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If you’re a cigar smoker you’ll already be familiar with our ecigar 600 model that sold out many times. We’ve brought it back enhanced and better than ever to offer the ultimate indulgent smoke. Now it holds an incredible 900 puffs, lasting longer before recharge, while the texture feels and looks like hand rolled paper, making it stand out from other, inferior electronic cigars available.

Don’t compromise the smoking experience, a cigar is a treat, make sure you feel like you’re indulging with the closest to the real thing.

ePuffer electronic cigars have been endorsed by many celebrities in the USA, as they bring that touch of glamour while delivering on taste. ePuffer understand the decadence of cigars and have worked tirelessly to mirror that true, indulgent, cigar smoking experience.

ePuffer is known for being relentless about product development, always improving their products to deliver the best electronic smoking experience. Despite the huge sales of the eCigar E600, ePuffer developed the product further and have now launched the eCigar E900.

This new eCigar promises to be bigger and better delivering a whopping nine hundred puffs instead of six hundred. This longer lasting device is rechargeable however with the increase in puffs, there’s no need to take the charger with you.

Created using real textured paper that’s rolled to give the effect of a real Cuban cigar, customers are already pre ordering this new product for Christmas. With the season almost upon us, the eCigar 900 makes a perfect gift for any loved one that enjoys a cigar on special occasions.

ECIGAR 900 Starter Kit Contents

  • Two High Capacity 900mAh Rechargeable Batteries - ( Ø=14.5mm, length: 85mm )
  • Three Premium Flavor Atomized Cartridges ( ~ 45 tobacco cigars )
  • Universal AC/USB Charger 110/240V
  • Intelligent USB Charger with overcharge protection
  • Instruction Manual
Each ECIGAR 900 Atomized Cartridge is equivalent of 12-14 premium Cuban cigars.



Got this as a gift..been smoking it for two days now. At least it doesn't die out like the disposables I've tried... got the wrong charger, but they are sending a new one. Meanwhile i am charging via USB and my computer. So now my desktop tower is smoking cigars too!

Pros: works!
Cons: Advert. says covered in a waterproof leaf texture, ans soft cigar-like mouthpiece. However, when I held the cigar between my teeth as i usually do with a real cigar, the mouth piece cartridge got soggy and started to come off..

Suggestion: Make cartridge mouthpiece out of a rubberized material or matching plastic, so I can smoke like a real cigar.

Recommendation: Until this is addressed and changed, be very careful about the outer "leaf" coating, it is NOT really waterproof. I would make sure your lips are dry and puff more like a cigarette. If you chew the whole covering will unravel.

This set is crazy! Seriously looks, tastes & smells of real quality cigars. I just got the package and took a few puffs. I'm hooked!

Very original! I've received this product as a gift and can say that this is one of the best gifts I've ever received.

This is definitely a disruptive technology...all the goodness of smoking without the Evil.
Good Quality Vapor. I love my ECIGAR 900....

Been smoking regular Cigars (one a day) for almost 25 years. Until I started to feel constant sore throat...my GP told me to cut down on the Cigars slowly.

Instead I have switched to EPUFFER...2 months later ….I could never go back to regular cigars...for me it’s a dream come true…Guilt free smoking whenever you want.

1. Need to improve the looks. Loose the texture, increase the size to look like a good Cigar.
2. Need to improve the flavors..(I have tried Cuban, Premium Tobacco .and feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

Keep up the good work guys.

Just got it in and so far it's different than all the e cigarettes I have tried. Started out not inhaling and thinking "is there no taste to these" but the taste of them creeps up after about 30 puffs. I don't inhale tobacco cigars either but I decided to take one E900 drag into the lungs and pretty sure it's not meant to be inhaled. But so far it tastes like a sweet cigar, and is very relaxing which is what I was hoping for! I'm hoping that it works out well, thanks guys!

Very Good. I have not smoked a cigar since I got this. The cartage does not last as long as I thought. I was smoking 3 or 4 SMALL cigars a day. Cartage last about 2 days. Still a little cheaper than buying them. The size is good for me, but might be small for others. Battery is too heavy to keep cigar in your month without your hand, no biggie though. Flavor is satisfying for me. My Battery is suppose to turn green when charged. It stays red. I just keep it charging until I need it. Over all very happy
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