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Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629X ) Piano Glossy Ebony Dark Wood - Limited Edition

Updated January 4, 2023

Dear Customer,

We're excited to announce that we are working on a new batch of E-Pipe 629X Ebony Dark Wood Limited Editon!

Already famed globally for electronic pipes, ePuffer have now launched a new 629X epipe bundled with Flat LED Caps and featuring Ebony Dark Wood Bowl known as one of the most expensive dark woods in the world.

Thank you for your continuing patronage.

ePuffer Management

ePuffer has updated the e-pipe 629 version for the 6th. time for its loyal fans who are looking to update their current epipe or add a new model to a collection. Vapers can now indulge in a luxury usually reserved for the elite for a blue-collar price.

Added Value for You

Since 2010 this model is an international best-seller and prime choice among vape enthusiasts for its high performance and sleek design. Boxed neatly in Black Mate finish MDF gift box, this new electronic pipe is decadent and sophisticated. Presented as a gift, it will surely please the recipient as it is obviously a present of the highest quality.

The New Vape E-Pipe 629X Piano Glossy Ebony Wood model is available for sale now. If you are looking for the best e-pipe, then look no futher this new model is for you!

E-Pipe 629X Specifications - What’s new?

The ePuffer Electronic Pipe (e-Pipe 629X ) Limited Edition - New model boasts a new Rechargeable Batteries ( upgraded to 1200mAh ), Flat LED Caps ( Gold and Silver trim included ) and Piano Glossy Dark Ebony wood bowl. The updated atomizer structure increase vapor production, but still won’t create the kind of clouds associated with advanced box mods. The intense flavor with each puff will satisfy your cravings! So, you will recognize this pipe by its unrivaled elegance and effortless wooden design, but you will admire it anew for its subtlety and simplicity. It is designed with the more experienced vaper/smoker in mind who wants to enjoy a satisfying vape without any of the cloud-chasing. Our new tank provides a warmer, more intense flavor every time without having to cloud up the entire room where doing so would be unwelcome.

E-Pipe 629X Ebony Dark Wood Starter Kit Content

  • 1pc - Piano Glossy Ebony Dark Wood Pipe Bowl - New!
  • 2pcs. - Gold and Silver Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank with Mouthpiece Stem
  • 2pcs. - Flat LED Cap ( Gold and Silver Trim Included ) - New!
  • 2pcs. - IMR-1200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - New!
  • 5pcs. Micro Sub-Ohm Atomizers rolled in Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Universal NITECORE Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
  • Wooden Giftbox
  • Instruction Manual

New Epipe 629X Liquamizer MOD Tank Specification

  • Tank Capacity: North America: 3ml, UK/EU: 2ml ( TPD Ready )
  • Connection Thread: 510
  • Atomizer ( New micro sub-ohm ) coil resistance: 1.0 ±0.1 Ωohm
  • Tempered QUARTZ Glass Tank - Anti corrosive & high temperature resistant 1700°F - 2200°F
  • Length: Tank 42mm, with e-pipe mouthpiece: 109mm
  • Diameter: 19mm

Features, Improvements and Options

  • Protected Direct Airflow system
  • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
  • Delivers great vapor production, rich flavor and smooth draw.
  • Stealth LED Cap - Gold / Silver Trim ( Black Crystal caps Sold Separately )

New 629X Model Improvements

  • Updated Tank structure - Top loading for easier refill and maintanance
  • New 1.0 OHM micro sub-ohm Atomizer, increase Vapor volume by 20%
  • New Plug style removable Mouthpiece & Updated Pipe Bowl chamber
  • Both Classic Gold and New Modern Silver Trim Colors are now included.
  • Flat LED Caps are now bundled with every 2021 kit.

The new ePuffer E-Pipe 629X is a luxury product at an affordable price that offers an intense, flavorful vaping experience with all the class of a traditional pipe.Our new 6th. revision is our best model yet, and, fit for a true gentleman, this new vape will have you turning heads.



Excellent produit, beau coffret, complet (chargeur de batteries inclus). Livraison un peu longue (1 mois), mais excellent suivi de la compagnie, donc aucun souci pour pour la livraison.

Well since I can't edit my review....

It takes a REALLY bright light to see the wood grain but hey when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Gotta say, I absolutely love this pipe. 10 on 10, worth every penny

The Good
This is an an amazing piece. Clearly well built, the experience of puffing on this epipe equates closely to the experience I had with my tabacco pipes. That being said, this pipe is huge and heavy. This is not something you'll be holding in your teeth while fishing my friend. That's not a bad thing either, it feel solid.

The Bad
I was expecting a nice dark wood grain finish. What I got was a black, shiney plastic that looks and feels like a magic 8 ball. It takes away from the luxury experience. The LED doesn't work quite right when taking shorter draws and tends look like it's flashing. Longer draws? Perfect but the short puffs aren't really responsive.

This is a fabulous piece of equipment. It's quite pricey but worth it from a functional perspective. The look of the piece is..... Less desirable. Definitely doesn't represent what this epipe can do.

Reply from ePuffer Customer Service.----------------------------------

Dear Adam, thank you for a valuable feedback. The bowl is not made of plastic but actual ebony hardwood, polished and coated with glossy protection layer. Please take a look at the bowl on direct sunlight and you will notice natural wood grain patterns.

Wow! A bit expensive, but looks just Amazing. Will start saving now!
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