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The world’s first hybrid electronic pipe combining our award-winning MAGNUM cartomizer and Tank Liquamizer technologies.

E-Pipe is a type of electronic smoking that has been patronized by the higher-ups, not only because of its positive health benefits, but also because of its premium feel and timeless classy looks. Introducing E-Puffer’s newest addition to their line of impressive e-pipes, the 609 E-Pipe! This new unit promises both the features and the functionalities of your favorite e-pipes and the classy looks that you have always loved!

What is an E-Pipe?

Pipe smoking is one of the oldest and classiest pastimes in the world. Pipes, especially wooden ones, are often depicted as a status symbol of the wealthy elite. Despite its historical popularity, it’s also undeniable that pipe smoking can be hazardous to your health. The amount of nicotine in every pipe smoking session can be thrice the effect of a regular cigarette stick. Fortunately, talented manufacturers came up of an innovation: the E-Pipe.

The new ePuffer Electronic Pipe 609 offers flexibility for vapers to use prefilled cartomizers, or an optional easy to fill E-Pipe 609 Disposable Liquamizer.

ePuffer’s 609 E-Pipe outperforms other e-pipes in multiple ways: first, the 609 E-Pipe’s bowl is made from real, fine solid wood, upping to a whole new level the aesthetics of the product as well as the overall experience of using it. You are also secured of its power and performance - the 609 E-Pipe uses the same cartomizers as our E-Cigar 650, a acclaimed e-cigar unit in our line-up. It also presents an optional tank clearomizer, further making the experience customizable and personalized, to suit your needs and wants. The unit comes with a manual power button, further contributing to the ease of use of the product. It is also very light and can be brought and puffed practically anywhere, as it is smaller than its predecessor, the 605 E-Pipe.

E-Pipe 609 Starter Kit Content

  • Electronic Pipe 609 Solid Wood Bowl
  • 2 18350 900mAh rechargeable battery
  • 3 Premium Tobacco Cartomizers ( up-to 400 puffs )
  • Universal 110/240V Battery Charger
  • Extra Mouthpiece Stem
  • Modern Giftbox
  • User's Guide

What’s ePuffer Electronic Pipe?

ePuffer Electronic Pipe performs similarly to traditional smoking. It looks,  feels and tastes like tobacco pipe, and delivers all the pleasures  of smoking, without all the problems. The secret to what makes the  Electronic Pipe better than traditional smoking is what is inside  this revolutionary new product.

The non-flammable Electronic Pipe is driven by modern microelectronic  technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique, safe replaceable  cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates  a tobacco flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. When using the Electronic Pipe, the act of inhaling or smoking it  produces the tactile and craving satisfactions traditional smokers seek, and  triggers a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke that is actually a vapor mist that evaporates into the air within a few seconds.

Each ePipe 609 Atomized Cartridge is equivalent of 30 regular tobacco cigarettes.



I love this pipe.

Become a true Sherlock Holmes with this magnificent pipe! The only request for the Epuffer, make Gandalf's pipe from the Lord of the Rings! I will buy it immediately if you do!

Reply from ePuffer Customer Service:

Hi Sherlock ;) We have sent your request to our R&D Team!

My dad used to smoke a pipe and so did I for a while. Then I gave up tobacco. I still enjoy the feel of a beautiful wooden pipe in my hand. The development of vaping, which I feels is still safer than tobacco makes enjoying a pipe again a reality. I still haven’t found the exact juice I want to use but the pipe is a keeper. I had an issue with the button, and customer support had a replacement in my hands in a few days. Unlike the pipe, the button is not well made as it could be. I’ll probably buy extra buttons so I can have different colors and spares.

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it!

Received today. Very sexy. I like the weight. Very easy to assemble. Only suggestion would be to add an order option to receive cartridges with no nicotine in the starter kit. Really like this. It's my first pipe. :-)

Very affordable epipe model. It works as good as it looks. Fast delivery in New York area.

Bought this kit as a gift and it lived up to my expectations.
it rips.

I reckon this has got to be, on balance, the best e-pipe on the market (I bought it a few days ago). I've smoked a traditional pipe for well over 30 years, and have tried several e-pipes in an effort to give up smoking.
I've found that they all, without exception, have basic flaws: they're either too heavy (because of the weight of the battery in the bowl) or they're too long.
If you combine that relatively long length coupled with the weight of the bowl and battery, you have a strong 'cantilever' action that, if you hold the e-pipe between the teeth only - that is to say without using a hand at the bowl - you're liable to loosen a tooth! But the length of the 609 overcomes this problem: it's shorter than most e-pipes - no doubt because of the cleverly designed, shorter, tank - measuring just 13.5cm from the center of the bowl to the mouthpiece when using a cartridge, and just 1.5cm longer (so around 15cm) when using the tank (as I prefer). So far closer to the average length of the traditional pipe. The weight of 125g is less than other e-pipes I've owned, though a little heavier than a traditional pipe fully loaded with tobacco. And I'm only guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for needing to touch the top of the bowl to start to 'smoke' - for that's what it feels like: smoking! - is because the action of the hand at the bowl definitely makes the 609 feel lighter than it would do otherwise. But all-in-all, THE BEST E-PIPE ON THE MARKET, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WANTING TO REDUCE OR GIVE UP THE TRADITIONAL PIPE SMOKING! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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