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XPOD: The Ultimate Smoking Alternative

By now, you’re undoubtedly aware of the dangers of smoking, and that vaping is a better alternative because you’re inhaling and exhaling vapour – not smoke. That means far fewer chemicals and no carbon monoxide, ash, or combustion process. In fact, the vapour created by devices such as the XPOD is more similar to the steam that comes off a pot of boiling water than actual smoke.

Are you looking for the ideal way to enjoy the nicotine and relaxing habit that you crave without the issues associated with smoking? The new XPOD device is based on our award-winning SNAPS magnetic atomization technology and includes a rechargeable battery, a fast USB-3 charging port, and three refillable vape pod cartridges. This device sports a sleek, modern look and comes in three stylish colours: Violet, Navy, and Pearl. Choose from refillable PODs or six different prefilled flavours of e-juice. The XPOD charges fully in about 40 minutes.

When you’re ready to buy a vape online, we encourage you to explore the advantages of the XPOD: versatility, ease of use, pleasing design, and full, satisfying taste. This lightweight, all-in-one device is perfect for carrying in your purse or pocket to enjoy anytime that you like, wherever you happen to be.


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$24.95 $34.95 You save: $10.00
xpod kit violet Save
$24.95 $34.95 You save: $10.00
xpod kit pearl white canada kit Save
$24.95 $34.95 You save: $10.00
XPOD spare rechargeable battery carbon navy
XPOD spare rechargeable battery violet
XPOD spare rechargeable battery pearl white