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The Electronic Cigarette as we know it today appeared on the scene in 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist and smoker invented it as a way to simulate the smoking experience and, hopefully, avoid the fate of his father (also a heavy smoker) – lung cancer. Even though it’s been about 20 years since the invention of the modern e-cigarette, and even though there have been many advancements in vaping devices, e-cigs and cigalikes remain extremely popular forms of vaping.

How E-Cigs Work

E-cigs stand out among vaping devices as very simple, easy-to-use options that replicate the experience of smoking very closely. They look, taste, and hit like cigarettes; you can feel the vapour in your mouth and exhale a satisfying puff of vapour after every draw. Many even have tips that light up when you draw for a truly authentic experience. However, e-cigs contain no real tobacco, no ash, and no tar, and they don’t even require a match or lighter to activate them. In fact, your e-cig doesn’t even have to contain nicotine if you don’t want it. The vapour created smells pleasant and dissipates rapidly, allowing you to vape more or less anywhere, anytime.

When you light a traditional cigarette, the flame burns the tobacco and causes it to release the smoke that the user inhales to deliver a hit of nicotine to the lungs. E-cigs don’t rely on combustion to work. Instead, they heat up a flavoured vape juice (which typically – but not always – contains nicotine) and convert the liquid into a vapour. While some e-cigs have manual switches or buttons that the user activates to use the device, most are draw-activated, meaning that all the user has to do is draw on the e-cig exactly like a regular cigarette to release the vapour.

Why E-Cigs Are So Popular

There are lots of reasons that e-cigarettes are still so popular even after nearly two decades on the market, and even as other vaping devices gain popularity, including the vape mod, e-pipe, e-cigar, and more. For one thing, e-cigs are the simplest device to use. A disposable e-cig has just one piece and comes fully charged for hassle-free use. Even a rechargeable e-cig is still an extremely easy-to-use two-piece device that needs only to be charged and refilled with the e-liquid cartridge of your choice.

Besides being easy to use, e-cigs are also highly portable. This is a device that allows you to simply “grab and go” – just slip your e-cig into your pocket or purse, and it’s ready to use anyplace, anytime. Plus, there is a wide range of flavours available in e-cigs, including many different classic tobacco flavours (just as different brands of cigarettes have different tastes). At ePuffer, we offer a variety of tobacco-flavoured e-juice, including Premium Tobacco, Lux Tobacco, Mirabella Tobacco, 5X5 Tobacco, and Robusto Tobacco.

If you want to buy a vape online but are confused by the huge number of options, then starting with an e-cigarette is a great move. ePuffer caters to adults who want a better alternative (and super-simple solution) to smoking. Try our new SNAPS REV-4 e-cigs today.


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