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For most of my life cigarettes have been my vice. How many times have I considered quitting? How many times have I tried to quit?  The answer is…I don’t have a clue. I was sure that quitting would be as easy as throwing out my pack and going on with my life. I thought if I wanted it bad enough I could just wake up one day and quit.
The problem is it wasn’t that easy.

Back in 2007, I decided it was time for me to finally nip the nasty habit in the bud. However, instead of quitting I started hiding it. I had an excuse for everything. Aren’t everyone’s teeth a little bit yellow? No one knew about the pack a day I kept smoking behind the office building. Buy who was I fooling? Only myself.

Finally, early 2008, my husband had caught me red handed. I had no where to run, so I faced the facts and decided after 20 years of slowly killing myself I would turn to my family for help and quit for good. This is when I came across and have not looked back since then. I ordered the Magnum ecigarette model and it has been my savior for the past year. At first it was very difficult, and I found myself smoking the e-cigarette as often as the real one. However, over time, I found myself visiting the convenience store less and less, until I stopped completely. For a few months I went through the different nicotine levels, and as of now I am proudly smoking the Zero nicotine.

Not only have I improved my life, but the life of my family as well. I am no longer setting a bad example for my kids, and my husband no longer dreads kissing me.

Thank you ePuffer for truly helping me turn my life around.