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The Cigar Experience – Only Better

Some of the most renowned and talented people in the world have enjoyed lasting relationships with their cigars. Even now, smoking a cigar with style and panache empowers you to exude an air of elegance and sophistication. Many celebrities, artists, politicians, and other prominent figures have been associated with smoking cigars. Along with looking suave and cultured, cigar-smoking also offers a host of other benefits, including relaxation, pleasure, and the efficient delivery of nicotine.

However, for all its perks, smoking cigars also delivers some major negatives. Like smoking cigarettes, smoking cigars can be quite harmful to your health, contributing to problems such as cancer, heart disease, and gum disease. The good news is that you can enjoy everything that you love about smoking cigars – the rich taste of tobacco, the mouthfeel of the smoke, the calming effects – without taking the same risk.

When you are looking to buy a vape online, consider whether you are someone who appreciates the experience of smoking a good cigar. If so, an e-cigar may be just what you’re looking for. We offer a range of disposable and rechargeable e-cigars that allow you to enjoy the essence of tobacco in a better way. Also, check out our other vaping options, including the vape mod, the e-cigarette, the e-pipe, and our wide selection of e-liquid and vape juice.


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Electronic Cigar FAQ

What is a Cigar?

Basically, a cigar is a strategically-rolled bundle of fermented tobacco leaves. Cigars come in various sizes and types, and almost every country in the world has an open cigar market. If you haven’t seen a cigar before, you can differentiate it from a cigarette through its heavy, dark brown color. A cigar is also thick due to the rolls of the leaves, and often times is much longer than a regular cigarette stick.

The most popular and most delicate cigars come from the country of Cuba. However, you can also popularly find cigars in Brazil, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Still, when it comes to cigars, Havana or Cuban cigars remain top notch, the cream of the crop so to speak.

The smoke produced by a cigar has a very strong tobacco scent, since it’s much more pure. Before smoking a cigar, you have to cut off the tip using a cigar cutter. You can use traditional blades in cutting a cigar, but a much easier way is by using a cigar cutter—especially the guillotine type, since these are specifically designed for that purpose.

What is an E-Cigar?

An E-Cigar is the modernized version of the classic cigar. This is the best option if you’re concerned about your health, but you still want to enjoy smoking tobacco. The appearance of an E Cigar is almost the same as the regular, traditional cigar, but its mechanism is totally different. To put it simply, an ECigar is a device operated electronically and powered by batteries.

Cigar Vs E-Cigar

A traditional cigar will be rich in flavor since it’s made from real tobacco. Once you smoke a cigar, you will feel the strong tobacco essence enveloping you; with every puff, you’ll definitely feel euphoric. It’s no wonder that smoking cigars is such an experience for many.

Going beyond the experience, it’s undeniable that cigars can cause massive damage to your health—especially if you smoke them regularly, multiple times a day even. The chemical and toxic residue will be left in your system, and this will build up over time. Some folks may even say that cigars are more harmful compared to cigarettes. In a way, that is true. Since the cigars are also much bigger and thicker, they also end up having more nicotine.

An E-Cigar is friendly to your health. Since the device only releases vapor, the health risks posed are not the same as regular cigars. Despite the fact that e cigars only release vapor, you can still taste and feel the essence of nicotine due to the special formulation of the juices or liquids used with them. E-Cigars are also handy—no cutting or ignition needed! Perhaps one of the weak points of E Cigar is the lack of ‘realness’ when it comes to the experience. Some cigar enthusiasts think that the feeling produced by ECigars is not authentic.

How Does E-Cig Works?

The purpose of an E-Cigar is to imitate the way traditional cigars work. Once the device is activated and you started inhaling, the atomizer heats the flavored liquid until it becomes vapor. As you provide suction, the vapor travels quickly into the tube until it reaches your mouth. The E-Cigar’s tip typically lights up to further simulate the tobacco experience. Common E-Cigars are also disposable, although you may be able to find some that are rechargeable and reusable.

Cuban E-Cigars

Cuban E-Cigars are your best choices if you want to experience real-time tobacco smoking. With every puff, you can taste the richness of tobacco—reminding you of the quality of Havana cigars. Cuban E-Cigars cost higher compared to regular E-Cigars due to their high quality. But the experience is definitely worth it – so try it now!

Is E-Cigar Safe?

When it comes to health factors, E-Cigars are said to be much safer.

When it comes to ease of use, an E-Cigar has a simple mechanism, so you won’t have any trouble at all. Additionally, there’s no ignition involved, so that cuts off the risk of fire or skin burns. Despite the safety of the product, it still boils down to the manufacturers. If the manufacturer is known for not following safety standards, then it’s better to avoid that company’s products.

Before buying an E-Cigar, you must check out consumer reviews. In this way, you’ll know which manufacturers operate with the right working standards. Do not risk your safety by opting to purchase substandard products. Also, it can help you a lot if you read more information about vaping and electronic cigars. There are online digests that can provide you tons of information about the subject. You can find a lot more information here on ePuffer too, before you decide to buy our products.

What is a disposable E-Cigar?

Disposable e-cigars are very handy because you can bring them anywhere you want to go. Unlike traditional vape pens, disposable E-Cigars must be thrown away after every use. They are not rechargeable.

One of the advantages of disposable electric cigars is the price. Compared to vape tube kits, disposable ecigars have lower prices so they can fit your budget. You can find disposable e-cigars that are available for less than $20, which is not too bad considering you are getting a cigar experience.

E-Cigar Common E-Liquid Flavors

Perhaps another advantage of E-Cigars is versatility when it comes to flavor. If you’re getting bored with the old tobacco routine, you can try out other E-liquid variants. These specialized liquids produce the flavored vapor that are quite interesting. The popular flavor choices are chocolate, apple, cinnamon, and few well-known fruity choices. Go look at the choices on ePuffer for more strange and exciting flavors!

E-Puffer E-Cigars

If you’re looking for high-quality Electronic Cigars, you can rely on ePuffer - one of the more popular manufacturers of electronic cigars and vaporizers. You can buy ePuffer’s electronic cigars for as low as $19, and they already come in various sizes and nicotine levels (varying from 0 nicotine, low nicotine, medium nicotine to high nicotine). With such variation, you can control your overall nicotine intake, which makes it a great way to slowly taper off your intake if you want to quit the addiction.

Aside from E-Cigars, ePuffer also offers vape starter kits. Vaping is another great experience that you should try. It’s highly similar to smoking E-Cigars but this time, you have a more complex device at your hands. Vape pens and tubes are rechargeable and you can even customize them with various accessories. Most ePuffer products come with a limited warranty, and you can return any product that doesn’t satisfy you. Disposable e-cigs, on the other hand, cannot be returned due to hygienic issues.

How to Find the Best Electronic Cigar?

Technically, it’s almost impossible to find the best electronic cigar since that is a subjective thing. However, you can easily narrow down your choices if you search hard enough and do a lot of research. The Internet is a great source of electronic cigars and vaporizers, but you can find everything you need here on ePuffer without going too far. Every e-cigar that you do encounter has its pros and cons—so it would be quite a good idea to keep weighing each side before you make a decision. Your search also depends on your preferences. Are you looking for e-cigars that have distinctive tastes? Do you want an electronic cigar with a classy style? These are some of the questions that can guide you in finding the best ECigar.

You can also try visiting vaping outlets near you. These specialized shops cater to vapers and smokers, and they’ll likely have different variations of e-cigars in stock. While in the shop, take your time to examine everything: the parts, accessories, and even the designs. In this way, you can know what works best for you. The shop owner can guide you along, but you should take his or her suggestions with a grain of salt since after all the decision still remains on your hands.

Booths and conventions are also great places to start, though you would have to be able to make time for them in your schedule. In conventions, dozens of manufacturers can attend to showcase their products. Try your best to explore one booth after another, so you can weigh your options. Just bear in mind that sellers may hype their products—so you need to keep an objective mind. Don’t let the hype get to you. In addition to the vaping booths, there might be events to keep you hooked and entertained. It’s nice to have fun while choosing what rig to buy.

Your friends’ recommendations are also useful. If you’re friends with hardcore smokers, vapers, and cigar enthusiasts, you now have easy sources. Simply pick the top recommendations of your friends and you can set your sights on your target product. Alternatively, you can pick a recommendation and compare it with a product that you yourself have researched online.

Finally, ePuffer has many choices available for you! To have the best e-cigar smoking experience, you can try out our starter kits. E-Cigar starter kits have various flavor selections to choose from, so take your favorite pick.

Does Electric Cigar Feel Real?

While it may never fully replicate the feeling of a real tobacco cigar, electronic cigars will definitely come real close. The e-liquids and cartridges will provide you with the real essence of tobacco, and you may never feel the difference. This is still debatable, however. Nevertheless, if you want to try it out for the experience of tasting an e-cigar, you should! ePuffer has starter options that you can try now to see if you like the experience.

E-Puffer’s disposable e-cigars can possibly give you the real tobacco sensation that you’re looking for. You can buy these cigars in single packs or boxes—it all depends on how much you want to get. E-Cigars are probably the next big things in the smoking industry. They are continually rising in popularity, and will likely keep heading in that direction over time. After all, they seem to be the much healthier alternative to smoking real, traditional cigars which are linked to many diseases.

While nothing can beat the classic and original, it’s fun to take your smoking experience to a whole new level. Besides, trying out something new while taking care of your health at the same time sounds like a great deal, right? So, try out an ePuffer e-cigar today and see it for yourself!