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The Different Types of Vapes: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you taking the plunge and making the switch from smoking to vaping? If so, you may have already discovered that the vape market includes everything from the simplest disposable e-cigarettes to the most sophisticated box mods intended for experienced vapers. Each type of device delivers a unique experience and its own set of pros and cons. It’s your job to find the one that suits you best so that you can enjoy vaping to its fullest. Here’s a rundown of the basic types of vapes and a little info about each to help you make your choice.

Disposable vapes and e-cigs

Also known as cigalikes, disposable e-cigarettes are often the first option smokers turn to when they’re ready to switch to vaping. Disposable e-cigs are small, slender devices that have roughly the same size and shape as traditional cigarettes. This device is a logical next step for a smoker who wants to switch because it feels like a cigarette in your hand, functions like a cigarette in that it’s draw-activated, and even has a glowing tip to complete the experience.

Cigalikes also come in rechargeable varieties. These devices are just as simple to use with one main difference: instead of discarding and replacing them, you can recharge them and continue using. Some rechargeable e-cigs even come with a charging case that resembles a pack of traditional cigarettes.

In general, electronic cigarettes and cigalikes are a great choice for new vapers just starting out. That’s because:
  • They’re incredibly convenient. These vapes are hard to beat in terms of convenience, particularly the disposable models. When yours is used up, you simply throw it away and replace it with a new one.
  • They require no maintenance at all. You won’t have to worry about performing any maintenance on a cigalike, save for recharging (only if you prefer a rechargeable model). There are no tanks to fill, coils to prime, or any other tasks involved in using e-cigs.
  • They’re ideal for travelling. When you’re on the go, cigalikes are your friend. They’re small, lightweight, and portable; you can even take them on a plane (but don’t use them until you get to your destination).

Pod systems

Pod systems are the next step up from cigalikes and have become a hugely popular way to vape. These sleek, compact devices offer great flavour and a highly satisfying vaping experience. There are many different styles of pod systems on the market, such as the ePuffer XPOD or the Disposable XPOD Mini. A vape pod is a small device with a built-in battery and a detachable “pod.” It is extremely easy to use – simply fill the pod with the e-liquid of your choice (or choose prefilled pods), snap it into place, and enjoy your vape.

Modern pod systems are high-quality vapes that provide great flavour and a satisfying nicotine hit. New technological breakthroughs have led to vape pods that deliver a superior vaping experience for a certain subset of vapers, particularly those looking to replace smoking with vaping. Pod systems are a popular choice because they:

  • Are convenient and portable. It’s easy to take a vape pod with you anywhere you go, whether you choose a disposable or rechargeable system and whether your pods are blank or prefilled.
  • Offer a satisfying nicotine hit. Pod systems are ideal for nicotine salts, a type of vape juice made with nicotine in its natural state and offering a satisfying kick and smoother throat hit.
  • Are easy to care for. Although pod systems do offer more options than cigalikes, they are still very simple and low-maintenance. They’re also discreet, offering you the ability to vape almost anywhere.

Box mods

You may hear a box mod called a vape mod, an advanced personal vapourizer, or an APV. These sophisticated devices are best suited for the advanced vaper because they provide so many options, including variable wattage, variable voltage, and a number of other customizable features. A box mod is the best way to create a fully personalized experience for vapers who prefer to have a large measure of control over the details of their vape.

In general, people who choose box mods are passionate about vaping. These hobbyists enjoy experimenting with various settings and trying one vape juice after another to build the custom, premium experience only these advanced devices can provide. While box mods can provide an enjoyable vaping experience, they are not ideal for new vapers or those who prefer a simple, convenient, and inexpensive option.

Other Types of Vapes ( Electronic Cigars & Vape E-Pipes )

If you crave something truly unique and a little more suave, then you may like specialty vape devices such as e-pipes and e-cigars. The ePuffer E-Cigar offers an authentic cigar-smoking experience – only better, because it provides all the relaxation and enjoyment with none of the odour or stigma. Or, if a pipe is more your speed, then you may prefer the ePuffer Electronic Vape Pipe – the perfect blend of old-school sophistication and modern technology. Pipes and cigars have experienced somewhat of a revival recently, but more people than ever are moving away from tobacco. These fun and stylish vapes are a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Which is right for you?

Which type of device will be right for you depends on several factors, including how often you vape, how important portability is, how much customizability you want, and so on. If you are a brand-new vaper just looking to try it out to see if you like it, we recommend a disposable e-cigarette for the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective option. If you are pretty sure that you are going to vape regularly, then you might want to go ahead and invest in a pod system that you can recharge and refill with your favourite vape juice.

Sometimes, the surest way to find what works for you is simply to try a few different devices. Most vapers do some amount of experimenting before settling on their favourites. If we can help answer any questions for you or help point you to the right device for you, feel free to contact us here.


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