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E-Cigarettes by ePuffer - SNAPS® BLANK HARD-TIP Cartomizer 5-pack

With Introduction of SNAPS® Blank Cartomizer, we offer our customers infinite flexibility and freedom of choosing your own e-liquid for the best vaping experience.

Industry’s first Electronic Cigarette using SNAPS® Patented Magnetic Activation and Screwless Design Cartomizer technology for more realistic smoking experience.


• New HARD-TIP Cartomizer Design
New SNAPS® Magnetic Screw-less Design
Direct air-intake for smoother draw and silent operation
Fresh atomizer in each cartridge
Individually Wrapped and Sealed


Recommended PG/VG eliquid ratio is 70/30 of 60/40. Always detach a cartrdige from a battery prior to refilling. Squeeze 10-12 drops of e-liquid on a cotton-like pad AVOIDING the center. Let the liquid absorb for 30-60 seconds and repeat the procedure three more times or until you see the pad no longer absorbs the eliquid. To ensure the eliquid doesn’t get on the atomizing element, hold the cartridge at an angle. Close the cartrdige with a cap and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now you can enjoy smoking your SNAPS® cartridge.

Make sure you do not overfill the cartridge as it can damage the built-in atomizer, ruin the cartridge and the battery. Batteries and cartridges damaged by incorrect refilling are considered mechanical damage and are not covered by the warranty.

As soon as you taste burnt flavor, this cartridge can no longer be refilled.

Never refill SNAPS® cartomizers attached to a battery. Detach (unsnap) it from the battery when refilling.



Great stuff

Wonderful product but they never have any stock, so what good does that do? Get more in stock and update your clientele on when that will be as there is obviously a high demand for these things.

Customer Service Reply: Lack of raw materials and difficulties with finding new suppliers we’ve encountered during the pandemic are affecting our production. We understand the wait is frustrating and do everything possible to keep our brand and products on the market. For alternative recommendations and to receive a notification, once the requested cartridges become available, please send us a message here https://epuffer.ca/contact-us/.

10/10 I Purchased 2 packs of these with my starter kit and bought a grape cigarillo juice from another site. Seriously such a killer combo! PLEASE continue the sale of these carts, I will be buying more!! You guys are one of the only places left that sell cigalikes I don’t understand why they are not as widely available in 2022. Thank you Epuffer!

Your blanks work great with my vape juice, I guess the secret is in PG/VG concentration. I mixed my own juice at 65PG / 35VG and have no problems. By the way, the nicsalts eliquid works great with your magnum system.

I read the directions and the comments before ordering e-liquid and the blank cartridges. After trying several times, I was only able to get one to supply taste and vapor...barely. Reading, rereading, trying repeatedly with different cartridges...a dismal failure and worse, a waste of money. Guess they're not for me.

Reply from Customer Service:

Dear Susan, thank you for your feedback! For best result we recommend to use 70PG/30VG or 60PG/40VG e-liquids. We have many customers who are successfully using our blanks Cartomizers. Please contact our customer service and we will provide a step by step instruction.

Great charging case but batteries were VERY weak. Replicated smoking with great liquid but battery life was so short. Too much hassle to use on a daily basis. The cost of blank cartomizers is way to high to replace smoking. Good but not worth the price.

Reply from Customer Service:

Dear Tyler, thank you for your feedback. Please be informed; the blank cartomizers can be refilled 6-7 times. If you are having difficulty using the magnum snaps device, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly tech support team at 1-855-EPUFFER. Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM EST.

Absolutely wonderful product. Wish these were offered in the 50 pack carton like the others.

I got a 5 pack of these with my Magnum starter kit and have been very impressed with them. They feel like a cigarette filter much more than the pre-filled carts due to the soft tip and the (cardboard?) outer casing. I've been using two for the past week with two juices (one in each), and they're still going strong. I do find I have to take quite long drags to get a decent amount of vapour which probably results in them needing to be re-filled more often, but with always carrying a spare full one this isn't really an issue for me.

My only "problem" with them is as per another reviewer below; it would be nice if they were produced in the cork/tan colour to more imitate a cigarette filter than the black. Other than that, love them, they're easy to fill, and you can't get any simpler to use than snapping them into the battery via a magnet!

Reply from customer service:

Dear Kelsey, we are always listen to our customer requests and we are happy to say: The Blanks in Tan color are on it's way and should be available soon.

Updated on March 31-2017

As per customers requests, Magnum SNAPS Blanks are available in Tan color now.

Great for using your own E-Juice, but I do not recommend them for high VG or thick juices as they do not absorb well into the cotton and burn out the coils much quicker than thinner juice.

We love these, esp. my hubby. Will they ever be available in the cork color (hubby has black batteries, but mine are white - to tell which one belonged to who)? These are all black so no real way to differentiate.

Reply from Customer Service.

Dear Dianne,
Your request has been forwarded to our R&D team. If we get more customers who wants blanks in Tan color, it will be produced.
Than you for your feedback.
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