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ePuffer Canada introduces a new SNAPS® REV4 E-Cigarette Kit with an innovative Quick Charge technology used in the batteries, a USB charger and a pocket-friendly personal charging case (PCC/ePack).

Industry’s first Electronic Cigalike using SNAPS® Patented Magnetic Activation and Screwless design, which offers vapers a convenient way to use a variety of flavored atomized cartridges (Cartomizers). With this innovative SNAPS® E-PACK technology, EPUFFER once again takes Electronic Cigarettes to a whole new level.

We are always focused on providing users with the best vaping experience, so the new SNAPS batteries improvements include an extended lifespan of 400 charge cycles and the cartridge capacity increased by 20%.

The ePack charging case is not only made to resemble a standard cigarette pack, but also offers durability and protection for the SNAPS® batteries inside. SNAPS ecigarette batteries are also designed to have the most realistic cig-alike look. An emergency flashlight at the bottom of an ePack case is intended to help in any dimly lit situation.

Packed in a stylish eye-catching case, the SNAPS®  model not only displays the quality of the product, but also uses latest technologies combined with modern design. The SNAPS ePack Kit comes with everything you need to switch to vaping and start a smoke-free life.

ePuffer SNAPS® REV4 E-PACK E-Cigarette Starter Kit Contents

  • 1 Personal Charging Case ( PCC / E-PACK ) Quick Charge - New!
  • 1 Battery ( Ø= 9mm, length: 55mm ) ASH TIP / RED LED
  • 1 Battery ( Ø= 9mm, length: 55mm ) ASH TIP / BLUE LED
  • 3 Premium Tobacco sample cartridges - Delivers Up-to 300 Puffs Each ( ~ 1 pack of regular cigarettes )
  • Universal AC/USB Adapter - 110/240V
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Quick Charge USB - New!
  • User guide
  • Bonus! Tobacco Variety, Sweet Variety or Blanks Cartridges Pack


  • Magnetic charging socket (drop and charge)
  • High rate discharge internal battery - 600mAh
  • Extended Lifespan: 400 cycles
  • Holds: 1 fully assembled e-Cigarette, a spare Battery and an extra cartomizer
  • Quick Charge function - New!


  • Magnetic Activation and Screwless design
  • High Rate Discharge - 140mAh
  • Extended Lifespan, 400 charge cycles
  • Fully assembled cigarette: length - 3.5" | 9cm, weight - 15g
  • Automatic operation
  • Quick Charge function - New!


  • Magnetic Screwless design
  • Increased cartridge capacity by 20% - 1 cartridge lasts for approximately 300 puffs.
  • Direct air-intake for a smoother draw and silent operation
  • New heating element (atomizer) in every cartridge
  • Individually wrapped and sealed
  • Available in two nicotine-containing and nicotine free densities.
E-Liquid Base ( Tobacco Flavors )

Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) - 70%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) - 30%
Flavor Ratio: 15%

E-Liquid Base ( Sweet Shisha/Hookah Flavors )

Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) - 60%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) - 40%
Flavor Ratio: 20%

Recommended PG/VG eliquid ratio for refilling: PG60 | VG40 /  PG70 | VG30

100% Traceable Top-Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) and Vitamin E acetate Free

The Science Bit

When air is inhaled through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This activates the heating element, which dispenses miniscule droplets of liquid into the airflow. Eliquid then quickly turns into vapor and vapers inhale the most life-like alternative to cigarette smoke. A combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in the eliquids also increases the resemblance of vapor to real smoke.

Alternative solutions to give up smoking and choose a smoke-free lifestyle could surely be effective, however, smokers tend to go back to cigarettes, as they miss the actual process of smoking. Our brain links inhaling smoke to the calming and stress-relieving properties of nicotine, so when the process is removed, smokers would still have to rely on willpower to make significant changes to their lifestyle.

These changes include being active after meals, finding a hobby that involves using hands or trying meditation. Many tend to replace this hand to mouth habit with snacks, which frequently results in weight gain many new non-smokers are concerned about.

Why SNAPS is the Best E-CIGARETTE on the Market

EPUFFER does not claim to be the only solution for those looking to cut down or give up smoking, but we do offer a variety of vaping devices and products, pretty much everything a smoker needs to choose a smoke-free lifestyle. For instance, various nicotine levels we offer, allow smokers to reduce nicotine intake gradually and the SNAPS model is mirroring a cigarette smoking, without delivering tar and hazardous chemicals to the lungs.

EPUFFER products don’t have an intense smell, so there is no lingering odour on fingers or clothes. With elimination of smoke and tar, premature aging decreases and skin becomes cleaner. Gums get healthier and teeth can return to a natural white color, not stained by smoke from a real cigarette.

EPUFFER SNAPS® is easy to assemble: just “SNAP” a battery and cartridge together. Taking the SNAPS vape out of the ePack takes less time than dispensing a real cigarette from a pack.


ePuffer User's Guide



Very good e-cigarettes, happy to discover this new kind of of e-cigarettes, fast delivery, only deception I ordered the starting kit with white batteries with tan tips and I received the black one....

Reply from customer service:

Dear Daniel,

Our SNAPS E-PACK starter kit is prepackaged with black batteries, however we offer a DIY E-pack kit with options to select battery and led tip colors.

The DIY kit available here: https://epuffer.ca/e-cigs/magnum-snaps-e-cigarette-diy-starter-kit/

Thank you for keeping Cigalikes on the market, I know that this type of vaping device is becoming unpopular, but I feel like there are many adult vapers out there who are former smokers that want Cigalikes to sick around. I've been trying a lot of the different Cigalikes that are still on the market, and epuffer stands out from the competition. The snap feature on the cartomizer is phenomenal, as are the soft refillable blank cartomizers. After using these I don't ever want to go back to using the anything else. I also love the look of these. The tan and black cartomizers pair so nicely with the white battery, and the ash-like tip is the most realistic that I've come across. I love that I don't stand out in the company of the smoking crowd but they are unique enough rouse curiosity. My only suggestions would be to make a PCC that will hold the larger batteries as the smaller ones don't hold up to chain vaping. I'd also like to see the blank cartomizers come in more colors as away to keep track of the different flavors that I'm using in them. Maybe something that isn't too flashy or appealing to kids. Gray, gold, silver or brown would be nice. I'd also like to see you offer tobacco juices like those sold by Black Note, as they are the perfect complement to your devices. And finally, you should consider offering the white batteries with this kit as some people might prefer them.

Customer Service Reply

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. They will be forwarded to the management and our product designers and we are very happy to know you enjoy your ePuffer!

First off its a good cig-a-like kit and worth it! But I took 1 star simply because of a few things I would like to see change? I feel that there are a lot of chain smokers out there and to have a charging case that only holds 1 cartridge and 2 batteries does not help this type of smoker so bigger pcc, and I know its supposed to be stealthy/portable! Another reason removed 1 star is battery size in your hands, there just to small,also the battery mah really really needs to be improved. I sat down and chained vaped 1 battery with cartridge like non stop to see how long it would last and only about 30 min at best,so it really needs looked at for chain smokers coming from tobacco. The last reason is I would like to see Epuffer look into some kind of tank system the shape of a flter on a traditional cigarette that is not lacking capacity for easy refilling, preferably being able to change atomizer but if not could settle! But its a better cig-a-like kit than what was around years ago!

---------------- Reply from Customer Service ----------------

Dear Michael, thanks for your valuable feedback. The PCC/e-Pack can store 2 cartridges and 2 batteries. The idea of ePack is to charge one battery, while the other one is in use and keeping a size of the ePack portable.

We also offer full size (75mm) 240mAh SNAPS eCigarette kits and spare batteries. For more info, please visit https://epuffer.com/e-cigs/magnum-snaps-e-cig-value-kit/

This is the best product for travelling. I take it everywhere as the options for places to smoke is limited and no strong odor from this product. A life saver during the work day So glad I found this product

After Green Smoke went belly up, I started looking for alternative ecig company and very happy that I have found ePuffer. The magnum snaps ecig design and quality is much better and I love their multiple tobacco flavors. My personal preference: Premium Tobacco, Lux and Robusto. The magnetic connection makes it very easy to use, Plug and Vape!

I love it... Perfect size, perfect drag. For those of us that just want a simple, easy replacement for smoking this device works! Thanks epuffer I love the portability and ease of use, just what I was looking for. 09/09/2018

I was looking to upgrade to a smaller mod for work and to carry around, it was on sale so pulled the trigger. All I can say is it's a great little mod. I was surprised on how small it actually is for taking two 18650.

This product looks to be an amazing cig-a-like. Very impressed with the new provisions.

Would you Guys be willing to send me one of these starter kits to review on my Youtube channel? I'd be happy to post the video after I receive the item. A lot of smokers out there can'd do the whole PV(mods) thing. I understand that. I'm one of them. There is an alternate way to smoke now. It can still be convenient and this is important. Lots of potential customers are turned away every day by this fact. I can show them with this product how easy that can be. I offered this to Joytech on their Eroll E cig. Unfortunately they discontinued it.

contact me @ at my Email

After trying GreenSmoke, then V2...I decided to test Epuffer Magnum.
Impressed with everything in the box. (except the two of the 75mm battery - not working properly - They should test them before ship)

Great flavours, premium finish!

Reply from customer service:

Hi Mario, thanks for your valuable feedback. Please contact our customer service and we will fix this issue for you. Just to let you know, both batteries needs to be fully charged before operation.

Best Regards,

Web Support Team.

Not a review - a question!

I would like to purchase this product but would like a black case, tan blank tips, and a white battery/body. Is this possible? The images show conflicting colors. Thank you!

Reply from customer service:

Hi Dani, you can request required changes at the time you place your order. Just send us a note and we will take care of it.

Best Regards,

Web Support Team
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