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Electronic Pipe (E-Pipes)

E-Pipes: The Perfect Blend of Modernism and Old-School Elegance

The first smoking pipes date back thousands of years, and yet this form of smoking has yet to go out of style. In fact, today, pipe smoking has experienced somewhat of a revival, with a new generation of consumers embracing the hobby in increasing numbers. In general, pipes evoke the idea of a man or woman with power and confidence who knows what they want and takes it. In the past, pipes have been particularly popular with political figures and mega-celebrities who were often seen with a pipe in hand. While you may not see as many pipes in the wild today, they’ll always be around.

However, for all their “pros” – including style, grace, and pleasure – pipes also come with some considerable “cons” when filled with chemical-heavy tobacco – especially if you smoke regularly. If you don’t want to give up the experience of smoking pipes but do want to prioritize your well-being, you can switch to an e-pipe. These innovative electronic pipes are making a big splash on the vaping scene for their stylish appeal, effective nicotine delivery, and enjoyable vaping experience. Our e-pipe is just one of our range of vaping devices and accessories, including the vape mod, the e-cigar, and e-cigs, along with our selection of e-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice.


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ePuffer Electronic Pipe Vape epipe 629X Kit - 2021 Ebony Dark Wood
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