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Disposable Vape E-Cigar

Changing the World of Smoking as We Know It

If you love the relaxing experience of lighting up a great cigar and puffing away at the end of a stressful day, there’s good news. ePuffer offers a better alternative that you’ll love just as much: the disposable e-cigar. There’s no doubt that many people love cigar smoking – the flavour, the relaxation, the therapeutic routine – yet inhaling traditional tobacco smoke isn’t good for anyone. Make the superior choice by trying one of our e-cigars today.

E-cigars are a fast-growing sector of the vaping market as more and more consumers look to make the switch to vapour instead of smoke. Even longtime, heavy smokers are turning to vaping for several reasons, from curiosity about the lifestyle to the pleasure of all the different flavours available. Our disposable e-cigars offer an authentic smoking experience with the convenience of a disposable product; simple use it up and discard it. Try our disposable singles or go for a 12-pack of your favourites to ensure that you never run out. Our disposable e-cigars feature the taste of premium Cuban cigars and provide 500, 1500, or 1800 puffs each. Each satisfying ePuffer e-cigar you enjoy comes pre-charged and ready to use with no tobacco, no flame, and no harmful carcinogens – just great taste and the relaxing satisfaction of a real cigar.

Robusto Electronic Cigar
electronic cigar by epuffer Save
$24.95 $29.95 You save: $5.00
Robusto Electronic Cigar vape ecigar
e-cigars disposable carton

Disposable E-Cigars FAQ

  • Just like average cigars, disposable e-cigars can never be reused. There are no commitments and prolonged guilty feelings. You can simply enjoy your vaping session. However, if you’re going to dig deep, the similarities will grind to a halt there.

    One of the main reasons why you’ll benefit from a disposable electronic cigar is its health-friendly status. The other probable reason is sheer convenience. If you’re craving for a quick nicotine puff, just take a disposable ecigar and smoke it all the way. Now, you have a healthy and handy electronic cigar that you can pick right out of your bag or pocket.

  • It’s not news that cigar smoking is detrimental to your health. Each stick of cigar has tons of chemicals that can damage your body in the long run—nicotine is one of them. However, once you’ve started smoking, it can be incredibly difficult to stop. The habit is now wired to your neural network and it will be lodged there for many years to come, unless you overcome it through sheer will.

    If you’re now thinking about your health, yet you don’t want to let go of smoking, a disposable e-cigar can satisfy you. The electric cigar operates on a simple mechanism. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the atomizer heats a flavored cartridge and then releases the vapor in your mouth. Since only vapor is released and not smoke, little to no residue will be left in your body. Common electric cigars have nicotine and tobacco flavoring to simulate the experience of smoking traditional cigars.

  • Searching for disposable e-cigars today is very easy. If you search on the internet, you can find hundreds of e-cigar manufacturers. Here’s the question: which manufacturer can be trusted and which should be ignored? This question alone can spark debates since vapers tend to stick to their favorite manufacturers. Other users may have multiple choices at any given time.

    Your best bet is E-Puffer. This company has manufactured dozens of varieties of electronic cigars and vaporizers, thus gaining popularity over the years. Some of their well-known products are the Robusto, Phantom HD3, and Magnum. These units have their distinctions and you can give each of them a try if you’d like. E-Puffer also has starter kits for everyone. These kits are complete with few accessories, flavor cartridges, charger (if the unit is rechargeable), and pouches. The kits are good for jumpstarting your journey to complex vaporizers.

  • When it comes to disposable ecigars, Robusto is one of the best choices. The Robusto disposable e-cigar is available for low introductory price of $21.95. What’s great is that the Robusto ecigar comes pre-charged, so it’s ready to go the moment it’s in your hands. It’s typically good for around 1,200 puffs – so you can vape to your heart’s desire. You can also buy this particular model in a 12-pack. Convenient, no?

  • How about the nicotine fix? You don’t have to worry about it. When you purchase an electronic cigar like the Robusto, you can choose what level of nicotine to get, depending on how much you would like. You can get 2.4% per cigar (1.2mg), 1.2% per cigar (0.6mg). If you’re trying to taper off, you can start at the 2.4%, then work your way down to the 1.2% percent, before you completely quit nicotine. If you don’t want any nicotine at all, you can also get ecigars at 0%, which means no nicotine. This is great for those times you just want to puff on something, without getting dependent.

  • Smoking can be a solo or social activity. If you’re stressed, you can grab a cigarette and take a few puffs while chatting with a friend. The same can be said about vaping, but this activity invokes greater curiosity compared to cigars and cigarettes. Your friends will probably wonder how disposable ecigars work. Sooner or later, your friends will be eager to try them out. You can point them to the E-Puffer website, where they can purchase convenient packs. Buying e-cigar packs are better compared to buying singles, since they’ll be able to save more money with the packs.

  • If your goal is to widen your personal network, disposable e-cigars can help you. The e-cigars are conversation starters and you can use them to build rapport. This is useful if you want to make new friends, whether they are already into vaping or not. You can also join a group of vapers or e-cigar enthusiasts on the many forums available on the internet. Through doing so, your knowledge of the handy devices will expand and you can learn various tips and tricks every now and then. It can also really come in handy if you’re trying to learn about vape mods. Aside from techniques, you can benefit from the recommendations of other users. Their recommendations will be useful in weighing your options, especially if you want to try out new ePuffer products.

    To further widen your adventurous side, you can join vape conventions within your area. These conventions are usually sponsored by e-cigar manufacturers. You can learn more about the pros and cons of vaping, and you also have the chance to get freebies.

    Some people think that traditional smoking cannot be replaced by e-smoking or vaping. This may be true in various situations, but the vaping trend is already a powerhouse. It won’t be a surprise in the future if a lot of the people you see have e-cigars or vape pens in their pockets. In a greater sense, e-cigars can be compared to smartphones—they are changing for the better.  



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