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Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It

Have you noticed that your vape has a burnt taste, but you aren’t sure why? There are several possible reasons for this problem – and fortunately, they’re all easy to remedy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you determine the cause of your vape’s burnt taste and a few tips to help you correct the problem and avoid it in the future.

Am I chain vaping?

If you’re in the habit of taking several hits of your vape without pauses in between, you may quickly find that this can lead to burnt hits. Chain vaping can spoil your coil because it doesn’t allow the wick enough time to absorb more e-liquid between puffs. You can eliminate this issue by simply allowing a little time between hits – even 30 seconds should be fine. If you find that you chain vape to soothe a nicotine craving, then you might consider switching to a vape juice with a higher concentration of nicotine. Also, keep in mind that higher-PG e-juice tends to deliver a more satisfying throat hit, something that ex-smokers typically enjoy. Try taking gentler, more extended puffs and placing your device in your pocket to avoid temptation.

Did I prime my coil?

If you have experienced a burnt taste from a fresh, new coil? Most vapers do have this issue sooner or later, and the reason is almost always that the coil has not been properly primed before use. Priming your coil by soaking the wick with e-liquid (to prevent the dry cotton from burning) is essential and may even help you avoid that burnt taste altogether. Priming your coil is extremely easy and doesn’t take long. Place a few drops of your vape juice through the holes onto the wick and let your device rest for at least a few minutes. Exactly how long depends on whom you ask, but five minutes is probably a reasonable minimum.

Am I exceeding the recommended wattage?

High-powered vaping can spoil your coils. If you exceed the recommended wattage range, chances are that you’ll cause your coil to fail much faster. Vaping at higher temperatures can also cause your e-juice to vaporize more quickly than the wick can absorb it, leading to a dry wick and a burnt taste. If you have a vape mod with adjustable wattage, it’s best to keep it in the middle of its range. Avoid raising the power too high, particularly if you enjoy taking longer hits.

Am I low on vape juice?

Vaping until your tank runs dry (or nearly dry) is a common cause of burnt-tasting hits. Letting your juice get too low leaves the wick without sufficient e-juice to absorb. It can be tempting to use every last drop of juice as it gets low, but once you don’t have enough in the tank to cover the input holes on the coil, then continuing to vape will lead to those dry and burnt hits. To avoid this problem, consider filling your tank to a higher level to make your e-liquid last longer. Or, to change flavours, simply pour the remaining liquid back into the bottle and place your new juice into the tank. Yet another alternative is to add a new flavour to the old flavour in your tank once it runs low and try out a new flavour blend. Who knows, you might just discover a new favourite!



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