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Many vaping enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of disposable vape pens such as our XPOD Mini. Disposable vapes have their advantages, to be sure. They never need to charged or refilled, and they typically require a smaller upfront investment. However, we’ve heard from our customers that they are also concerned with being more environmentally-friendly, and we listened.

That’s why we’re so excited about our new Rechargeable XPOD. The XPOD has a range of features you’ll love, from its 1.5ml pod cartridge capacity and 375mAh rechargeable battery to its USB-C fast charging port and trio of chic colours so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style and tastes. This device also boasts our award-winning SNAPS magnetic atomisation technology and easy, smooth operation.

The new XPOD produces thick, substantial vapour that’s just as rewarding as smoking cigarettes, with the same relaxing feel and satisfying throat hit but without the lingering odour. When you exhale vapor, it dissipates within seconds, leaving no trace that it was ever there – unlike cigarette smoke, which can cause residual odours for weeks, months, or longer.

Not only will your home, car, and anywhere else you use your XPOD remain free of odours and dangerous secondhand smoke, but your XPOD also will not clog or leak, nor will nicotine buildup ever be a problem. When your cartridge becomes empty, you can either discard and replace it or, if it’s refillable, you can fill it with your favourite flavour and keep vaping.

When it comes to flavours, we have exciting news there, too: we’ve also introduced six brand-new flavours to go with our Rechargeable XPOD. Our new flavours include Double Apple, Double Mango, Lemon Fusion, Butterscotch Tobacco, Flue-Cured Tobacco, and Menthol. We also offer the same delicious selection of flavours we’ve always offered, such as Raspberry Mint Mojito, Coffee Caramel Mocha, Melon Daquiri Blitz, Blueberry Custard, Strawberry Margarita, Banana Vanilla Blast, a variety of natural tobacco flavours, and many more.

We are thrilled about our new XPOD because it gives users the satisfaction and convenience of vaping in a lightweight device you can take with you anywhere you go. You can choose prefilled pod flavours or blank pods, which you can fill with any flavour you like.

You’re also making a smart choice that’s more sustainable for the earth as well as your budget. The XPOD is fast becoming a popular and practical choice, offering sleek, modern style, excellent function, and an eco-friendly nature.

At ePuffer, we’re excited to be changing the way we vape. We’re committed to providing a range of high-quality devices, e-liquids, and accessories so that each customer can find what they need to create the experience they want. Our vape devices give you the opportunity to enjoy the act of “smoking” without the smoke and with fewer health risks and none of the unpleasant smell. Order online our new Rechargeable Vape Pod - XPOD and new flavours today and treat yourself to a new kind of vaping.

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