with the charger when problems within the warranty’s scope arise. If the need to fully replace the charger, it is available on the manufacturer’s website for $19.95. Once the battery itself gets busted, buy the 19350 battery in the same site for $12.95 (thanks to a 2% discount on the previous price of $14.95). Look for the gray or blue, CE-certified battery that has a power of 900mAh.

Question Electic Pipe consumer recommendations

Avid electronic pipe users who want the full experience are advised to buy the whole set but for the economically cautious consumer, purchasing individual parts are suggested, but the hassle of having no instruction manual is a part of the risk that comes with it. The whole starter kit is a perfect gift for loved ones who are going through quitting traditional smoking or friends and family who want to smoke but are turned off by the risks. Buy now while stocks last and impress the people around you by purchasing one for yourself or buying them this splendid electronic pipe.

Electronic Cigar FAQ

Question What is a Cigar?

Basically, a cigar is a strategically-rolled bundle of fermented tobacco leaves. Cigars come in various sizes and types, and almost every country in the world has an open cigar market. If you haven’t seen a cigar before, you can differentiate it from a cigarette through its heavy, dark brown color. A cigar is also thick due to the rolls of the leaves, and often times is much longer than a regular cigarette stick.

The most popular and most delicate cigars come from the country of Cuba. However, you can also popularly find cigars in Brazil, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Still, when it comes to cigars, Havana or Cuban cigars remain top notch, the cream of the crop so to speak.

The smoke produced by a cigar has a very strong tobacco scent, since it’s much more pure. Before smoking a cigar, you have to cut off the tip using a cigar cutter. You can use traditional blades in cutting a cigar, but a much easier way is by using a cigar cutter—especially the guillotine type, since these are specifically designed for that purpose.

Question What is an E-Cigar?

An E-Cigar is the modernized version of the classic cigar. This is the best option if you’re concerned about your health, but you still want to enjoy smoking tobacco. The appearance of an E Cigar is almost the same as the regular, traditional cigar, but its mechanism is totally different. To put it simply, an ECigar is a device operated electronically and powered by batteries.

Question Cigar Vs E-Cigar

A traditional cigar will be rich in flavour since it’s made from real tobacco. Once you smoke a cigar, you will feel the strong tobacco essence enveloping you; with every puff, you’ll definitely feel euphoric. It’s no wonder that smoking cigars is such an experience for many.

Going beyond the experience, it’s undeniable that cigars can cause massive damage to your health—especially if you smoke them regularly, multiple times a day even. The chemical and toxic residue will be left in your system, and this will build up over time. Some folks may even say that cigars are more harmful compared to cigarettes. In a way, that is true. Since the cigars are also much bigger and thicker, they also end up having more nicotine.

An E-Cigar is a better alternative? Since the device only releases vapour, the health risks posed are not the same as regular cigars. Despite the fact that e cigars only release vapour, you can still taste and feel the essence of nicotine due to the special formulation of the juices or liquids used with them. E-Cigars are also handy—no cutting or ignition needed! Perhaps one of the weak points of E Cigar is the lack of ‘realness’ when it comes to the experience. Some cigar enthusiasts think that the feeling produced by ECigars is not authentic. Checkout our new ROBUSTO ECIGAR, it is as real as it gets!

Question How Does E-Cig Works?

The purpose of an E-Cigar is to imitate the way traditional cigars work. Once the device is activated and you started inhaling, the atomizer heats the flavoured liquid until it becomes vapour. As you provide suction, the vapour travels quickly into the tube until it reaches your mouth. The E-Cigar’s tip typically lights up to further simulate the tobacco experience. Common E-Cigars are also disposable, although you may be able to find some that are rechargeable and reusable.

Question Cuban E-Cigars

Cuban E-Cigars are your best choices if you want to experience real-time tobacco smoking. With every puff, you can taste the richness of tobacco—reminding you of the quality of Havana cigars. Cuban E-Cigars cost higher compared to regular E-Cigars due to their high quality. But the experience is definitely worth it – so try it now!

Question Is E-Cigar Safe?

When it comes to health factors, E-Cigars are said to be safer.

When it comes to ease of use, an E-Cigar has a simple mechanism, so you won’t have any trouble at all. Additionally, there’s no ignition involved, so that cuts off the risk of fire or skin burns. Despite the safety of the product, it still boils down to the manufacturers. If the manufacturer is known for not following safety standards, then it’s better to avoid that company’s products.

Before buying an E-Cigar, you must check out consumer reviews. In this way, you’ll know which manufacturers operate with the right working standards. Do not risk your safety by opting to purchase substandard products. Also, it can help you a lot if you read more information about vaping and electronic cigars. There are online digests that can provide you tons of information about the subject. You can find a lot more information here on ePuffer too, before you decide to buy our products.

Question What is a disposable E-Cigar?

Disposable e-cigars are very handy because you can bring them anywhere you want to go. Unlike traditional vape pens, disposable E-Cigars must be thrown away after every use. They are not rechargeable.

One of the advantages of disposable electric cigars is the price. Compared to vape tube kits, disposable ecigars have lower prices so they can fit your budget. You can find disposable e-cigars that are available for less than $20, which is not too bad considering you are getting a cigar experience.

Question E-Cigar Common E-Liquid Flavors

Perhaps another advantage of E-Cigars is versatility when it comes to flavour. If you’re getting bored with the old tobacco routine, you can try out other E-liquid variants. These specialized liquids produce the flavoured vapour that are quite interesting. The popular flavour choices are Apple, Mango, Cassis and few well-known fruity and menthol options. Go look at the choices on ePuffer for more strange and exciting flavours!

Question E-Puffer E-Cigars

If you’re looking for high-quality Electronic Cigars, you can rely on ePuffer - one of the more popular manufacturers of electronic cigars and vaporizers. You can buy ePuffer’s electronic cigars for as low as $20, and they already come in various sizes and nicotine levels (varying from 0 nicotine, low nicotine, medium nicotine to high nicotine). With such variation, you can control your overall nicotine intake, which makes it a great way to slowly taper off your intake if you want to quit the addiction.

Aside from E-Cigars, ePuffer also offers vape starter kits. Vaping is another great experience that you should try. It’s highly similar to smoking E-Cigars but this time, you have a more complex device at your hands. Vape pens and tubes are rechargeable and you can even customize them with various accessories. Most ePuffer products come with a limited warranty, and you can return any product that doesn’t satisfy you. Disposable e-cigs, on the other hand, cannot be returned due to hygienic issues.

Question How to Find the Best Electronic Cigar?

Technically, it’s almost impossible to find the best electronic cigar since that is a subjective thing. However, you can easily narrow down your choices if you search hard enough and do a lot of research. The Internet is a great source of electronic cigars and vaporizers, but you can find everything you need here on ePuffer without going too far. Every e-cigar that you do encounter has its pros and cons—so it would be quite a good idea to keep weighing each side before you make a decision. Your search also depends on your preferences. Are you looking for e-cigars that have distinctive tastes? Do you want an electronic cigar with a classy style? These are some of the questions that can guide you in finding the best ECigar.

You can also try visiting vaping outlets near you. These specialized shops cater to vapers and smokers, and they’ll likely have different variations of e-cigars in stock. While in the shop, take your time to examine everything: the parts, accessories, and even the designs. In this way, you can know what works best for you. The shop owner can guide you along, but you should take his or her suggestions with a grain of salt since after all the decision still remains on your hands.

Booths and conventions are also great places to start, though you would have to be able to make time for them in your schedule. In conventions, dozens of manufacturers can attend to showcase their products. Try your best to explore one booth after another, so you can weigh your options. Just bear in mind that sellers may hype their products—so you need to keep an objective mind. Don’t let the hype get to you. In addition to the vaping booths, there might be events to keep you hooked and entertained. It’s nice to have fun while choosing what rig to buy.

Your friends’ recommendations are also useful. If you’re friends with hardcore smokers, vapers, and cigar enthusiasts, you now have easy sources. Simply pick the top recommendations of your friends and you can set your sights on your target product. Alternatively, you can pick a recommendation and compare it with a product that you yourself have researched online.

Finally, ePuffer has many choices available for you! To have the best e-cigar smoking experience, you can try out our starter kits. E-Cigar starter kits have various flavor selections to choose from, so take your favorite pick.

Question Does Electric Cigar Feel Real?

While it may never fully replicate the feeling of a real tobacco cigar, electronic cigars will definitely come real close. The e-liquids and cartridges will provide you with the real essence of tobacco, and you may never feel the difference. This is still debatable, however. Nevertheless, if you want to try it out for the experience of tasting an e-cigar, you should! ePuffer has starter options that you can try now to see if you like the experience.

E-Puffer’s disposable e-cigars can possibly give you the real tobacco sensation that you’re looking for. You can buy these cigars in single packs or boxes—it all depends on how much you want to get. E-Cigars are probably the next big things in the smoking industry. They are continually rising in popularity, and will likely keep heading in that direction over time. After all, they seem to be the much healthier alternative to smoking real, traditional cigars which are linked to many diseases.

While nothing can beat the classic and original, it’s fun to take your smoking experience to a whole new level. Besides, trying out something new while taking care of your health at the same time sounds like a great deal, right? So, try out an ePuffer e-cigar today and see it for yourself!

Churchill D-1800 E-Cigar

Question The E-Puffer E-Cigar Advantage

E-Puffer is considered as one of the most popular manufacturers of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and high-class vaporizers. On the company’s website, you can discover dozens of products that can bring satisfaction to any vaper. There are also reliable spare parts, unique e-liquid flavor mixes, and accessories to choose from. All of E-Puffer’s products have their own strong points and distinctions.

Question The Churchill Electronic Cigar

E-Puffer’s D-1800 e-cigar is one of the few units that exemplify the combination of finesse and simplicity. It resembles a traditional cigar which can give you the authentic feeling of smoking. Perhaps the e-cigar’s primary advantage is the fact that it won’t damage your health at all.

Question eCigar Vapor

Once you activated the e-cigar and inhale through the mouthpiece, the cartridge becomes heated, releasing the vapor in your mouth. Since only vapor is expelled by the device, you’re free from nicotine residues and other carcinogenic materials that are the usual by-products of cigars. Are you wondering about the nicotine taste in the Churchill Electric Cigar? You shouldn’t. Churchill e-cigars are scientifically formulated to give you the nicotine taste that you’ve been looking for. Now, you can smoke a healthy Cuban cigar like a boss!

Question Vaporizers and Safety

When it comes to safety, E-Puffer has you covered. The Churchill e-cigar has no flame at all—the tip is made of LED, and it lights up every time you inhale through the mouthpiece. In this way, cigar smoking is properly simulated without any risk of the risks involved.

Since there’s no flame, you can forget about the risks of burning something. This is also beneficial to the environment because no ashes fall to the ground. The vapor expelled by the e-cigar also gets assimilated by the air quickly. Once you’re done vaping the Churchill D-1800, you can dispose of it easily. The e-cigar is made of eco-friendly materials – so there’s no guilt there either!

Question Saving Money with an Electronic Cigar

Perhaps a great advantage of the Churchill e-cigar is the capability to last for a far longer time than traditional cigars. The e-cigar can last for approximately 1800 puffs—the equivalent of up to 12 cigars. Now, compare that with average cigars. You can save more money using a single Churchill cigar, compared to a box of Havana’s. Churchill is also versatile enough in terms of sizes. Currently, E-Puffer has three sizes for Churchil, measured through ring gauge. Churchill D-1800 has an approximate ring gauge of 48. The D-1500 has a ring gauge of 46, while the D-500 comes with 32. Depending on your smoking style, you can cycle through all of these sizes for a better vaping experience.

The D-1800 costs $ 24.95. This is a one-time price is worth the value of local cigar boxes. Once you realize the superior Churchill experience, you’ll enjoy knowing your quality cigar is still affordable as well. You can order a 12-pack carton for only $ 249.95, which can save more money also. E-Puffer has a one-year limited warranty on the product, so you can simply contact the company in case of product issues. Approximate delivery time is within 2-5 days.

Are you feeling a bit experimental? Do you want to experience a different style of e-cig or eCigar vaping? If that’s the case, you should check out the Churchill e-cigar with a blue LED. This is something quite unique, since it’s rare to see cigars with blue-lighted tips.

Question A Symbolic Device

Churchill’s dark-brown outer layer totally mimics the authentic appearance of a tobacco cigar. You probably know that cigars have been popularized by leaders in the past to create an impression upon their followers. Even well-known Hollywood characters are immortalized by cigars. Take Tony Montana, for instance. Tony’s badass aura was magnified by his cigar-toting shots, and this made him a glorious film icon. Smoking an E-Cigar without the guilt of having poor health seems like a bargain that you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you also want socialize a bit more, the Churchill D-1800 can help you greatly. There is a vast community of vapers out there and surely, you are bound to meet and make new friends. It’s always fun to vape high-class electronic cigars with trusted friends and companions.

Question A Marginal Debate: Normal Cigars or eCigars?

Some people, especially hardcore smokers, will argue that nothing can replace normal tobacco cigars. These cigars were made from hours of intense labor and packed with utmost care. Smokers may even claim that electronic cigars leave an artificial aftertaste in the mouth.

In some instances, electric cigars cannot replicate the full experience of smoking authentic cigars. However they can come very, very close. You should be very careful in checking out e-cigar manufacturers online. Many will claim that their products can simulate a real smoking experience, yet you might be disappointed. Check out EPuffer’s e-cigars—you can expect an experience that feels up to 90% authentic for the E-Puffer D-1800 electronic cigars.

To avoid disappointment (or to lessen it), you can do quick research online. Try to create a concise list of the best ecigars in the market (luckily you can find most of them right here on EPuffer). You can also search for consumer reviews since they are, most likely, unbiased and will offer the best insights and alternatives.

The Churchill E-Cigar can be your first step into E-Puffer’s grand arsenal of vape mods, atomizers, e-pipes and trusted electronic cigarettes. If you want more proof, you can visit the E-Puffer website and see the consumer reviews for a reference.

Robusto E-Cigar

Question An e-Puffer eCigar Masterpiece

Robusto is not just any simple product. It offers a seamless design and mechanism—the result of 9 months’ worth of manufacture, testing, and adaptation. From that vantage point, it’s safe to say that the Robusto Electric Cig is built for long-term use. Robusto can be used up to approximately 1200 puffs, which has an equivalent of up to 10 traditional Cuban cigars. It’s also estimated that the Robusto vaping time lasts up to 180 minutes. The e-cigar also has a size of 19.9 mm and a length of up to 5.2 inches. Weighing only 35g, you can carry the e-cig anywhere.

Question Vapor Electronic Cigars

Another advantage of the Robusto e-cigar is its unique cork mouthpiece. This isn’t any plastic or metallic mouthpiece—it’s made of real cork to simulate the feeling of smoking a Havana cigar. Have you ever smoked a disposable eCigar before that still left you with a fake impression afterwards? Now, you can avoid that awful experience with Robusto. The cork mouthpiece innovation may be simple, but it’s a significant change that has contributed to the popularity of the Robusto Electronic Cigar.

Question E-cigar vs Real Cigar

As you smoke a Robusto electric cigar, the LED ash tip lights up, and simulates what a real tobacco cigar does. This LED light system is also much safer than the traditional cigar tips; since only light comes out, there’s no danger of igniting anything. You can now forget about those painful accidental cigarette burns.

Question All Vapor and Not Smoke

From afar, people may think that you’re really smoking an authentic tobacco cigar; you know better. Every puff from the Robusto e cigar is not smoke at all—it’s just vapor. This is more advantageous to your health with no threat of toxic residue to be left in your system. The vapor also disappears within few seconds, so there’s no real threat to the environment.

 Don’t worry—the nicotine taste is still present, and you’re free to choose the nicotine level in your e-cigar. You can choose between 0 mg to 1.2 mg. The maximum nicotine content that Robusto offers is up to 2.4%.

Smoking is a hard habit to break indeed. E-Puffer understands the addictive character of nicotine, and stopping cold turkey can result in failure. With Robusto, you can finally get rid of the guilt while getting your nicotine fix—and you can taper off your nicotine levels slowly until you finally quit.

Question An Excellent Vaping Gift

Robusto’s exquisite style and uniqueness makes it a great gift for someone important to you. Do you want to make nice gesture? The Robusto E Cigar can be one of your solutions. A small box of Robusto e-cigar costs only $ 21.95—it will fit within your budget perfectly. If you’re feeling a bit generous, however, why not settle for the 12-pack option? Now, you can gift 12 Robusto e cigars for a discounted price of $ 249.95. Just imagine the savings you can get for such a valuable product.

E-Puffer’s Robusto disposable electronic cigar is covered by a 1-year limited warranty, but you cannot return the product due to hygienic reasons. However, if you discover that the product is faulty right from the start (i.e. tampered seal, product not activating), you can return it and E-Puffer will gladly send you a replacement.

Question Vape Pens with Friends

While smoking is generally bad for your health, it’s accepted as one of the means to forge social connections. You can observe these among cliques of college students and office smokers. Introducing Robusto to your friends who wish to quit smoking too can have a great communication impact. Your friends will become curious at first, and then they too will see the magic of Robusto.

You can also use the Robusto electronic cigar to mingle with other vapers and e-cigar users – in this way you can widen your social network. Additionally, other vapers can give you tips and advice on how you can have a great vaping experience. They may even recommend the best vape mods that they have encountered. It’s always fun to try out new things, after all.

Question E-Cigars and Wine

Another way to magnify the enjoyment of vaping Robusto is to accompany it with a great-tasting wine. A classic Merlot would do, or the more expensive Barolo. You’ll see that the strong taste of wine matches perfectly with Robuston’s delicate tobacco taste. It’s advisable to take each puff slowly. Treat the e cigar as a real tobacco cigar and enjoy its calming effect.

The Robusto Electronic Cigar has is of world-class standard and can make your vaping sessions more delightful than ever. If ever you’re feeling experimental, you can check out the other electronic cigarettes offered by E-Puffer. These models have various features and quirks to discover, and they all bear the same high-standard quality of the Robusto eCigar. Look around the E-Puffer site today and see our wonderful selection!

Slim E-Cigar D-500 FAQ

Question What is the D-500 E-Cigar?

Before exploring the D-500, you can benefit from learning about the mechanism and perks of an e-cigar. First, e-cigars are very similar to traditional cigars in terms of appearance and manner of smoking. If you check them out here on ePuffer, you can see how the eCigars resemble real Havana cigars. From the size and down to the texture, the similarity is strong. Once you vape an electronic cigar, you can feel the rush of tobacco satisfying your cravings. Every puff evokes a strong feeling of relaxation, and you can’t help but to continue vaping.

Another advantage of an electric cigar is the style. Vape mods and starter kits are different sets that you can explore, but they are not as classic in style as e-cigars.

Question Vaping Beginner Friendly

ePuffer’s D-500 electronic cigar is one of the best choices to make if it’s your first time to delve in the world of vaping. It is simple, disposable, and doesn’t force you into prolonged brand commitment. After the product runs out of battery, you can just flick it into the trash bin and try something new. You can also buy the same kind, of course, if you already found yourself liking the one you got before.

Question Are Vaporizers Healthy?

The primary driving force behind the invention of electronic cigarettes is the perils of cigarette smoking. Traditional cigarettes and cigars can damage your throat, lungs, and other your other vital organs. Cigarettes also have harsh components, and most of them are carcinogenic.

E-Cigars are friendlier to your health since they have fine mechanisms that allow you to inhale vapor, instead of smoke. Once you expel the vapor, it is easily absorbed by the air. There is no ash to speak of and to deal with. Not to mention disposable eCigars are made of lightweight materials so there are less environment issues to deal with.

ePuffer’s D-500 electronic cigar may appear simple to you, but it’s one of the healthy electronic cigars in the market. Along with ePuffer’s D-1800 and Robusto, the D-500 is often marketed to different vaping communities around the world. The D-500 is made of health-friendly materials, so you don’t have to worry about the same kind of chemical components found in traditional cigarettes.

Question Is The Electronic Cigar Worth Your Money?

Since there are hundreds of e-cigarettes and vape mods in the market today, finding a valuable product can be challenging indeed. Most manufacturers will often give you ‘too good to be true’ promises for a bargain, but you’ll more than likely end up getting disappointed more than ever.

ePuffer’s D-500 electronic cigar costs only $ 12.95—this is lower compared to most products that you’ll encounter in the market today. Don’t be puzzled by its low cost, though. The D-500 Electric Cigar is brimming with value. This simple cigar can offer up to 500 puffs which are equivalent to 5-6 cigars. Normal cigars can give you lower puff counts, and each puff has unbalanced smoke density which may be off-putting.

To get an even greater value, you can purchase the eCigar D-500 12-pack box from e-Puffer. This gives you 12 pieces of electronic cigars for long-term usage. Do the math: you can now experience up to 6000 puffs – at a discounted rate.

Question Vape Safety Concerns

While cigars are timeless and very classy, they also have safety issues. There are incidents wherein fires broke out due to neglected cigars. Since a cigar tip is superheated to more than 1000 degrees, it has the potential to burn any object. Moreover, cigar tips can scald skin, leaving unwanted scars.

ePuffer’s D-500 e cigar has no safety issues of the same sort. The tip of the e cigar is an LED bulb, so it will just light up every time you inhale through the mouthpiece. You can rest easy, knowing that your vaping sessions won’t cause any damage at all. There’s also no risk of skin burns.

Question Vaping Convenience

The D-500 e-cigar has a length of 120mm. This makes the product highly convenient and you can store it in a small ePuffer pouch or leather case. Alternatively, you can just place it in your jacket pocket so you can grab it if you want to vape from time to time.

Like other electronic cigars, the D-500 is perfect for social functions and occasions. Dazzle your friends as you unleash safe vapors through your mouth. There’s a great chance that your friends will get curious, especially if they’re smokers looking to quit. Isn’t it nice to know that you contributed to your friends’ enjoyment? The D-500 is also a great gift for someone that you want to impress.

Question Vape Kits: Your Next Step

As you become more familiarized with disposable e-cigars, you’ll likely have that curiosity and that ‘itch’ to try out new models. Just come back to the ePuffer website, there are dozens of starter vape kits to choose from. These kits have complete models, and they also have spare parts. Accessories are also included to give you a high-standard vaping experience – only from ePuffer.

The collecting and customization aspects are the strong points of vaping. e-Puffer’s vaporizer kits give you great value for money due to their style, performance, and overall popularity. To know more, you can read the consumer reviews on our website. You won’t be disappointed – so try one of our best E-Cigars today!

Electronic Cigar E-900

Question Are E-Cigars Better for Health?

The genius innovation of e-cigars is undeniable. In the past few years, many hardcore smokers have switched to vape mods, e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and top-notch vaporizers. One of the well-known reasons for this is the fact that electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are said to be much less harmful to your health. Traditional cigarettes are usually laced with high levels of a toxic chemical cocktail that has, over the years, been found to be potentially lethal over time.

When it comes to health, you shouldn’t encounter any problems when you vape. This is because instead of toxic chemical-laden smoke, you’re just inhaling vapor. The E-900 is the perfect model if you’re health conscious, but you still need your nicotine fix.

Question E-Puffer E cigar Quality

While most e-cigars in the market operate in the same way, often with the same mechanics, it can be said that not all of them are of equal quality. Some manufacturers tend to hype their products up, thus making false promises that will likely leave you disappointed. With E-Puffer’s array of powerful and reliable electronic cigars, you won’t have a problem. The E-900 model is a great starting point if you’re really interested in discovering the magic of vaping.

Rechargeable E-Cigar and Mobile Vape Kits
While it’s advisable to start your vape experience through the use of disposable e-cigars (after all you are just trying it out, and the easiest way to do so is by purchasing disposables), you’ll realize someday that there is a better, more economical way to vape. It’s better to get something that you can recharge and perhaps even modify. In this sense, the E-900 E-Cigar is a great choice for you.

Question Rechargeable E-Cigar and Mobile Vape Kits

While it’s advisable to start your vape experience through the use of disposable e-cigars (after all you are just trying it out, and the easiest way to do so is by purchasing disposables), you’ll realize someday that there is a better, more economical way to vape. It’s better to get something that you can recharge and perhaps even modify. In this sense, the E-900 E-Cigar is a great choice for you.

Question E-900 Electronic Cigar Accessories

The product package comes with two high-quality rechargeable batteries, ensuring uninterrupted vaping. Each battery has a length of 85mm, so it can fit in your pocket, small bag, or any ePuffer case. A USB charger is also included, in the E-900 rechargeable e-cigar kit. This charger has overcharge protection built in to ensure the long life of your e-batteries. Overcharging, after all, is a common problem among lower quality electronic cigars.

Aside from the USB charger, a universal charger is included. This can be used to charge your other devices, such as smart phones and tablets—perfect for emergencies! The charger is also versatile since it can operate on either 110V or 240V power setting.

With this scale of mobility, you can definitely take the kit anywhere you want. This is perfect for you if you travel frequently.

Question E-900 eCigar E-Juice Cartridge

E-900’s cartridges are some of the more competitive and well-valued electric cigar parts that you can find online. Other cartridges tend to give lackluster flavor, so you have to watch out for them. Nothing is more annoying than blowing money on something you won’t enjoy. E-900’s cartridges are meant to give you top-notch vaping quality without sacrificing flavor and the essence of nicotine. Unlike other local cartridges that might feel ‘stale’ in the long run, E-900 flavors will get you hooked for a long time. You can check out and try the cartridges available on EPuffer.

Question Vape Puff Capacity

A factor that must be considered in every e-cigar is the ‘puff’ capacity. Other units can only give up to few hundreds of puffs—some are even inconsistent in counts. E-Puffer E-900 eCigar got its name directly from the number of puffs that it can give you: 900. This is actually an overhaul from the E-600 series. One of the advantages of a high puff capacity is prolonged usage. You don’t have to bring chargers along – unless you plan to be away for a while.

Question The Havana Cigar Experience

Havana cigars are stylish choices of smokers who have the extra cash to spend, however the allure of a Cuban goes beyond just the style, but also the taste. Each Cuban cigar is made from real tobacco leaves, and loaded with nicotine. Every puff consists of a high-density smoke that can be ultimately satisfying. This is the reason why Cuban cigars are also often the choice of the wealthy elite.

E-Puffer’s E-900 electronic cigar can fully emulate the experience of smoking a Cuban cigar. It’s even a better experience, if you stop and think about it. An e-cigar that can give you a real smoking experience, without the terrible health issues is definitely worth considering.

Another advantage of the E-900 e cigar is its soothing effect. Every puff that you inhale is thick with flavored density which can help to calm your mind. This is a reason why many love vaping – simply because it’s a great way to relax, without having to smoke an actual cigarette.

Question Traditional Cigars Vs E-900 E-Cigar

You may see endless debates online about the authentic experience offered by traditional, high-priced cigars compared to electronic models. While E-Puffer offers a 90-95% cigar experience replication, there’s still a fair margin. At times, your brain can tell you that you’re vaping an artificial cigar. However, with the appearance of the E-Cigar, and the effort they have put in to give you as real an experience as you can get, there’s really no reason to ignore E-Cigars – especially when you think about all the health considerations.

The E-900 is just one of the best units in the ePuffer product line. You can check out the website for more premium vape mods and starter kits. You might also want to browse ePuffer’s excellent flavor cartridges, if you want to vape more than just the regular tobacco flavor.

E-Cigar E-650 FAQ

Question Classy and Functional eCigar

It’s rare to see an E-Cigar or vaporizer that combines sheer elements of classiness and high functionality. These kinds of electronic cigars should be treasured. ePuffer’s E-650 model is a fine product that emulates the rich experience of smoking a cigar. It’s one of the best-selling electronic cigars in ePuffer’s elite product line. If you would like to try it out, you can buy it right here at ePuffer.

Question E-650 E-Cigar Vape Technology

The E-650 is not just any e-cigar. It operates with a premium atomization technology known as EAZE. With this technology, you can enjoy the rich flavor of nicotine cartridges every time you vape. EAZE also allows a smooth draw that’s not harsh on your throat. At the same time you can expect a visible vape cloud.

Unlike other disposable electronic cigars, the E-650 is a rechargeable unit, ensuring long-lasting experience. The unit comes with a rechargeable and resilient lithium ion battery, optimized with a built-in micro-computer. The high-capacity battery ensures you can keep vaping for quite some time in between charges. Another advantage of the battery is its overcharge protection. You don’t have to get too concerned if you forget to unplug your unit – there’s a built in technology that prevents it from overcharging and breaking.

Question ePuffer E-650 eCigar & E-Liquid

The nicotine cartridges of the E-650 can last for up to 400 puffs approximately. 400 puffs equates to about 35 tobacco cigarettes—a real bang for your buck! Talk about great value for money. This is better than buying traditional cigarettes regularly, as you will most definitely save money in the long run. You only need to replace the cartridge every time you run out.

Each cartridge is also outfitted with a TNC or True Nicotine Formula. It’s important to know that this is the trump card of E-650’s atomized cartridges. Compared to other electronic cigars in the market, the True Nicotine Formula helps improve the flavor of E-650’s cartridges. The rich flavor will keep you craving for more. You can get your next fix at ePuffer – shop now.

Question A Healthier Vaping Experience

Competition has become really stiff in the vaping community over the past years. Manufacturers have churned out more vape mods and even more lower priced electric cigars. All of these vaporizers are the same in that they are healthier than average cigarette sticks. This is also the reason why many smokers are quitting the so called ‘cancer-sticks’ and switching over to vapor.

With ePuffer’s E-650 electric cigar model, there’s a guarantee that you’ll get constant results when it comes to your health. You don’t have to worry about any inconsistencies. If you’re wondering how the E-650 E-Cigar can be advantageous to your health, you have to learn about its basic mechanism. Since the E-650 E Cigar replicates the way traditional cigars work, the unit can still expel smoke, but in the form of vapor. This vapor unleashes a strong nicotine flavor, but won’t leave any harmful chemical residue in your body. More importantly, the vapor will dissolve in the air after few seconds of being released.

You also have the greater control in choosing your nicotine levels since the E-650 eCigar relies on cartridges. If you want to stay at a low nicotine level, you can choose a regular ePuffer tobacco cartridge. From there, you can scale the nicotine levels according to your new preferences. Check out the ePuffer website, where you can also choose from various e-liquids so you can try out new flavor mixes.

Question Effective Craving Controller

Once a person has started smoking, it can be hard to break the habit. This is the main reason why cigarettes are very successful in the market – they are addictive. The nicotine creates an effective ‘hook’ that can leave you craving for more cigarette sticks. The longer you’ve been smoking, the greater the strength of the hook.

Getting away from that hook, from that addiction, can be close to impossible for some. Many people get hooked and stay hooked for the rest of their lives. With e-cigs, and ePuffer’s E-650 e-cigar, it becomes easier to taper off your nicotine intake, so you can slowly wean yourself off cigarettes. You can go from the highest nicotine level and go to a lower level every other week, or in a pace that you can dictate – so you never have to quit cold turkey.

Question The ‘Realness’ of E-Cigars

E-Cigars are properly formulated and designed to simulate the experience of cigar smoking. However, the debate about the realness and authenticity of the experience is still raging on. Some hardcore smokers believe that electronic cigars and vape mods do not simulate the full experience of tobacco smoking. Vapers, on the other hand, will beg to disagree. Many will compare the two experiences and offer up their own opinions – but there will always be two sides to the debate.

ePuffer’s product line of electronic cigars and cigarettes are meticulously created so they can come real close to the actual smoking experience. The E-650 is one of the best examples of ePuffer’s dedication to customer satisfaction and high product quality.

If you want to experience the real meaning of stylishness and class, the E-650 is your best bet. The only way to know if the product fits your preference is to try it out – buy it now, here at ePuffer!

Disposable E-Cigars FAQ

Question Disposable E-Cigars are all about Convenience

Just like average cigars, disposable e-cigars can never be reused. There are no commitments and prolonged guilty feelings. You can simply enjoy your vaping session. However, if you’re going to dig deep, the similarities will grind to a halt there.

One of the main reasons why you’ll benefit from a disposable electronic cigar is its health-friendly status. The other probable reason is sheer convenience. If you’re craving for a quick nicotine puff, just take a disposable ecigar and smoke it all the way. Now, you have a healthy and handy electronic cigar that you can pick right out of your bag or pocket.

Question Are eCigars Really Healthier?

It’s not news that cigar smoking is detrimental to your health. Each stick of cigar has tons of chemicals that can damage your body in the long run—nicotine is one of them. However, once you’ve started smoking, it can be incredibly difficult to stop. The habit is now wired to your neural network and it will be lodged there for many years to come, unless you overcome it through sheer will.

If you’re now thinking about your health, yet you don’t want to let go of smoking, a disposable e-cigar can satisfy you. The electric cigar operates on a simple mechanism. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the atomizer heats a flavored cartridge and then releases the vapor in your mouth. Since only vapor is released and not smoke, little to no residue will be left in your body. Common electric cigars have nicotine and tobacco flavoring to simulate the experience of smoking traditional cigars.

Question E-Puffer Disposable E-Cigars

Searching for disposable e-cigars today is very easy. If you search on the internet, you can find hundreds of e-cigar manufacturers. Here’s the question: which manufacturer can be trusted and which should be ignored? This question alone can spark debates since vapers tend to stick to their favorite manufacturers. Other users may have multiple choices at any given time.

Your best bet is E-Puffer. This company has manufactured dozens of varieties of electronic cigars and vaporizers, thus gaining popularity over the years. Some of their well-known products are the Robusto, Phantom HD3, and Magnum. These units have their distinctions and you can give each of them a try if you’d like. E-Puffer also has starter kits for everyone. These kits are complete with few accessories, flavor cartridges, charger (if the unit is rechargeable), and pouches. The kits are good for jumpstarting your journey to complex vaporizers.

Question Electronic Cigar Prices

When it comes to disposable ecigars, Robusto is one of the best choices. The Robusto disposable e-cigar is available for low introductory price of $21.95. What’s great is that the Robusto ecigar comes pre-charged, so it’s ready to go the moment it’s in your hands. It’s typically good for around 1,200 puffs – so you can vape to your heart’s desire. You can also buy this particular model in a 12-pack. Convenient, no?

Question Vaping and Nicotine

How about the nicotine fix? You don’t have to worry about it. When you purchase an electronic cigar like the Robusto, you can choose what level of nicotine to get, depending on how much you would like. You can get 2.4% per cigar (1.2mg), 1.2% per cigar (0.6mg). If you’re trying to taper off, you can start at the 2.4%, then work your way down to the 1.2% percent, before you completely quit nicotine. If you don’t want any nicotine at all, you can also get ecigars at 0%, which means no nicotine. This is great for those times you just want to puff on something, without getting dependent.

Question Perfect for Social Gatherings

Smoking can be a solo or social activity. If you’re stressed, you can grab a cigarette and take a few puffs while chatting with a friend. The same can be said about vaping, but this activity invokes greater curiosity compared to cigars and cigarettes. Your friends will probably wonder how disposable ecigars work. Sooner or later, your friends will be eager to try them out. You can point them to the E-Puffer website, where they can purchase convenient packs. Buying e-cigar packs are better compared to buying singles, since they’ll be able to save more money with the packs.

Question Spark a Conversation with an E-Cigar

If your goal is to widen your personal network, disposable e-cigars can help you. The e-cigars are conversation starters and you can use them to build rapport. This is useful if you want to make new friends, whether they are already into vaping or not. You can also join a group of vapers or e-cigar enthusiasts on the many forums available on the internet. Through doing so, your knowledge of the handy devices will expand and you can learn various tips and tricks every now and then. It can also really come in handy if you’re trying to learn about vape mods. Aside from techniques, you can benefit from the recommendations of other users. Their recommendations will be useful in weighing your options, especially if you want to try out new ePuffer products.

To further widen your adventurous side, you can join vape conventions within your area. These conventions are usually sponsored by e-cigar manufacturers. You can learn more about the pros and cons of vaping, and you also have the chance to get freebies.

Some people think that traditional smoking cannot be replaced by e-smoking or vaping. This may be true in various situations, but the vaping trend is already a powerhouse. It won’t be a surprise in the future if a lot of the people you see have e-cigars or vape pens in their pockets. In a greater sense, e-cigars can be compared to smartphones—they are changing for the better.  


Question What is an e-Hookah?

An e-hookah is basically an electronic rendering of the hookah, a traditional smoking device and technique that is founded and is widespread in the Middle east, but with a few interesting tweaks and varieties. Just like its traditional counterpart, this device allows its user to puff, in this case, vapor. Instead of burning different herbs and what not, e-Hookahs use and vaporize a specially infused solution of flavorings, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This liquid (aptly called the ‘e-liquid’), as you will read further down this article, is a way healthier option and somewhat more flexible, versatile, and customizable.

There are three recognizable varieties of the e-Hookah: the pen, the pipe, and the disposable. Out of these three, the most recognizable is the e-Hookah pen, which is the most compact, and the most ‘normal’ looking one. e-Hookah pens highly look and structured like your normal e-cigarette (and in turn, a traditional rolled-tobacco cigarette), but is distinguished due to its outer shell that is usually designed with many vibrant colors, almost giving it a psychedelic look. Such look is one of the main differences, and considered con. This e-Hookah variety is usually powered by a rechargeable battery, assuring you of making the most out of your unit.

A more traditional version of the e-Hookah is the e-Hookah pipe, an e-hookah which is patterned after the traditional hookah. However, unlike the traditional one, e-Hookah pipes are do not burn anything and instead burn e-liquid to provide puffable vapors. This device is not for people who are on the go, and are instead highly popular in the collector part of the vaping hobby. This also has been a popular alternative in hookah bars, as will be discussed in the latter topics.

Running on a tight budget? A disposable e-Hookah is your perfect choice! This e-Hookah variety is technically the same as the e-Hookah pen, but without the rechargeable batteries. These kinds of units can give you an impressive 300-500 puffs, which is roughly equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes. This is priced considerably lower than the other two varieties considering that its batteries are not rechargeable. Some have cited that these disposable are perfect for trips wherein you don’t want to bring your prized e-hookah investment.

The variety in the e-hookah collection is enough to satisfy your needs and want, whatever kind of electronic smoker, vaper you are.

Question A brief history of Electronic Hookah

Before we can even discuss the history of the e-hookah, it is very important that we discuss and understand the traditional versions of these electronic smokers. The hookah (which can also be called as a water pipe) is a native smoking apparatus, and in some ways technique, that has originated and developed in the Middle East. The devices burns its base (which can be anything - tobacco, cannabis, and the like - mixed with sweeteners and other additives) at the top of the device, and filters the smoke through water at its base (thus, the water pipe name). This makes the smoke coming from it not as bad (actually, much better!) than the smoke coming from traditional smoking. More than being a pastime, hookah smoking has been part of the culture and traditions in the places it originated in. However, this type of smoking has been greatly criticized because of their off-the-chart harmful byproduct that is in its smokes. Normal tobacco-rolled cigarettes have filters that are connected to them, so that compounds that come with burning tobacco can somewhat be filtered. Hookah uses water for this, and to say the least, it is very ineffective. Hookah smoking is considered to be very harmful, not only to the one smoking it, but to the people around him as well.

With such cultural integration and importance, impressive structure, and very, very bad bodily effects, it is a curiosity as to why an electronic version of this has been developed, made, and widely produced only recently. The electronic hookah is a fairly new development in the family of electronic smoking devices - they have only existed and piqued the interest of the smoking masses in 2012, unlike how electronic cigarettes’ popularity have skyrocketed in the early 2000’s. Many could say that the force behind this development is caused by various factors, such as the shift of perspective to favor health, and the immense popularity of hookah bars, a place wherein hookahs are available to be smoked, across the world. Through these two factors, a demand for an alternative way - the e-hookah - to enjoy the hobby without risking the health and life is at an all-time high.

Question How does an e-Hookah differ from other vaporizers?

e-Hookahs are generally the same as other vaporizers that exist in the market right now: they “boil” (well, technically) the e-liquid to produce the vapor that one leisurely puffs. Some sources say that e-Hookahs are specifically marketed as electronic smoking devices that do not contain any nicotine and thus better choice for people who are trying to recover or avoid all together a dangerous addiction to nicotine.

It is interesting to note, however, that some manufacturers produce e-liquids for e-hookahs that contain a certain amount of nicotine in it. This just shows how the versatile, flexible and overall customizable the different parts of this electronic hookah are.

Question How does an e-Hookah work?

As discussed in the earlier questions, the term ‘e-Hookah’ could mean a variety of different versions of e-Hookah products, and each of them work a tad bit different than the other. An e-Hookah pen, both the rechargeable and the disposable ones, work just the same as how an ordinary unit of e-cigarette would work: the e-liquid is vaporized just as the smoker puffs from the mouthpiece.

The e-hookah head, on the other hand, is used a bit different from the two. An e-hookah pipe head is filled with the e-liquid and is screwed into the head of a traditional hookah structure and you are ready to take you vapor puff!

Question Criticism of the Electric Hookah: Is it founded?

No matter how the idea of a smokeless, less dangerous hookah smoking is very appealing to the ear, electronic hookahs have garnered and attracted many criticisms from many aspects of society. Very concerned citizens have remarked that the designs for these units, especially those of the electric hookah pens, are especially deceptive as they do not really look like cigarettes, unlike every other smoking device which shouts cigarettes, only electronic. They say that this aesthetics can fool the young ones into thinking that it is only a toy. Another interesting negative (well, supposedly) review on these electronic hookahs is how it is especially easy to transition from these nicotine-less electronic smoking to a full-blown nicotine addiction. Normally, people would see this as a way to progress against addiction to smoking and nicotine, but it can possibly - and easily, as they say - go the other way.

These points, issues, and somewhat fears, though can be understood, can easily be rebuked upon deeper analysis of the situation. With proper labelling, apt knowledge, and informed decision, wrong choices can be avoided. Will also plays a very large part of the way one goes through in overcoming nicotine addiction, so going one way or the other is definitely dictated by the user himself.

Question Are Hookah Pens Bad For You, Is e-Hookah the better choice?

e-Hookahs can be considered the better choice, whether you pit it against its traditional counterpart, or to other vaporizers available in the market. Picking an electronic hookah over a traditional hookah is quite an easy decision to make: an e-hookah would not have even a fraction of what harm a traditional hookah can do to you and your body. It does not have the tar and the toxins brought about by the burning of the tobacco. e-Hookahs also does not have the bad smell that traditional rolled-tobacco have when you smoke it. e-Hookahs also give you the freedom to smoke anywhere - e-Hookahs are not restricted, so you can say goodbye to only smoking in certain areas. Smoking hookahs electronically also helps you avoid nasty and unattractive mouth and dental problems, such as gum swelling, foul breath, and stained teeth. If you are of the adventurous kind, e-Hookahs also provide you of many fun, interesting, and sometimes downright bizarre flavors that will definitely tickle you and your taste buds.

When compared against vaporizers, however, the difference is reduced to style and preference. Since all of these devices work by vaporizing e-liquid, converting it into puffable vapors, you can say that e-Hookahs are the better choice primarily because the e-liquid it uses do not contain any nicotine or tobacco. It highly prevents going back to nicotine addiction, and promotes healthier smoking habits to people who find the act as vital to their stress relief methods, or the like.

Question How to choose an Electronic Hookah

The perfect e-Hookah can only be acquired if one is well-read, well-informed, and well-acquainted with what his preferences are. Here are a few tips that can guide to into making the right - the perfect - e-liquid for you.

  1. Get to know the battery, and the puffs you can get out of it.

            The first step in making the right decision as to which e-hookah unit you need to purchase is knowing the battery capacity of the unit that you are eyeing, and how many puffs, even if it is still in theory, it can give you. This is one of the most vital part of choosing the perfect e-Hookah as it determines how long you’ll use the item. No one wants an e-hookah unit that would only give you a measly amount of puff on a single charge. You can justify a unit’s price with this as a standard.

2.   Get a unit from a manufacturer that impresses you with their flavor offerings.
One of the main pros of smoking an electronic hookah is the wide variety of flavors that are available for you to vape and enjoy - that is why you should go for a unit made by a manufacturer that offers different flavors for your unit that you know you will enjoy. Look producers up that will satisfy and tickle your taste buds and imagination!

3.   Find the perfect ergonomics.
Getting a vaping unit, especially an e-hookah one, is especially tricky. Such a device is an investment, and you must remember that you will be with that device throughout its life, or until you get the money for your next electronic hookah. You must consider the following points: is it easy to hold? Would it be uncomfortable in the hand if I use it for an extended period of time? Are its controls easy to understand, and more importantly easy to press? Does it have buttons? Are the controls going to light up when I decide to vape in a room that is not exactly well lit? These are the points that I suggest you ponder on when making an e-hookah purchase.

      You must also take into consideration the aesthetics of the unit that you will buy. Do you like the color? Do you mind the rubber details incorporated on the unit? Is steel too harsh for your style? Again, you will deal with your unit until you get a new one.

4.   Buy from a trusted brand.
Brand, no matter how much people dismiss it as ‘just the name’, is a still a point to consider (and a very important one at that) when making your very important electronic hookah decision. Buying from obscure manufacturers exposes you to the dangers of low-quality materials, improperly wired internals, deceptive specifications, and the like. A well-known, trusted, and multi-awarded brand will save you from all these unnecessary hassles and cons. Also, such established companies will also have ample customer service that will make you feel confident that whatever may happen to your device will easily be fixed by in-house solution agents. Look for different reviews of the products and its quality, the customer service, and the different accessories that they offer for your unit to further improve its performance. An investment indeed.

Question ePuffer e-Hookah, and e-Liquids

ePuffer, a company that has been making different high-quality vaporizers, e-liquids, and many other vaping accessories for 9 years now (the longest any company has been making things that are connected to vaping) offers a lot of exciting, and customizable e-liquids and disposable e-hookahs for e-hookahs for all the electronic smokers who love their hookah alternative. ePuffer offers disposable e-hookahs in nice and refreshing fruit cocktail flavors such as watermelon sangria, double appletini, raspberry mint mojito, and strawberry margarita!

e-Liquids which will make your taste buds go wow is also offered in caramel mocha latte, blackcurrant cassis, grape, pineapple, sangria, strawberry, and cherry flavors! All of these flavors are made with 60% pharma-grade propylene glycol (PG) and 40% pharma-grade vegetable glycerin (VG), guaranteeing you of the best vape clouds that you can imagine. All of these e-liquids can be ordered with varying levels of nicotine content - in 2.4%, which will give your e-liquid 1.2 mg of nicotine; 1,2%, which will give your e-liquid 0.6 mg of nicotine, and; 0%, which will have no trace of nicotine. By having a flavor ratio of 40%, you will definitely taste the flavor seeping in your taste buds!

All of these are made with top-grade ingredients, which are safe for everyone!

Vapes & Mods FAQ

Question What is a vaporizer?

In the broadest, most general definition, it's any device used to vaporize the active ingredients in dry herbs or a liquid solution. Common products used include cannabis, tobacco, or vaporizer oil / liquid.

Electronic pipes, e-cigars, ecigs and cigalikes, vape pens, vape mods, and box mods are all vaporizers by this definition, which refers to how the devices work. Yes, it is common to find different variations of vaporizers these days: herbal vaporizers, marijuana vaporizers (for those who are smoking cannabis for medicinal purposes), electronic cigarettes, e-pipes and e-cigars.

A note for clarity: often e-cig is used as a blanket term for any electronic smoking device, including vaporizers, or the terms are used interchangeably. However, neither is correct. In fact, the opposite is true. All electric cigarettes are vaporizers–again in terms of the function of the device, but not all vaporizers are e-cigs. E cig refers to a specific type of vape–the small devices, often disposable, that look like analog (real) cigarettes. Ecigs are also called smokeless cigarettes, because they look exactly like cigarettes without actually producing any smoke. Another common term for these small devices is cigalike ("cigarette lookalike"), a clever little nickname coined by enthusiasts.

Question What is a vape pen?

As the name suggests, vape pens are slim, pen-like personal vaporizers. Pens using e-juice are still the most common type, but styles that vaporize dried herbs and others that melt wax for aromatherapy are also available. There are also multi-function styles that can handle ejuice, wax, oils, and herbs. Multi-function styles are not as common, but truly are a lot more convenient in the long run, simply because you will have quite a lot of options at your hands and you are not just limited to cartridges and e-liquids.

Vape pens, of course, have many different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of their pros and cons for your consideration.

• Portable and easy to put in your pocket or small bag so you can travel around with them without feeling them.
• Often inexpensive, even in the multi-use styles
• Relatively durable
• Decent battery life, especially if you purchase a quality battery which has larger capacity
• Suitable for nearly all vapers; there are types available to vaporize wax or oil and dry herb in addition to e-liquid.

• Some find them too small, with a capacity that is too small so they have to keep refilling
• Not as durable as ideal for a portable vaporizer, you would want a portable item to be more rugged especially if you tend to be an active or clumsy person
• While promising, the dry herb vaporizers are still mostly lacking due to the difficulties of creating a vape that gets hot enough to vaporize herbal materials in such a compact device
• Unless you have a multi-use vape, you need a separate device for each type of material you want to vape.

If you want to try some vape pens, check out ePuffer’s wonderful selection so you can see what choices are available to you. Buy an ePuffer Vape Pen kit now to see what all the hype is about!

Question What is a vape mod?

Also called Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), these are commonly referred to as mods because they stem from early efforts at creating objects similar to ecigs by MODifying objects like metal flashlight tubes to hold an atomizer and liquid nicotine. Vape mods are basically vaporizers that were created and custom built by enthusiasts, though there are some kits these days that can be purchased for anyone to modify.

Vape mods also have their very own pros and cons, and here are some of them for you to consider before you purchase them.

• Very good battery life. Many models have variable capacities, and often you can choose what kind of battery to put into the device itself, as well. This gives you an option as to how long you want the battery to last
• Very durable – on their own, these devices are often rugged enough, some of them are workhorses and can really handle a lot of things and daily wear and tear. You can also customize the build of yours if you want a more rugged device that can handle whatever you throw at it.
• Fully customizable – the choice is in your hands!

• Bulky–not as portable as a vape pen. Some of the modded builds can get really big and bulky, and as a result can be difficult or even impossible to pocket, especially if you often wear tight pants.
• Can be very pricey. Options often come with a price, after all.
• Higher learning curve–more complex to use and novices are cautioned against starting out with this type.

However if you’re really gung ho about it, you should go right for it – it’s definitely fun to learn! E-Puffer can help you get started – try one of our kits now!

Question What is dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer ( ePuffer Cosmos ) is a device that can be used with loose leaf herbs. The tobacco vaporizer and weed vaporizer also fall into this category. Some herb vaporizers come in a hybrid that lets you use oils or herb. Both types of vaporizers come in both desktop and portable styles.

Desktops use a/c power, and provide more powerful delivery. Desktop vapes offer several methods to deliver the vapor. Portable herbal vaporizers are less expensive than the desktop models. An herb vaporizer requires a lot of heat; this is not a problem for desktop units, but it's very limiting with a portable herbal vaporizer. Because more heat is required, the chamber that holds the herb can only hold enough for several smoking sessions.

Question What is box mod?

A box mod is a type of vape mod with variable voltage that allows the user to easily control the voltage and wattage of the device with ease (literally at the touch of a button). Box mod vapes are most beneficial to vapers who want adjustable power. Those who want to be able to upgrade the ecig mod's software when it's released without having to buy a new device will also benefit from this style. These are surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, many models cost less than $100.

Question Vaporizer Replacement Parts

Most parts in a vape, excluding disposable vapes, are replaceable.  The heating coil/atomizer, clearomizer / liquamizer, battery, and tank cartridges, can all be replaced, or alternated if you buy spares and switch them out. This actually allows you to customize your vape pens and vape mods to your liking so that you can get them exactly how you like them. Try out ePuffer’s massive selection of vaporizer replacement parts and get modding!

Question Vaporizer Accessories

There are a variety of accessories available for vaporizers.  Lanyards, a/c adaptors for quick charging, carrying cases, travel pouches, and car chargers are among the more popular. Skins that fit over the device are available as are personal air filters–containers that you exhale into, useful for stealth vaping or when you're vaping something particularly strong smelling.  Odds are good that, if you can conceive of it, someone has created it so if there's an accessory you're looking for, head over to Google (or your search engine of choice) and spend a few minutes looking. You don’t have to look too far, however. E-Puffer has a fantastic selection of vaping accessories you can try. Click through our site to shop now!

Question Replacement Batteries for Vape Mods

Even rechargeable batteries wear out, and having spares on-hand is always a smart idea, especially when traveling. Replacement batteries ensure you always have a full charge available. Make sure you check if there's a certain type you have to use and get only that type; using a type other than what your manufacturer has specified will likely void your warranty, or ruin your device. ePuffer is the best place to purchase great quality batteries, especially replacements for your e Puffer vaporizers.

Question Vaporizer Heating Coil

The heating coils are, of course, what makes the whole process work in the end. They're generally a part of the atomizer, which is easily replaceable and low-cost. You can purchase vaporizer heating coils right here at ePuffer, should yours need replacing.

Question Liquamizer & Clearomizers

The clearomizer has your tank for your juice, as well as containing the atomizer. It holds the wicks that become saturated with e-juice, drawing the liquid to the heating coil, which does the rest.

The Liquamizer is ePuffer's proprietary clearomizer. You can purchase it right on our website and see the amazing quality.

Question ePuffer Vaporizers

The Phantom HD3 and ePipe 629 are ePuffer's exclusive and most up to date mod vapes. With the starter kit, you get a high quality, highly rated vape mod and all the initial hardware you need to get started plus a free bottle of e-liquid, for less than $40.  As always, it's backed by ePuffer's 30 day, no questions asked guarantee and our 1 year limited warranty.

We also carry vapor cigarettes including flavored disposable cigalikes, electronic cigars, and e-pipes. Check out our collection now to get your vaping lifestyle started!

Question Cheap Vaporizers

Prices depend on the type of personal vaporizer you buy and, perhaps more importantly, the brand. The price of a vape pen may be $32.99 from one manufacturer and nearly $132.99 from another, for a nearly identical model. Ecig mods can run from around $30 to well into triple digits.

Always do your own research so you can determine what the best vaporizer is for you; it will help if you're flexible in both price and type. ePuffer vaporizers are reasonably priced, you can check out our selection and see what’s available to you!

Question Best Way to Choose a Vape Mod

Vape mods are often not recommended for new vapers. However even if you are new, it's still well worth doing research and seeing what might be new-user-friendly. Some of your decision will likely be based on the aesthetics. Cost is almost certainly going to be a significant factor, but don't limit your research into costs to just the initial purchase price. Parts do need replacing, and those parts will factor into your total cost. Also important are specs such as battery life, ohms/wattage/voltage–if you're not sure what you need in these areas, there are a lot of websites that break it into very understandable information. Finally, if you're planning or hoping to vape more than just ejuice, you also need to consider what mods let you vape which substances. During your research; it pays to read reviews from multiple sites–try for a mix of vaping-oriented and standard retail site. 

Question Vape Starter Kit

These come with all of the hardware you need to start vaping right away, including a clearomizer, charging cable (often USB), the vaporizer itself, a battery, and often a free bottle of ejuice to get you started. Prices for starter kits vary wildly, so do your research and take your time deciding which to get. If you're not buying a disposable unit, your vaporizer is an investment that is worth taking the time to research. Try some of ePuffer’s starter kits if you want to just try and see for yourself!

Phantom Vape Pen Vaporizer

Question Why switch to vaping?

Smoking any form of tobacco, whether you are using cigarettes, pipes, or other smoking devices, has many well-known and dangerous, sometimes even lethal health risks. Tobacco smoke is linked to nicotine addiction, throat, lung, and mouth cancers, and can even lead to an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Smoking also affects fertility in both sexes, and in pregnant mothers, will increase the risk of her child developing congenital disorders in utero.
Vaping on the other hand, is completely smoke free, relying instead on a special blend of water, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings. It was dubbed as “vaping” instead of smoking because e-cigs produce what is essentially flavored water vapor, with vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol added in.
This makes it healthier because it does not carry any of the toxins that regular tobacco cigarettes contain. Some e-juice types do include nicotine, but they are available in varying strengths, so that you can have better control over the amount of nicotine that you consume. In fact, many former smokers switch to vaping so that they can gradually wean themselves off of the nicotine and quit smoking for good. If you want to make the switch, check out E-Puffer’s selection for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Question What are the features of the Phantom Vape Mod?

The Phantom Vape Mod is designed for very heavy smokers – or shall we say vapers. It features a 1100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can last for days depending on how much you vape. The battery is expected to last anywhere from 1100 to 1200 puffs before it has to be recharged again.
However, what makes the Phantom really stand out is how customizable it is. You can buy all of the components separately and assemble them yourself. The atomizer and eliquid tanks are especially popular because they come in a wide range of styles and colors. E-Puffer also provides various adapters so that you can add attachments that are not within the Phantom product series.

Question Completely Customizable Vape Mods

Since the Phantom Vape mod is so customizable, it is preferred by more experienced vapers as well as hobby smokers who mostly vape for fun and pleasure. You can put together your ideal vaporizer to suit your needs. For example, if you want a smooth draw, you have your pick of liquimizers available. If you find the mouth piece uncomfortable, you can always purchase a new one that will fit you better.
There are several sizes of batteries available too. While the standard battery for the Phantom is a 750 mAh lithium battery, you can easily upgrade to a high capacity, HD3 1100 mAh , or X-PRO 1200 mAh battery which is expected to last for about 1000 to 1300 puffs on a single charge. 
The atomizers and tanks also come in varying colors and capacities. They can contain about 1.2 ml to 1.6 ml of e-liquid and are refillable.

Question E-Liquid Flavors for the Phantom Vaporizer

Of course, the e-liquid also comes in many different flavors. Some are more common, such as tobacco, menthol, and apple. However, more exotic and unique vape flavors are likewise available. E-Puffer currently stocks whimsical flavors such as Blackcurrant, Melon Mint, and Sangria Shisha. You can purchase them here if you want to try them.
Since the phantom uses empty vape tanks, you can fill it with practically any e-juice that you desire. If you so choose, you can even come up with your own unique eliquid cocktail by mixing different flavors together.
The nicotine content of your vape juice is also customizable. You can choose between 1.2 mg of nicotine, which is about the same amount found in regular tobacco cigarettes, or go for a lower dose. You can even choose a nicotine free option. 
Lastly, if any parts of your vape mod malfunctions, you do not have to throw away the entire thing. You can buy spare parts such as a replacement heating coil and simply switch it out yourself.

Question Is the Phantom Vape Mod beginner friendly?

While the Phantom vaporizers are designed for the more experienced vaping enthusiasts, starter-kits are readily available for those who want to try it out. The ePuffer Phantom vape starter-kit usually contains a basic Phantom vape pen that has already been assembled. It also includes a USB charger for the battery, a carrying pouch, and a pre-filled vape tank. Oftentimes, a bottle of ejuice is also included. It is relatively easy to use, though the size and the weight of the Phantom may take some getting used to. It is much bigger and heavier than a standard cigarette.

Question How is the Phantom Vaporizer different from other e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette” is a catch-all term for any vaping device but specifically refers to electronic cigarettes that are designed to look like actual cigarettes. E-Puffer sells a variety of vaping devices, and most of them are designed to resemble different smoking paraphernalia. There are electronic versions of cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes. They are meant to emulate the experience of smoking as closely as possible, so the manufacturer puts an emphasis on realism.
However, vape pens such as the Phantom, do not resemble any existing smoking device. It is a unique vaping experience all by itself, but nevertheless proves to be popular among smokers who want to make the switch.
All vaporizer devices, regardless of their outer design, operate on the same basic principle – vape liquid is stored in a reservoir such as a tank or a cartridge, and then heated using an atomizer, which takes its power from lithium batteries. The liquid evaporates and is funneled through mouth piece, which can then be inhaled and then exhaled. The vegetable glycerine in the e-juice is what produces the smoke effect.
The Phantom, along with other vape mods, works in the same manner but it is much more customizable than other designs.

Question Using the Phantom Personal Vaporizer

Using E-Puffer's Phantom is easy. When you take it out of the box, make sure that you charge the battery before assembly. Once you get a full charge, follow the instructions included so that you know how to put all the pieces together.
Fill the tank with a vapor juice of your choice and firmly screw on the mouth piece. Press the button on the battery to start heating up the atomizer, hold it down, and take a puff. Vape as you would smoke a regular tobacco cigarette. When not in use, store it away from moisture or keep it in an E-Puffer case. Make sure to wipe the mouth piece before using it again.

Question Maintaining your Phantom Vape Mod

Since the Phantom has a lot of detachable parts, it takes a little bit more maintenance than both e-cigarettes and e-cigars, as they have disposable mouthpieces and cartridges. With the Phantom, it is recommended that you clean your eliquid tanks regularly to avoid microbial growth.
Likewise, the mouth piece has to be cleaned before each use, so that you can avoid saliva build up and bacteria.
When adding vapor juice,  make sure that you always fill your vape tank to the recommended level. Using too much or overfilling can cause the e-liquid to spill, which in turn can get into your mouth or leak into the battery, which may cause damage to the unit. While the vape juice is non-toxic, it is not designed for ingestion. Luckily, some of the atomizer tanks available for the Phantom have an anti-leak system to prevent this from happening.
When charging, make sure to avoid overcharging your unit to maintain the life of your battery. However, charging is easy with the Phantom, because it has a microprocessor that prevents overcharging.
Use a cotton bud to clean out the atomizer, as this is the area that gets the most use. There might be some dry or burnt e-liquid on it, which can hinder an even, smooth draw.
When assembling your vape mods, make sure that you use the correct adapters. Screw everything together tightly to keep all of the components working properly.

Question Where to Buy a Phantom Vaporizer

Before you decide to buy a Phantom Vape Mod from E-Puffer, try to decide whether it will match your lifestyle first. Choosing the right vaporizer for you can be a monumental task, and sometimes it can be hard to find the right brand if you are unsure about you need.
After all, the Phantom Vape Mod is not the cheapest vaporizer out there, but E-Puffer does guarantee the highest quality and you truly get what you pay for. All of E-Puffer's vaping devices are made to fit ISO standards, which is the authority for quality control among commercial products.
However, for the beginner, a Phantom vape starter-kit is a good choice because you can always modify it to fit your preferences. You can try out the basics and figure out what will fit your lifestyle, and simply add accessories and parts as you see fit.

Dry-Herb Vaporizer

Question What is a dry-herb vaporizer?

Tobacco and cannabis are, by far, the choice herbs used by dry herb vapers. The usage of dry herb vaporizers is favored to maximize the consumption of these two dry herbs and avoid the disadvantages of traditional smoking. Combustion inevitably occurs when you light up hookahs, sticks, joints, and classic pipes. This process produces toxic substances that you take in as you inhale them. It is ironic that taking in medical cannabis to treat cancer uses a process that produces cancerous substances. Dry herb vaporizers help you avoid that situation and place you in the best position.

As stated, using dry herb vaporizers is more favorable if you want to conserve content or maximize the efficiency of every inhaled puff. This is something that you must not ignore. Research shows that traditional smoking (joint, pipe, hookah) gives you only up to 80% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) if you’re using marijuana. On the other hand, you can get at least 90% of THC if you smoke marijuana through dry herb vaporizers. This means you can save up more money for what it’s worth despite the cost of one dry herb vape, which seems expensive when you look at its price tag. Your medical marijuana stash can last longer this way.

Question How to choose a dry-herb vaporizer?

There are lots of types of herbal vaporizers in the market. Frankly, you should buy the one that offers the most value above all else since dry herb vaporizers are not cheap purchases. Dry herb vapes come in different forms. The selection can range from vapes that can fit your hand to big vape platforms that can serve as your room’s “air freshener.”

Other than vape types, you must not forget to examine other important things that can make or break your ideal dry herb vape experience. Here are some points that you must not disregard.

Chamber size will show you how much dry herb you can load your vape up with. This also dictates how long your vape experience will truly last. More room means more herbs to be vaporized.

The battery (and everything about it) determines how long you can continuously use your vape. You have to consider about the battery life, recharging time and the recharging manner. Some dry herb vaporizers have batteries that have to be dislodged first. After that, you can recharge the battery itself and insert it back into your vape. Some vapes have a charging cable. They can be recharged by connecting the power outlet and the vape via cable. Check if the charger works in DC or AC. DC chargers can be used for car charging.

Size has also been discussed earlier. We can’t stress enough the fact that you must be responsible to know what your lifestyle is before you buy herbal vaporizers. Vapes are not cheap purchases (at least, the quality ones). You have to make sure that you won’t buy large and heavy vaporizers if you are planning to vape while traveling. However, we won’t deny that bigger vapes have larger chambers and longer battery lives compared to compact, portable ones. This shouldn’t matter if you value portability more., but more often than not, you cannot have it all. Or else, you’ll just end up with a product that performs so-so in all aspects without being excellent in any single one.

Warranty is certainly an important factor. Make sure that you maximize the warranty perks. Only choose the products with fair warranty conditions before you close a purchase. The quality of dry herb vaporizers can sometimes be determined by how long the warranty will last. Trust ePuffer’s Dry Herb Vaporizers – we put only the best parts in, and offer a great warranty policy.

Weight should be considered too, but not as much as volume or size. Buy lighter vapes if you’re particular with mass above everything else. Although doing that can’t guarantee that the quality will still be top-notch.

Style and color are up to you. There are lots of varieties in the market, and you will not run out of options. Style and color should match your personality, preference, and/or lifestyle.

Question Models of dry herb vaporizers

The most common form of dry herb vape is the portable one. This is the type that most people buy for its portability and discretion. This is the vape you would want to bring anywhere. Portable dry herb vapes come in an assortment of looks, sizes, and shapes from which you can choose. This type is the most versatile type of herbal vaporizer so far. These things are battery-powered. You only have to connect them to a power outlet when charging the batteries.
If you’re the private type of smoker who wants the real smell of herb filling the atmosphere, you should try desktop dry herb vaporizers. This is the choice of people who don’t necessarily have a preference for smoking in public. These vapes have size and power that are ideal for domestic use. This type produces the best quality of vapor and lasts the longest., but they are larger in size and cost more compared to their more compact relatives. If you are a mobile person, this is not the dry herb vaporizer for you.

The third type is called the dry herb vape pen. This type is the cheapest. It is also the kind with the lowest quality. It’s a smaller and more portable version of the typical portable dry herb vaporizer that looks like a pen. To be exact, it is closer to an e-cigarette. Dry herb vape pen is slightly different from its bigger relatives with the way it generates vapor. Unlike the previous two models, vape pens use a heating coil to heat herbs. This leads to combustion, instead of air-heating the herbs. We do not advise you this model if you want to stay off combustion. Vape pens, like the standard portable vapes are battery-powered too.

Question Benefits of dry herb vaporizers

Always remember that dry herb vaporizers produce vapor, not smoke. Dry herb vapor is a high-temperature mixture of air. It is the gaseous form of the herb’s active ingredients. It does not contain byproducts of burning. This dry herb vapor brings out the best flavor in every puff. Vapor has distinct advantages over smoke. Vapor dissipates two times faster than smoke while releasing 50% less stench. This also makes vapor less visible, giving the subtlety advantage to vaping. The feel is still different from using a bong when you first try vaping. The potency of every puff is roughly the same even if you are a newbie vaper. Take note that when using dry herb vaporizer, you might need a grinder to grind up your herb because just inserting a whole ball of shredded marijuana or a hard chunk of dried tobacco will clog the vaporizer. Worse, it could be wrecked permanently.

Now, you know the basic and most important things to consider before you purchase your own dry herb vaporizer. You might still encounter difficulty when you are put in a position where you have to choose among hundreds of vapes. Always remember that it will all depend on what experience you prefer. If you are a hardcore vaper who prefers potency over flavor and needs to smoke anywhere whenever the conditions permit, we might have the right herbal vaporizer to satisfy your craving.

There are versions of dry herb vaporizers that can be loaded with wax, oils, or e-juice. You should stick to dry herbs if you want the most authentic herb-smoking experience.

Question Two ways dry herb vaporizers generate vapor

Conduction works when the heating coil gets into direct contact with your dry herbs. Vapor is generated quickly from the direct contact. Most dry herb vaporizers use conduction heating. It heats up faster and it’s just plain more affordable. Since conduction vapes heats up the herb faster, it may also heat the whole stack of herb unevenly. A little shake here and there would be needed to make sure that the herb is evenly distributed inside the vape. Because of this, vapers might need a bit more time to learn how to maximize the output of conduction dry herb vaporizers. Don’t forget to be careful with the temperature. Too much heat may lead to combustion.

The second way is convection. It generates vapor without the heating coil touching your dry herb. Instead, it heats up the air inside the chambers and warms the dry herbs inside. Convection-type dry herb vaporizers are more efficient in generating steady jets of vapor, compared to conduction vapes. The time it takes to heat up is slower, but it guarantees a more even heat distribution. Using these vapes also offer little risk of combustion.  This is due to the zero contact between the herb and the heating element. If you are very particular with flavor and efficiency, convection produces more flavorful vapor and less waste product. If the doctor prescribed you with medical marijuana, always choose the convection-type dry herb marijuana vaporizer. It will not produce toxic substances that only form during a chemical reaction like combustion. The doctor wants you to be healthier, not less healthy.

Question The ideal temperature for dry herb vaping

The ideal temperature for vaping marijuana ranges from 375°F to 430°F. For genuine dried tobacco, it is 257°F to 302°F. If the temperature is hotter than the upper limit, it will result in combustion. It might produce unwanted smoke or even damage the dry herb vape. Lower-limit temperatures give off better taste quality. Though, the potency may be compromised. Higher-limit temperatures, on the other hand, may increase the strength of every puff. However, it may overpower the flavor, as a result of high heat. You can work around temperatures within these limits depending on your preference at the moment.

Question Why choose and use dry herb?

Dry herb is the most popular load for vaporizers. Popular demand says that it’s the top choice. It is most likely because of the authenticity of the experience that is given. Vapor straight from the leaves seems to be the most natural form of vaporized organic substance. Avid dry herb vapers would argue that it somehow tastes better. Taking in the substance in its purest form is like drinking plain water. It may even appear boring to most. Every dry herb has a unique taste and ideal temperature from which genuine taste can manifest in its most genuine form. Other than marijuana and tobacco, here are some herbs and their ideal vaporization temperatures.

Low vaporization temperature
Camomile - 212°F to 257°F
Lemongrass- 257°F to 302°F

Medium vaporization temperature
Coffee (the beans) - 302°F to 347°F
Ginkgo - 257°F to 347°F

High vaporization temperature
Garlic - 347°F to 392°F
Ginger - 347°F to 392°F
Ginseng - 347°F to 392°F
Hops - 347°F to 392°F
Morning glory - 65°F to 392°F)
Salvia divinorum - 410°F to 446°F

Question Where can or should you use your dry herb vaporizer?

This has been a subject that smokers and non-smokers have been arguing about for a long time now. It looks like vapers won’t really have any issue with it. Where can you and should you vape? Anywhere, unless there’s a place that particularly says that vaping is not allowed within its vicinity.

Whether you are a home-based employee, a businessman in an office, waiting for your kids in school, or a 9-5 hustler, you can vape wherever you want.

It’s up to you to use your vape anywhere where you want. But trust us, nothing beats home when it comes to safety, privacy, and solitude. But if you are the type who needs company or is a natural people person, feel free to use your vape in public.

Question Where to purchase an herbal vaporizer?

We offer a line of hi-tech dry herb vaporizer that will suit the needs of any experienced dry herb smoker out there. Our ePuffer Cosmos Professional Dry Herb Vaporizer is completely equipped with everything you need to optimize your high-level dry herb vaping lifestyle. The Cosmos professional’s unique value proposition is all about vapor intensity, technology, and craftsmanship. It is practically an industrial-grade vape compared to the average weed vaporizers in the market. We did everything to push dry herb vapor quality to the next level.  The Cosmos Professional’s Smart OLED digital temperature control panel offers maximum control to give you the optimum vapor potency a convection-type marijuana vaporizer can provide. The temperature range of the Cosmos Professional is somewhere between 385°F and 430°F. You’ll think that it’s as if this product is primarily made for weed because marijuana’s ideal vaporization temperature is 375°F to 430°F. We crafted this A-class convection-type herbal vaporizer to cater to the high standard of seasoned herbal vapers. The whole process of using Cosmos Professional is simpler than it looks. Start with the press and hold action for three seconds then you’ll see the temperature bar rising. You will be ready for the first puff once you see the Smart OLED blink three times. The +/- button lets you adjust the temperature. This weed vaporizer auto-saves your preferred temperature for you conveniently. You won’t have to set the whole thing up again when the need arises after some time.

Originally priced at $199.95, we now offer the complete Cosmos Professional Kit at $179.95, saving you $20.00 (10% discount). Other than the Cosmos dry herb vaporizer, the kit also comes with four convection Mesh Shells, a USB wall charger with Micro USB Cable, a multilingual instruction manual (English, French, Spanish), a packing Tool, a pair of tweezers, a cleaning brush, and complimentary dry herb mini grinder (like we said above, you need to grind dry herbs properly before you load it into a herbal vaporizer).

Vape Spares & Accessories

Question Genuine ePuffer Spares and Accessories

As a rule of thumb—if your e-cigs or vaporizers are from ePuffer, don’t purchase accessories and parts from other local and less-known manufacturers. While this isn’t a rigid rule, it’s important to keep in mind that ePuffer vaporizers and spare parts must be properly synchronized for product safety.

Once you’ve started vaping, you’ll realize that buying vape accessories is almost irresistible. The feeling of getting new advancements or modifications for your trusty rig is truly rewarding. It’s very similar to collecting trading cards, vintage items, and other kinds of stuff. Before hoarding accessories and spare parts though, you have to create a checklist of the things that you need. This is to avoid under-budgeting—which can strain your wallet. Also, you have to make sure that the accessories have high-level quality. In this case, it’s safe to say that you can never go wrong with ePuffer’s selection of accessories!

Question Efficient Charging with Nitecore Intellicharger

Being rechargeable is a great benefit of today’s vape pens and ecigs. This rechargeable factor makes a vape kit more valuable than dozens of cigarette packs! Just imagine the convenience: if your mouth is itching for a quick puff, you can just activate the device. Once the battery level goes down, you can recharge it anytime! Best of all, you’re not forced to run outside to vape, or restrict yourself like regular smokers are.

While most vaping kits today come with available chargers, you’re probably getting a traditional market-standard unit. There were even some instances when local chargers do not efficiently charge the unit. To avoid those kinds of products, ePuffer’s Nitecore Intellicharger can revamp your vape’s charging capability. It is capable of charging Li-ion batteries, and you can even monitor the charging progress with its built-in indicators. There’s also an extra USB port at the bottom of the charger, so you can plug in an additional device that needs extra energy.

Safety is also a common issue with local chargers. Once you purchase a charger, you’re probably left wondering if it’s made of high-quality materials or if it’s fire-resistant. With the Nitecore charger, safety is never an issue! It’s made out of a host of synthetic and strong materials that surpass global standards. It also has a versatile mechanism that carefully adjusts the charging current depending on the battery type of your vape tube. This ensures the longevity of your charger.

The Nitecore Intellicharger has a warranty of up to one year. You can purchase the unit for as low as $ 24.95

Question Brighten Up Your Teeth with Power PRO Teeth Whitening System

Having yellow teeth is something people try and avoid these days. If you’re a heavy smoker, there’s a big tendency that your teeth can become stained and yellow. Giving up traditional cigarettes can pave the way to whiter and healthier teeth, but it won’t hurt to have another product to boost such goal, right? With ePuffer’s Power Pro Teeth Whitening System, your teeth will return to their glistening potential. This teeth whitening kit utilizes a special LED technology along with a scientifically formulated gel. Unlike other LED whitening kits, the Power PRO is more advanced and up to five times more effective!

While vaping won’t cause any permanent damage to your teeth, the flavored vapor can affect the enamel, so once you use the Power Pro whitening kit along with respective E-Puffer vape mods, you’ll take your vaping experience to a whole new, and cleaner level!

Question Protect your E-Cigs with an ePuffer VIP Leather Case

In many ways, an E-cigarette is far superior to a traditional cigarette. Every stick of e-cigarette promotes better health while balancing out your cravings. You’ll never see e-cigs being scattered all over, so its important to treat and take care of your e-sig like an investment. A great way to protect your E-Cigs is by using E-Puffer’s premium VIP leather case.

Sleek and professional-looking, the ePuffer leather case is a great and safe storage option for all of your e-cigs. Do you fancy a smoke in a lazy afternoon? Just open up the case and grab one stick for your convenience. You can also use the leather case to store your other small belongings, such as credit cards, hand sanitizers, small perfumes, IDs, and even pocket money.

The ePuffer leather case is made of high-quality materials to ensure that your e-cigs and other accessories are kept safe. The nylon zipper of the case also adds a dash of ‘simple elegance and convenience.’ You can purchase the VIP leather case for $ 24.95.

Question A Universal Home and Travel Charger at Your Grasp

Travelling and vaping are two activities which can lessen your stress. However, there are common instances when your vaporizer runs out of battery and you forgot to bring your charger along. Now, such simple mishaps can hinder your vaping experience. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you have a universal charger and adapter. ePuffer can happily provide you this handy product.

ePuffer’s universal AC charger is well-suited to charge most vaporizers and other similar products. Unlike other cheap chargers in the market, this simple charger has a reliable LED display to notify you that the unit is charging properly. There’s also a safety-release button to ensure a safe charging process all the time. In this way, your devices are secured. The charger is also portable, so you can fit it in any bags and conventional travel pouches. ePuffer offers a 1-year warranty on the USB charger. You can buy it for the convenient price of $ 9.95.

Question Dual Port Car Charger for Your Convenience

Convenience is a consistent promise of ePuffer to you. This dual port charger also operates on USB technology, so you can use it virtually anywhere—even in your car. Since it has a dual port function, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously. The transfer of voltage is continuous so you can expect an uninterrupted charging process. In addition, your devices are protected with the charger’s built-in circuit protection system. Just like the universal travel charger, you can purchase this product for $ 9.95.

Question E-Cigarette Stylish Pouches

Leather is never out of style. This statement also rings true for your handy e-cigarettes. Instead of putting them in pockets and risk them being lost, why not secure them with convenient travel pouches? ePuffer always ensures the safety of your product; at the same time, the company keeps a firm focus on style. Each e-cig pouch is carefully made of high-quality leather, so you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.

The most popular color option is black. This color is a perfect fit since your e-cigs will stand out and you can conveniently grab them. If you don’t fancy black, there are other choices as well. Brown is another good choice, especially if you are always on the go. For lady vapers out there, the pink leather pouch is a fine match! All of these stylish leathers can be purchased for $ 7.95 each.

Question Another Whitening Solution: iWantTeeth Whitening Pen

A whitening pen is a fine addition to your growing vape arsenal. It’s a good habit to use a whitening pen after every vaping session. ePuffer offers a whitening pen from the all-popular iWantTeeth Series. This whitening pen can be used easily, and you can easily see the results in just minutes. To use the pen, simply put thin layers in your teeth and let it dry. If you even want improved effects, you can use it consecutively before having a night’s rest.

The whitening pen is approved by dentists and is capable of up to 10 treatments. By using the pen, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to long-winded medical procedures. Plus, you can complete the method at the convenience of your home. The pen is also compact, so you can bring it anywhere you want to go—perfect for those long vacations! It’s available in the E-Puffer website for $ 15.95.

Question Leather Lanyard to Carry those E-Cigs

A common observable trend among vapers is the habit of attaching their e-cigs and vape pens in lanyards. While there are common lanyards available in the market today, it’s always good to step up your game and go for high-quality ones. ePuffer’s genuine lanyard can definitely match your preference. Once your trusty vaporizer is attached to your lanyard, vaping will be more convenient. The leather lanyard costs $ 9.95.

E-Liquid FAQ

Question What is e-liquid?

E liquid or vape liquid provides both the nicotine and the flavor in all personal vaporizers, excluding dry herb vaporizers.  All eliquid contains four basic components: a base of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) or a combination of both, liquid nicotine or a filler in zero nic products, water, and flavoring.

Question What are PG and VG?

Both are non-toxic liquid bases that are used in eliquid.  Propylene glycol, or PG, is the more popular option for a number of reasons, not the least of which are that it's less expensive to use and it doesn't affect the flavor of your vape liquid.  Additionally, since it possesses bactericidal and virucidal properties–which is to say that it kills bacteria and viruses and inhibits their growth in the first place–it's the safest option for vapers who have compromised respiratory systems or are prone to respiratory infections.  Its two drawbacks are that it is potentially allergenic–a small number of users have an allergic reaction to PG–and it can cause the mouth and throat to dry out in around 10% of users.  One benefit with PG that will interest some vapers is its low vapor output which is ideal if you stealth vape in public.

Vegetable glycerin is a sweeter and slightly thicker liquid.  It does affect the flavor of your eliquid, which should be considered when selecting the PG/VG ratio.  It can also cause a buildup of residue on the heating element requiring more frequent cleaning.  Opposite to drying out the throat and mouth, as PG does, it can increase the production of phlegm.  The higher the concentration of VG in your liquid, the more vapor you'll see; if you're into smoke (vapor) tricks, you'll want more VG.

Question The PG / VG ratio

Something that often confuses new e-cig users is selecting the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin.  There are nine standard ratios:

100% PG: strong throat hit (how strongly you feel the vapor in your throat), very low vapor, flavor is unaffected

80/20 (PG/VG): vapor production is still quite low, throat hit is only slightly diminished

70/30 (PG/VG): A little more vapor, a little less throat hit.

60/40 (PG/VG): increased vapor cloud, throat hit is noticeable but not overwhelming

50/50 (PG/VG): A good blend, with a nice vapor cloud and a relatively smooth throat hit

40/60 (PG/VG): the vapor cloud continues to grow, and the blend is even smoother in the throat

30/70 (PG/VG): Very good vapor output, and a minimal throat hit.

20/80 (PG/VG): Excellent vapor production and a very small throat hit.

100% VG: Very little throat hit, with noticeably sweet flavor undertones and massive vapor production.

Not all ratios are available in all flavors.  With some e-liquid blends, you can select a ratio preference, but most are made with pre-determined ratios.  When you do get to choose, there's no right or wrong blend–it's simply a matter of what you're looking for.

Question Nicotine levels in e liquid

One of the best things about electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is that you're in control of how much, if any, nicotine is in your product.  As a former smoker who missed smoking greatly, I'm thrilled to have the option to partake in the best part of smoking, without the fear of becoming re-addicted.  Another reason having this control is significant is that, if you are a smoker looking to get away from both tobacco and nicotine, you can wean yourself so gradually that you'll hardly notice.  The range of nicotine levels is tremendous so even the heaviest smoker is able to start vaping at the level they were smoking cigarettes.

Liquid nicotine is measured in term of milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL) and also in a percentage of nicotine; sometimes the percentage is labeled as mg as well.   There's no standard requirement for how vape liquid are labeled so you'll want to familiarize yourself with all expressions.  There are three levels that are the most commonly available.  No nicotine ( non nicotine vape juice ) is always represented as 0.  The next of these is 12 mg/mL, often presented as 1.2%, the final is 24 mg/ml, also written as 2.4%. Other levels that may be available include 3 mg/mL, approximately equivalent to an ultra-light cigarette, and runs up to more than 36 mg/ml free-base nicotine vape juice which has jokingly been expressed as ripping the filter off of the strongest cigarette available.

Nicotine Salts Eliquids have entered the market a few years ago and run up-to 60mg

To learn more about E-Liquids read our Guide to Choosing Your New favourite Vape Juice


Question USA vs China e-cig liquid

Wise consumers want to know where all their products come from.  With all of the manufacturing problems we've seen reported in Chinese-made products, it's understandable to be wary of e-cig liquid manufactured there.  It's also reasonable that you might assume that e liquid made in the US are of superior quality and safety because of all of the industrial regulations we have.  This is a dangerous assumption to make.  While it is true that many products coming out of China have been dangerous–some manufacturers are notorious for using varieties of PG and nicotine that are not graded for consumption–there are reputable Chinese manufacturers of eliquid who take consumer safety very seriously.  As for the superiority of American products, there is little to no regulation or governmental oversight in the manufacturing of any vaping supplies.  Adding to the confusion, while manufacturers label the country of production, they don't need to tell you the origin of the source materials. 

Your 'Made in the USA!' eliquid may well have been produced in Hackensack NJ–and composed entirely of Chinese products. 

If you're unfamiliar with a brand–especially common when you first start vaping–verify whether the product carries an ISO certification.  ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, an independent non-governmental organization who create international standards in a number of areas–including manufacturing.  To carry an ISO certification, manufacturers must remain compliant with the organization's proscribed standards.  While the US government has yet to provide standards of manufacturing e liquid, ISO has picked up the ball and have set the standards. 

Question Best e-Liquid (putting your vape liquid together)

We'll actually kill two birds with one stone here and discuss finding the best e-liquid in general, and which e-liquid are best for beginners.  Because 'best' is a highly individual ideal, this will depend entirely on your needs, wants, and preferences.  Which means you'll have to do some research.  But we can help you get started.  As mentioned above, eliquid has four main ingredients.  To recap, those are PG and/or VG, nicotine or a non-nicotine substitute, water, and flavor.  If you're not a nicotine user, rejoice–every single variety of e-liquid is available in a nicotine-free variety and there are even e-stores that cater specifically to you.  If you do require nicotine, you need to figure out what level you need in your liquid.  Tobacco cigarettes aren't labeled in the same manner as vape liquid, so this will require some research.  The 'average' cigarette has between 4 mg and 14 mg of nicotine.  With some time spent searching the internet, you may be able to find out the levels in your typical brand.  If not, you may need to estimate and go by trial and error. 

There are guidelines available to help reduce the 'error' part.  First, always opt for the lowest level you're considering.  The higher the dose, the greater your chance of developing nicotine toxicity.  Next, how much you smoke will affect the dose you need just as much as what you smoke; the more cigarettes you smoke in a day, the higher a level of nicotine you're likely to need.  The strength (ultra-light, light, full flavor) of your cigarettes makes up the final consideration. 

A very simplified guide follows: 3 mg/mL (0.3 mg), which is somewhat difficult to find in ecigs, is the lowest commercially available and is best approximated as an ultra-light cigarette or a very infrequent smoker.  6 mg/ml (0.6 mg) is the lower of nicotine levels most commonly available in e-cigs.  It's still quite low, nearest to a light cigarette.  12 mg/mL (1.2 mg) is closer to a regular cigarette, but on the low end of things–think of a mild full-flavor.

The next levels are less common, so if you require these, there will be more searching in your future.  18 mg/mL (1.8 mg) is pretty middle of the road.  You're looking at a relatively average cigarette–not too strong nor too mellow.  24 mg/mL (2.4 mg) is getting up there.  Heavier smokers, and those who prefer noticeably strong cigarettes likely want to start here.  36 mg/mL (3.6 mg) is often the highest level e-liquid sellers will offer.  If you are a very heavily addicted smoker–think 2 1/2 packs per day–or you prefer unfiltered you might try this.  One manufacturer offers 54 mg/mL (5.4 mg).  Unless you literally have a cigarette in your mouth from waking up to going to sleep, you'll probably want to avoid this level.

We're not done yet!  It gets more fun though.  Start thinking about flavors.  If it's something you can imagine eating or drinking, there's probably either a flavor or recipe for it.  And yes, there is a bacon flavor.  Flavors have their own section in this guide–up next, in fact, so this will be very brief and mainly in relation to the final option: PG/VG ratio.  Some flavors, like traditional tobaccos, you'll want a higher amount of PG, so you don't get an incongruous sweetness.  However you can use PG with sweet flavors of vape liquid, and higher VG levels will enhance the sweetness.

Question Traditional and special eliquid flavors

There are literally thousands of flavor options; probably tens of thousands.  In very basic categories, there are traditional tobacco flavors, menthol, if you're so inclined, and specialty flavors which can be broken down into well over a dozen other categories including beverages, alcoholic beverages, desserts, and fruits.  Between hundreds (if not thousands) of ready-made base flavors, sites or stores that allow you to order custom mixed flavors, and recipes online that give you a guideline for mixing flavors to create, for example, caramel apple pie, the possibilities are truly endless–this is my favorite part of vaping.  I love to experiment with flavors to suit my mood or the occasion.  Try a coffee flavored vape in the morning, especially if you're running too late to get your daily java on the way to work or school.  Want a daiquiri with lunch, but you can't indulge for fear of losing your job?  There's a vape for that–several actually.  Counting calories, or on a medically restricted diet?  There are hundreds of dessert flavors that can create thousands of truly guilt-free treats–that caramel apple pie recipe really is out there!

Question E-Shisha vapor liquid

Shisha is a tobacco mixture traditionally smoked with a hookah. It's very syrupy, containing both molasses and vegetable glycerin.  This has been replicated into e-shisha for use in personal vaporizers.  The majority of flavors are fruit based: guava, apple, and grape, for example. More unusual flavors have emerged, including gummi bears and some flavored like popular energy drinks.  We have a nice variety of shisha vape liquid at Epuffer–including Raspberry Chocolate Mint Mojito which is absolutely on my list of flavors to try!  Naturally you can also mix the flavors together to create distinct tastes, as with standard flavors.

Question Size matters

No matter what your choice of ingredients and flavors is, you'll have to decide what size bottle to buy.  The most common sizes to choose from are 10 mL and 30 mL. You may run across 5 mL when you obtain free or heavily discounted samples and many sites do offer much larger volumes for sale but 10 and 30 are the basics.  As with everything else, which to choose depends on your needs and wants.  The 10 mL bottle has a higher cost per mL but a lower upfront cost.  The 30 mL (and larger) has a lower cost per unit, but there's a higher initial cost and a lot more liquid to use.

If you think you'll be an infrequent vaper, you're trying a new flavor or brand that you're not certain you'll like, your current cash supply is a bit thin, or you plan to buy a lot of flavors to mix and match, the 10 mL is likely the better choice.  Vapor liquid do expire, so you may not want to go big unless you're sure you'll use it.  If you can afford a higher outlay of cash, you know you'll like the flavor, and you'll be able to use it all, or enough of it that it won't be a waste of money, definitely go for the largest bottle you can get and use.

Question Where can I buy e-liquid?

Now that you've made it this far, we can talk about buying your eliquid.  As with available flavors, your possibilities are nearly endless.  Vape shops, naturally, carry all sorts of vaping supplies; many offer the option to buy custom flavors, if you're not ready to start mixing them yourself.  Being the golden age of the Internet, there are hundreds of sites dedicated to vape supplies.  Many deal exclusively in vaporizer liquid.  I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that we have an excellent, high quality selection of traditional e-liquid and e-shisha here at Epuffer.  You can also find subscription variety services, similar to the 'wine of the month' clubs, but with vape liquid.

Question What's it going to cost me?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, that depends There are sites that sell 10 mL e juice bottle for as low as $2.99, which is definitely a cheap vape juice price.  But is it a bargain?  Just remember that the saying 'You get what you pay for' has hung around for so long because there's more than a little truth to it.  When someone is selling something at that low of a price, something has been sacrificed–often the quality. With no formal regulations regarding manufacturing, people can and do use dangerously bad chemicals and mix the vape liquid in unsanitary conditions.  Ingredients cost money, as does a proper laboratory in which to mix them, by people who need to be paid. 

Considering all that, and weighting it with the fact that this is a product you're going to be inhaling into very delicate body tissue–does $2.99 still sound like a good idea?  Go cheap with your breakfast cereal, but protect your lungs.

However you don't need to take out a mortgage, by any means. There are reasonably priced safe ejuice deals, options out there. The Disposable e-cigs are available at an affordable cost. They're less customizable, but an excellent way to begin vaping to see if it's something you'll enjoy.  Epuffer's ECO disposable ecigs are competitively priced at under $10, and come in a variety of pre-mixed flavours.

Question Why you should let ePuffer take care of you


We love vaping, and we love our customers!  That should be reason enough, shouldn't it?  Just in case it's not…

We've been creating e-liquid for over 14 years–longer than any other North American manufacturer.  We do follow ISO regulations, so you know you can trust the quality and more importantly the safety of not just our eliquid but of all our products. All flavours are Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, and Non-Allergenic. 

All our Vape e-liquid: 100% Traceable Top Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) & Vitamin E acetate Free

Oh, and…

The one about Free Shipping

All orders of $75 or more are shiped FREE Canada - Wide, via Canada Post Expedited service.

Why are you still reading?  Go shopping and get in on the fun of vaping!

E-Juice aka E-Liquid

Question What is e-juice?

E juice aka E liquid, also called vapor juice, is the blend of ingredients that deliver nicotine and vape flavors to you via ecigs.  Almost all vaporizers use e juice.  There are four things that go into vape juice: A base liquid of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a combination of the two; liquid nicotine or a nicotine free filler for those who want the enjoyment of vaping without addictive substances; water; and the flavor or flavors. 

Question PG vs. VG ratio

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin make up the base of the e-juice.  You can use one or the other, or a combination of both.  PG is the more popular of these for a variety of reasons; chief among them is the lower cost and the fact that it doesn't alter the taste of the flavoring.  VG is a sweet, viscous liquid which does affect the flavor of the ejuice.  Being sweet, it can enhance some flavors.  With most pre-mixed bottles of vape juice, you aren't able to customize the ratio, or you're given very limited option.  Custom made bottles give you far greater control.  The ratios affect the vapor and how it feels when you inhale.

100% PG: Feels very strong when it hits your throat. Vapor is very low. Taste is not affected.
80/20 (PG/VG): Still low vapor production. Slightly diminished throat hit compared to 100% VG.
70/30 (PG/VG): Significantly diminished throat hit, moderate vapor cloud.
60/40 (PG/VG): Throat hit is a tickle, noticeable but not too strong. Better vapor cloud.
50/50 (PG/VG): Smoother on the throat, bigger vapor cloud.
40/60 (PG/VG): Larger cloud of vapor, even smoother on the throat.
30/70 (PG/VG): Very minimal throat hit, with good vapor cloud output.
20/80 (PG/VG): Small throat hit, excellent when it comes to vapor cloud production.
100% VG: Tons of vapor produced, taste is affected (sweetness is apparent), best vapor cloud production.

For the most part which one you choose is simply personal preference, driven by what you want from your ecig.  However for those who are prone to respiratory infections, it is strongly recommended that you stay with PG as it kills both bacteria and viruses, and inhibits their growth.

Question Vape juice nicotine levels

There is a huge range in the amount of nicotine available for ecigs.  It ranges from nicotine-free to more than 50 mg/mL. Despite the vastness of the range, most vape juice is one of three strengths: 0 (nicotine-free), 0.6 mg (6 mg/mL), and 1.2 mg (12 mg/mL).  With a few minutes on Google, you can often determine what strength you'll need based on your current brand and smoking habits.

Question E-juice for Beginners

Whether you are a seasoned vaper, or a newer one, there are choices available for you. That’s the beauty of vaping – everyone can enjoy all the flavors of e-juice, beginners or not. Even if you are a beginner, there are many starter kits available everywhere; including here on E-Puffer, for you to try so you can sample different flavors without having to commit to buying big bottles of some flavors just yet. There’s no sense in purchasing those bottles if you’re not going to like them after all – that would just be a waste of money.

If you are interested in trying some starter kits so you can get different ejuices to try, buy some of E-Puffer’s starter kits and see what delightful options are available to you!

Question Where to Find E-Juice

When it comes to finding ejuice, there are many different options for you to pursue. First and foremost, you can find e-juice from retailers and brick and mortar stores. These days there are many vaping stores available that sell anything and everything related to ecigarettes, so you can find all sorts of flavors for e juice there. Unfortunately, the truth is that these brick and mortar stores will more often than not have everything priced at a huge markup, because they do have their overhead costs to take care of.

Another option for you to explore, of course, is the internet. The internet is an almost infinite resource from where you can get all of your vaporizer needs. You can find all sorts of flavors on the internet—and at a much cheaper rate. Don’t forget to check out EPuffer’s e-juice selection so you can see what options are available to you. Regardless of whether you’re smoking e-cigars, a personal vaporizer, or a vape pipe, we have flavors of ejuice we know you’ll love.

Question How to Find the Best E-Juice

During the time that vaporizers and vapor juice were just beginning to become popular and get used by more and more people, it was quite difficult to find the best ejuice without having to search high and low. Just as with anything, the demand was growing, and the supply wasn’t as quick to catch up.

Thankfully, vaping and the e-cig industry has grown and matured further to the point where components, juices and other accessories are much easier to find. Of course, finding the best of anything will still always be subjective – one thing may be the best and a favorite to someone, but not to another.  In any case, it’s not impossible to find the best e-juice, you just need to know where to look.

Brick and mortar stores are one option, of course – and then, there are the online stores like E-Puffer. Here at EPuffer we consistently stock great quality vapor juice in a wide variety of flavors. You can test some of them by purchasing some of our starter kits just to give things a try.

Question Where to Buy E-Juice

You can buy e-cig juice in specialist vaping stores all over, but note that there is likely a significant markup to make up for their overhead. Plus, not all places have physical stores nearby. If you are having trouble locating a store from where you can buy your vaping liquids, you can still look online. Many websites sell vaping juice, including E-Puffer. We have a wide selection of cartridges and bottles of flavored juices available for you to purchase at your convenience, so buy now!

Question Electronic Juice Flavors

When it comes to electronic juice, you would be surprised at the vast amount of choices you actually have. Unlike cigarettes and cigars which hardly ever come in any other flavor, e-juice comes in so many that it is incredibly difficult to keep count. Here at EPuffer, we have many top favorites including coffee themed flavors, liquor themed flavors, fruity flavors, and even candy flavors. Our customers’ current favorites are double appletini, watermelon mint sangria, raspberry chocolate mint, caramel mocha latte, strawberry margarita, and sweet cantaloupe daiquiry. You can purchase e-cig juice in cartridges ready to load into your e-pipes, or in bottles so you can refill your vaporizers’ tanks. The bottles come in different capacities too. Check out our selection to know what options you have.

Question Cheap Vape Juice

E-Juice usually sells on E-Puffer for around $20 for a bottle of 30mL, but you will sometimes find promotions running where you can find some flavors going for cheaper. Cheap e-juice is easy to find, but it’s not always the smartest solution. Cheap prices often mean that the liquid was produced by cutting corners and putting in additives in order to lower the cost of the manufacturing process. And of course, when they put in additives to the e-juice, those additives go into your lungs too. The fact is you are trying to prevent health issues that smoking cigarettes would give you by vaping, since vaping does not produce smoke, only vapor. But since there are additives involved in cheaper e-cig juice, you may end up finding yourself compromising your health even further by patronizing those products.

Instead of focusing on finding cheap E-Juice, focus instead on finding liquid that is created by a reputable company who you know will not cut any corners or put your health at risk. Here at ePuffer, we do not compromise on quality, so you don’t have to compromise on your health.

Question Top-Selling E-Juice Flavors

As with anything where you have any sort of choices, you’re going to end up gravitating towards certain favorites. That is certainly the same thing when it comes to ejuice – we are definitely seeing that many of our customers do end up liking the same juices and they end up becoming crowd favorites. Top selling E-juice flavors are often those that are themed after coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruits, or even desserts. Many also still go for regular tobacco-flavored e-juice to retain the ‘authentic’ feel of smoking when they vape. However, flavors like watermelon mint sangria and caramel mocha latte are just growing more and more in popularity these days, taking over everything else.

If you want to know what the different flavors available taste like, visit E-Puffer so that you can see our selection of flavors and try some for yourself. You can even purchase some of our vape pen starter kits, which often include many different flavors that you can try.

Question 10mL Bottles vs 30mL Bottles

In buying e-cigarette juice, you have different options. For one, you can purchase cartridges that you can load up into your epipes and then throw out when you are finished. However, this can be costlier in the long run and it most definitely isn’t all too good for the environment.

Another option you do have is purchasing ejuices in bottles which you can then use to refill your vaporizers (often through the use of an eyedropper or syringe). In purchasing bottles, you can choose to purchase 10mL bottles, or 30mL bottles (which is a little over 1 oz).

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both. When buying 10mL bottles, you most definitely cannot beat the convenience. 10mL bottles are tiny. You can fit them into your pocket and take them anywhere and everywhere you want to go, without ever having to give the bottle a second thought. However, you get only 10mL of liquid, and you’ll run out easily. Not good if you’re quick to use up your ejuices. Another thing is you can easily lose the bottle. However, if you want to just try a flavor without committing to buying full size and full price just yet, this is an excellent option. Note that in purchasing 10mL bottles, you may end up paying a more expensive price.

30mL bottles are still portable, but they are uncomfortable when placed in your pocket. Nevertheless, they do have triple the amount of ejuice, so you’ll last a while with a 30mL bottle. However, they are naturally pricier, since there is a lot more product. However, if you compare the costs to buying 3x10mL bottles, you’ll still most likely save with just the 30mL. Buying bigger bottles is great for when you already know your favorites and which ones you’re going to get.

Question E-Puffer e-cig juice

E-Puffer has many different choices available when it comes to vaping juice. You have choices in flavor which should allow you an easier time to fulfill any craving you might have.

All of our e-cigarette juice is created and formulated by top chemists and flavorists using only the best ingredients available. EPuffer has been making vaping juice for 8 years – much longer than any other company in the US has been making juices. Trust us, we know what we are doing, and we know what will give you the best possible experience.

To accommodate all of our customers and their beliefs and lifestyle choices, all of our juices are kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free. They all use non-allergenic raw material, as well.

Question E-Juice Prices

E-Juice prices may vary, depending on where and when you purchase it. On ePuffer, our juices usually cost around $19.95 for a bottle consisting of 30mL of vape juice, which gives you a good amount of the stuff that will last you for quite some time.

Clearance Sale FAQ

Question Phasing out previous models

With the release of our newest line of  e-cigarettes, we're phasing out some of our previous models.  This means our remaining e-cigarette stock is at rock bottom prices.  Cartomizer 5-packs are up to 60% off and still available in traditional tobacco flavor as well as popular flavors like coffee and strawberry and a sweets variety pack that lets you pick a flavor to suit your mood.

Question Overstock Items

Our E-Cigar are always a best seller and we are always improving and updating our stock! Now we've priced some of our Ecigars with discounts of more than 70%.  In addition to flavored cartomizers, we've got a 5-pack of "blanks"–empty cartomizers that you can fill with with your favorite vape juice.  This is your last chance to get our accessories for some of your favorite Ecigars so don't miss out!

Question Buy it before it's gone

E-liquids are as essential to vaping as gasoline is to driving your car.  We've got more than a dozen tasty flavors of our premium e-juice to choose from. All of your favorites are marked down considerably, so take advantage while you can!  All of our ejuice is compatible with all brands and types of e-cigs and vaporizers, including e-cigars and e-pipes.  You literally can't afford NOT to stock up!


Question How Much Will I Be Paid?

When you begin with us you start at the Standard Affiliate level of 20% of each purchase made by a customer you send us for 12 months. Our system will automatically move your account to the next affiliate/payout level when you achieve the required sales volume. When you achieve 100 sales/month you will graduate to the 25% payout level. When you achieve 200 sales/month you will graduate to the 30% payout level. The amount paid depends on the prices of the items sold. When Will I Be Paid For Each Sale?

We will pay you commissions on a monthly basis for purchases shipped in a given month. We will pay you approximately 30 days following the end of each calendar month using the payment method you choose from the available options.

Question How Often Will I Be Paid?

Payouts are made monthly.

Question How Will I Be Paid?

Commissions up to $500 are paid via PayPal. You are required to have a PayPal account to receive commissions. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can sign up for one at any time, but you will not be paid until you have one.

Commissions over $500 are paid via electronic transfer.

There is a $25 administration fee for electronic transfers of $1000 or above.

We do not pay by check or cash.