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Disposable Vape E-Cigar

Changing the World of Smoking as We Know It

If you love the relaxing experience of lighting up a great cigar and puffing away at the end of a stressful day, there’s good news. ePuffer offers a better alternative that you’ll love just as much: the disposable e-cigar. There’s no doubt that many people love cigar smoking – the flavour, the relaxation, the therapeutic routine – yet inhaling traditional tobacco smoke isn’t good for anyone. Make the superior choice by trying one of our e-cigars today.

E-cigars are a fast-growing sector of the vaping market as more and more consumers look to make the switch to vapour instead of smoke. Even longtime, heavy smokers are turning to vaping for several reasons, from curiosity about the lifestyle to the pleasure of all the different flavours available. Our disposable e-cigars offer an authentic smoking experience with the convenience of a disposable product; simple use it up and discard it. Try our disposable singles or go for a 12-pack of your favourites to ensure that you never run out. Our disposable e-cigars feature the taste of premium Cuban cigars and provide 500, 1500, or 1800 puffs each. Each satisfying ePuffer e-cigar you enjoy comes pre-charged and ready to use with no tobacco, no flame, and no harmful carcinogens – just great taste and the relaxing satisfaction of a real cigar.

Robusto Electronic Cigar
epuffer ecigar havana blue disposable
epuffer ecigar havana sweets disposable electronic cigar
epuffer ecigar havana sweets disposable electronic cigars 12 pack
epuffer robusto cuban e-cigar blue
electronic cigar by epuffer Save
$24.95 $29.95 You save: $5.00
Robusto Electronic Cigar vape ecigar
e-cigars disposable carton
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