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All About Finesse: Unveiling the E-Puffer Churchill D-1800 E-Cigar

One of the best things that you can do to give an air of class is to smoke a cigar. Cigars signify the essence of being a gentleman and the fine tobacco taste can create a calming effect. Throughout history, you can even observe the world’s most powerful men smoking their favorite cigars, and Havana cigars have often been their top choices.

However, cigars have notoriety for causing health problems. Some experts even believe that cigars are worse than cigarettes since their smoke is denser and a higher nicotine level is present. If you want to still enjoy smoking cigars even though you’re worried about your health, then the E-Puffer D-1800 E-Cigar can be the solution to your dilemma.

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$24.95 $29.95 You save: $5.00

Churchill D-1800 E-Cigar

  • E-Puffer is considered as one of the most popular manufacturers of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and high-class vaporizers. On the company’s website, you can discover dozens of products that can bring satisfaction to any vaper. There are also reliable spare parts, unique e-liquid flavor mixes, and accessories to choose from. All of E-Puffer’s products have their own strong points and distinctions.

  • E-Puffer’s D-1800 e-cigar is one of the few units that exemplify the combination of finesse and simplicity. It resembles a traditional cigar which can give you the authentic feeling of smoking. Perhaps the e-cigar’s primary advantage is the fact that it won’t damage your health at all.

  • Once you activated the e-cigar and inhale through the mouthpiece, the cartridge becomes heated, releasing the vapor in your mouth. Since only vapor is expelled by the device, you’re free from nicotine residues and other carcinogenic materials that are the usual by-products of cigars. Are you wondering about the nicotine taste in the Churchill Electric Cigar? You shouldn’t. Churchill e-cigars are scientifically formulated to give you the nicotine taste that you’ve been looking for. Now, you can smoke a healthy Cuban cigar like a boss!

  • When it comes to safety, E-Puffer has you covered. The Churchill e-cigar has no flame at all—the tip is made of LED, and it lights up every time you inhale through the mouthpiece. In this way, cigar smoking is properly simulated without any risk of the risks involved.

    Since there’s no flame, you can forget about the risks of burning something. This is also beneficial to the environment because no ashes fall to the ground. The vapor expelled by the e-cigar also gets assimilated by the air quickly. Once you’re done vaping the Churchill D-1800, you can dispose of it easily. The e-cigar is made of eco-friendly materials – so there’s no guilt there either!

  • Perhaps a great advantage of the Churchill e-cigar is the capability to last for a far longer time than traditional cigars. The e-cigar can last for approximately 1800 puffs—the equivalent of up to 12 cigars. Now, compare that with average cigars. You can save more money using a single Churchill cigar, compared to a box of Havana’s. Churchill is also versatile enough in terms of sizes. Currently, E-Puffer has three sizes for Churchil, measured through ring gauge. Churchill D-1800 has an approximate ring gauge of 48. The D-1500 has a ring gauge of 46, while the D-500 comes with 32. Depending on your smoking style, you can cycle through all of these sizes for a better vaping experience.

    The D-1800 costs $ 24.95. This is a one-time price is worth the value of local cigar boxes. Once you realize the superior Churchill experience, you’ll enjoy knowing your quality cigar is still affordable as well. You can order a 12-pack carton for only $ 249.95, which can save more money also. E-Puffer has a one-year limited warranty on the product, so you can simply contact the company in case of product issues. Approximate delivery time is within 2-5 days.

    Are you feeling a bit experimental? Do you want to experience a different style of e-cig or eCigar vaping? If that’s the case, you should check out the Churchill e-cigar with a blue LED. This is something quite unique, since it’s rare to see cigars with blue-lighted tips.

  • Churchill’s dark-brown outer layer totally mimics the authentic appearance of a tobacco cigar. You probably know that cigars have been popularized by leaders in the past to create an impression upon their followers. Even well-known Hollywood characters are immortalized by cigars. Take Tony Montana, for instance. Tony’s badass aura was magnified by his cigar-toting shots, and this made him a glorious film icon. Smoking an E-Cigar without the guilt of having poor health seems like a bargain that you shouldn’t miss out on.

    If you also want socialize a bit more, the Churchill D-1800 can help you greatly. There is a vast community of vapers out there and surely, you are bound to meet and make new friends. It’s always fun to vape high-class electronic cigars with trusted friends and companions.

  • Some people, especially hardcore smokers, will argue that nothing can replace normal tobacco cigars. These cigars were made from hours of intense labor and packed with utmost care. Smokers may even claim that electronic cigars leave an artificial aftertaste in the mouth.

    In some instances, electric cigars cannot replicate the full experience of smoking authentic cigars. However they can come very, very close. You should be very careful in checking out e-cigar manufacturers online. Many will claim that their products can simulate a real smoking experience, yet you might be disappointed. Check out EPuffer’s e-cigars—you can expect an experience that feels up to 90% authentic for the E-Puffer D-1800 electronic cigars.

    To avoid disappointment (or to lessen it), you can do quick research online. Try to create a concise list of the best ecigars in the market (luckily you can find most of them right here on EPuffer). You can also search for consumer reviews since they are, most likely, unbiased and will offer the best insights and alternatives.

    The Churchill E-Cigar can be your first step into E-Puffer’s grand arsenal of vape mods, atomizers, e-pipes and trusted electronic cigarettes. If you want more proof, you can visit the E-Puffer website and see the consumer reviews for a reference.



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